“All bars must close for indoor service no matter if they serve food, and alcohol service in restaurants must end at 10:00 p.m.”

Wouldn’t eating indoors be far riskier behavior than drinking indoors?


Way to mess up, young people!

@1 no, it's the alcohol that causes risky behavior and movement outside your group. There are actually studies on this from the EU UK and Canada.


"The Governor's new orders limit indoor dining to members of the same household sitting at the same table, but people can still dine outdoors with others outside their household."

As much as I love and support restaurants, I just can't anymore with the indoor dining thing. Indoor space still contains people who are not part of your household even if they aren't actually at your table. And you are talking, eating, laughing, etc, producing lots of droplets and potential transmission over the course of an appreciable amount of time, depending on the kind of place. Unless it's exceptionally well ventilated or large enough to create appreciable distance, it's just too risky.

If we lived in a reasonable country/state, we'd say no people inside restaurants at all, and create a restaurant/bar-specific support fund to be doled out by seating capacity, raised with money from a 10% wealth tax that is specifically phased to end after a vaccine is available.


shutdown is returning soon...unrealistic to think dining indoors will work right now.

the place i work at has lots of fresh air, open doors, windows - come autumn/winter when doors and windows are closed it will be another story. i won't feel comfortable or safe and will need to quit most likely. hopefully we'll be shutdown instead so i can receive unemployment and just scrape by rather than blow my savings on rent.


I'm not eating with people from a different household, I'm protesting the murder of black people while eating with people from a different household. That makes the eating safe because the virus is a social justice comrade and doesnt infect protestors.


@8 theyll just ask the biden admin to bail out their murder of the local economy using the fed money printer. I doubt they have any plan in case trump somehow wins beyond screeching autistically.


I wish we had national leadership that would just shut every fucking thing down for two weeks and get it all over with.


“If you’re 25, and you’ve been invited to go out to a friends house, where you know there’s going to be 20 of your buddies there, and you’re going to hang for a few hours—there’s probably nothing more fun in life than to do that. I get that. But there’s probably nothing more dangerous right now."

What absolute, complete fucking horseshit.

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