Department of Homeland Security Planes Land in Seattle



You would think they'd have an unmarked plane, since they use unmarked vans and unmarked uniforms and do not have to provide any identification as to who they are when they snatch you up. Huh.


So, in other words, the SS is not only coming to crack down on Seattle but lying about it. Nice. And if they had an unmarked pane, we would Nazi them coming.


" ...and would be expected to be used this weekend only to escalate protests out of control."

That indeed is some really niche 'tactical' stuff right there, boy. I guess I shouldn't be so amazed that they have intentional protest escalation down to a science already. But I guess they do have lots and lots of money to sit around and study this stuff.


I think sending in a clearly marked plane is the kind of "in your face" move that the Administration would pull.

Inslee and Durkan were told no security forces were sent. I bet that is in the narrow legalistic sense. Surveillance forces? Neutralization forces?


There are actually two DHS aircraft from McAllen on the ground at BFI. They landed a half-hour apart.


Trump deploys tactical team of DHS agents to Seattle — as judge blocks his troops in Portland
Published 1 min ago
on July 23, 2020
By Bob Brigham

“The deployment to Seattle came on the same day that the inspector general of the Justice Department announced an investigation into tactics used by the federal agents in Portland and in front of Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C., in early June,” The Times reported. “The inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security, Joseph V. Cuffari, is also conducting an inquiry into the tactics of the agents in Portland.”


The plane pictured is a P3-B Orion, which usually tracks smugglers in the Gulf. Good thing nobody is planning to drive a boatload of coke across the Carib this weekend.


Fuck domestic terrorists Chad Wolf & Ken Cuccinelli & their cowardly Trumpanzee Traitor troops! May a herd of diseased yaks pay them all an intimate visit ...and may they all be put on trial for treason! #FedsOutOfPortland #FedsOutOfSeattle #AbolishDHS

AbolishICE #AbolishChadWolf #AbolishKenCuccinelli


Just like every night before, more protesters are out in Portland, every night more protesters. Portland is not taking Trump's bullshit, they are fighting back. Every night more and more people. Almost two months of nightly protests. Trump will not win this.

The Battle of Portland: Trump's escalating tactics against protesters are backfiring in Oregon


Ignore Trump's goons.


Gestapo Trump


Damn, this is on. Alert the Seattle Wall O'Moms. On their FB group someone actually cautioned against the dangers of carrying small flags because the sticks can be "dangerous." They have no idea what they are in for but at least we're all doing it together #Forward


Military vet In Portland


Rich, you all are on top of it. Thx.


you can watch it live


Still waiting for the people grabbing their guns and crying tyranny because they couldn't get haircuts to do something about this...


The Left doesn't have all the answers in its pocket, but the Right wears all the problems on its head like a crown


@17: Crossword puzzles might come in handy then.


Wow, look at that ass wearing a grey shirt. Damn that booty is snapping. 😈


Classic small government states rights David, who shits himself about antifa, welcoming in the fa.


Getting very angry thinking about antifa going through my trash and separating recyclables. I put it out to go to a landfill, NOT to be repurposed for an art project.


It would be far more cost-effective to have those dozen guys fly commercial.

There's nothing going on at the moment that would make them unwilling to do that, is there?



Do you ever get tired of being one of the most hated people you know? I'll bet even your own mother wouldn't protest in your defense.


Because Trump thrills at watching the riots he created get televised.


25 Yeah he does not know anyone else. This is it.


150,000 people are dead and the government is awol but there are some federal buildings with broken windows so send in the goons. Can't make this shit up.


well, continuing to burn shit and damage businesses you don't like (like that awful, terrible Neko Cat Cafe) is practicly BEGGING the feds to come to seattle. have fun, dipshits.

this has nothing to do with BLM at this point.- fires, violence, transients sleeping at SCC.


at least the fascists are no longer hiding behind some feigned principles about state's rights and are now siding with the federal government over american citizens, who could have guessed the people who want the government to control women's reproductive health don't actually believe the shit they say


There’s been a big buildup to this. I hope it lives up to the hype.


The cavalry is arriving, just in time for Baseball season. Antifa National Socialist Mamas and Boys will be wearing yellow shirts tomorrow, although brown shirts will be more fitting.


I expect our people to come up with something novel and de-escalatory. Like all the demonstrators lying completely prone on the ground... any video of cops doing their standard violence to people lying down in the street would look pretty bad for the cops/federales/etc. (badges? Badges?! we don' need no steenkin' BADGES!)


@36 - "BUT"! The universal justification to simply contradict ones own values.
Oh, and please define "abdicated" for us, would you? I mean, the SPD detained INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISTS! They're holding up their Trumpian, anti-democracy end of the deal, how dare you denigrate the local racist cops. We don't need no FEDERAL racist cops to come waltzing in here & humiliate our own boys & girls in blue. Bite your tongue David.


@33 - " then the police are duty bound to protect the population and private property."
We have over 2.3 MILLION people in jail in this country. Fully 1/4 of all the prisoners in the World are Americans held in the USA, 95% for non-violent 'crimes'. This is more per capita that ANY country in the history of the world.

I'd say that the "Establishment" has pretty much violated & abandoned its own justifications to assert any sort of morality here. Wouldn't you agree?


Remember, get Kraken! or get out.

They want you to be sheep and not have rights - not just the first but the second amendment in the Bill of Rights.

That said, you only get to have the second - or the first - if you're a white man in Trump's Amerikkka.


@24, the excess-baggage charges for the riot shields would have been prohibitive. Besides, using those tracker planes to keep an eye on the border isn't really that important these days.


You don't fly a bunch of tools across the country to not use them to "fix" something.


@17 - the people you are referring to ARE the ones in the picture unloading their guns from the planes.

@43 - I don't know anyone who condones the small fraction of protesters that have gotten violent, or the vandalism. BUT those are state/local law enforcement issues, not Federal. If these guys want to stand in front of Federal property & defend it, fine (although it would be nice if they had the balls to identify themselves). And grabbing people off the streets without probable case is not OK under either State or Federal law.

Also, it turns out that Enterprise Rent-a-Car is renting the secret police their vehicles. Might want to reconsider who we are doing business with (and probably explains why they were all sold out when I tried to rent a Black Mariah last week).


@mistral. Thank you for your sensible and true comments. Those who destroy, deface and kill are evil. Sad that the SPD have seen fit of late to sit out stopping them. Worried about what the Feds may need to do to take care of our property. And I do mean "our". Not in my name asshole Antifa and fellow travelers.


So, if I'm understanding this correctly most of the goons showing up to play "Sturmabteilung: Urban Assault" aren't even real federal police or even deputized CBP agents, they're hired mercs contracted out by a private, for-profit company. If that's the case how can ANYONE justify their illegally abducting and detaining individual citizens against their will by use of force, literally the legal definition of kidnapping?


Very cool and normal that the FBI needed to confirm it's not illegal to be a communist which came as news to DHS. Cool, cool, cool.


LMFAO @47 Guys let's not just lick the boot, let's get GUIDANCE! Fucking worm.


So the burning, and looting and smashing this weekend is clearly provoked. The question then is who provoked all the burning, looting and smashing we've had from May 30 on?


@47 - I do not maintain that the Feds can't generally enforce laws in our cities "because I don't like it." I say that because the Feds do not have a general police power. All of the things that you mentioned are simply matters of State law. Not Federal law. Your position that "The city's lack of actions is in effect an invite for the Feds to act" is simply incorrect.

There are exceptions, such as the Insurrection Act, that allow us of Federal forces in the states. But that has not been invoked here. In general, the Feds simply don't enforce state law.

As to the suggestion that we let the courts sort it out, fine. Portland and the Oregon AG are doing exactly that now. And I am pretty sure which way the courts are going to come down. I just wish that a bunch of people didn't need to be snatched off the streets in the manner of East Germany to get us to that decision.

Either these goon squads are cowardly POSs who are afraid to identify themselves, or their bosses want them anonymous because they know very well that what they are doing is unconstitutional. Shame on these MFs.


"I don't know anyone who condones the small fraction of protesters that have gotten violent, or the vandalism. BUT those are state/local law enforcement issues, not Federal." -
- You clearly don't read the comments or the columnists in the Stranger, or listen to most of the City Council or Mayor. :)

And if that "small fraction" (it should be easy to arrest them all and stop this if the number is actually small and we all agree that their actions should not be condoned or defended, right?) decides to attack Federal property, and the city does nothing (which has happened in the last week) then unfortunately it is a Federal issue.

This is all unnecessary. But it's because the number of criminals is not small, and their actions are condoned and promoted by not only many others among the protesters, but by our city's leadership.


@19 & @36: ........said the troll who still mistakes anything broadcast from Sinclair or FOX-TeeVee reliable news sources. Give it up, Doofy. Go fix yourself another bowl of Cocoa Puffs and binge watch SuperFriends on Channel 4.
@25 COMTE: Thank you for beating me to it (@19).
@49: Wow. For an incel, that hideous MAGA cap barely conceals your bald spot. What will you ever do about your butt crack?
@56: Down, Muffy, Down.



Then, please explain it to me. Here's the question again: how can anyone justify the illegal abduction and detainment of citizens by non-LEA guns-for-hire employed by a private security firm?

Awaiting your response...


@48 redux:

Only a fascist piece of trash would take a swastika out of the garbage - should I have just handed it to you directly instead of depositing it?

As for my command of the German language - well, I guess you can chalk that up to my high school Modern World History class, where the rise of Hitler and the Nazi's - and their defeat by a world-wide anti-fascist alliance - was covered rather extensively by a teacher who had been one of the first U.S. soldiers to enter Dachau (also a German word, IIRC).


Those DHS stormtroopers should have been detained at the airport, then quarantined for 14 days. We don't want them spreading COVID-19 in Washington State!


@62 Musicbiker: Agreed and seconded.


Why is Sea-Tac International Airport even open during a global pandemic in the first place?