Nice of the Stranger to notice this race at last, after you neglected even a mention of it in your round of endorsements. Mullet has been anti-union for years, and a staunch supporter of the charter school racketeers. He is a dead weight on the Senate Democratic caucus. He needs to go, you need to endorse Ingrid, and we need to elect her.


It's pretty rich of The Stranger to only notice sexism after ignoring this race (and Kim Schrier's) in its recent endorsements for the primary election. While I'm glad they reported on sexism here, I don't think it behooves them to only call it out when they find it convenient.

SECB - Being a true ally for women is a full-time commitment. Other progressives lost a lot of respect for you after you totally erased Jessi Murray (43rd, Position 2) in your primary endorsements. This article is a good first step in rehabilitating your image but it still won't assuage the concerns of a number of folks (myself included) who lost respect for your publication after failing to mention highly qualified female candidates for specific races (i.e. Jessi) and ignoring other races entirely (i.e. Ingrid, Kim).

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