This could be you.
This could be you. Ranger Billy Moran/Washington State Parks

If you’d like to get away from it all — and Jesus, who wouldn’t — Washington State Parks would like you to know that state parks are not only open for business, but COVID-cleaned cabins are ready for reservations. They’ve also partnered with a company to provide door-to-door delivery of camping supplies so you don’t have to go shopping ahead of time, and added free days in which you don’t need a $10 Discover Pass to enter parks.

Sure, staying cooped up in your tiny apartment is one way to avoid contributing to a global pandemic. But taking an extended trip into the wilderness would perhaps be slightly more scenic; and it has the added benefit of preparing you for the eventual collapse of civilization and return to a primitive hunter/gatherer society. Better get that yurt rented now while the renting’s good!

Almost all of the state’s parks are ready to welcome you with open arms and bees, with only a small handful remaining closed. A couple dozen are closed for overnight visits, so you should check the official list before heading out; but if it’s a nice hike and a pleasant vista you’re after, options are plentiful from Anderson Lake to Yakima Sportsman.

If you’re looking to camp or rent a cabin, mid-week is your best bet since weekends tend to get a little crowded. ("Work from home" can also mean "work from nature," provided you don’t need wifi wherever you go.)

Alas, the Seattle Public Library is not among the local libraries offering one-day Discover Pass checkouts right now, since all of our branches are closed. But you can visit any park without a pass on any of the upcoming free days, some of which were recently added: August 25, September 13, September 26, October 10, November 11, and November 27.

And if you’re new to camping out, Washington State Parks recommends checking out Arrive, a company that ships rental camp gear to your home, customized to whatever experience you’re planning. Popular packs in Washington include a camping set for two (romantic), a backpacking set for one (alarming), and a three-person tent (sexy).

Okay, now get out into nature, look at some mountains, sniff a flower or a bear, and think longer than you expected to about whether you should give up on city life altogether and move to a remote cabin where nobody can find you!