Thanks for the reminder to get out, Matt. As a vehicle owner who gets out of the city regularly, I buy the $30 1-year Discover Pass most years, just to be able to park and get out of the car at state parks. But, for those that can't afford it, and paying for camping, you don't need to get the pass for parking at that park. From the Discover Pass website:

Your camping reservation stub or camping fee receipt serves as your permit for the duration of your stay in the park where you have paid for a campsite, vacation house, environmental learning center, yurt or cabin. If you visit other state parks in the area, you will need an annual or one-day Discover Pass.


why is the state encouraging people to drive long distances when in the same breath the state is saying cases are spiking and we need to stay home? or have we adopted the republican belief that masks are magical talismans that let us stop giving a shit about anything but commerce?

the parks are overrun already. idiots who buy a ton of gear for one camping trip a year don’t need encouragement.


Um, I would NOT recommend sniffing bears, it's a good way to become breakfast.

Make noise so that you're not brunch, and don't leave food out. Bears can climb trees - and will.


Or, I dunno, maybe everyone in King County should probably wait until Phase 3 before they (checks notes) "Resume non-essential travel"?

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