'Peaceful protesters' is an oxymoron.


I thought an oxymoron was Rush Limbaugh...

The unemployment benefit has already expired in most states. The rest will expire today. Unless something happens by the end of the week there will be at least one week of extra benefits not being paid and likely more as states will need some time to retool the systems for whatever the new benefit is. If this keeps up for more than a week or so we’ll see PDX/SEA type protests in the reddest of red states as well. The reason people aren’t working is because there are no jobs. It’s the worst airborne/surface pandemic in 100 years.


@1, John Lewis would beg to differ.


@1 and you're just a moron


I will cheer the day when someone like Tom Cotton is simply ignored for the dangerous wack job he is, instead of the shit spewing from his mouth being allowed into serious public discourse. Project 1619 shouldn’t have to spend any time responding, but they do and they are.


It’s good that a kid with a spray can can discredit the entire BLM movement but when a cop tortures someone to death next week we’ll be like “can’t judge them all, just a few bad apples”.


“The GOP wants to … give
legal immunity to employers
who want to force their employ-
ees back to work in unsafe conditions… “

Without Healthcare, no less.
The ‘party of Personal Responsibility’
has totally abdicated Moral Leadership
in favor of massive Profiteering off the Citizenry.

If ya cain’t fuck
your Neighbor*
who the fuck
CAN ya Fuck?

*oh Canada
just said NO.


@3: Yet a frequent chant in Portland and Seattle is 'no justice, no peace.'



Peace is more than a lack of violence.

From the dictionary:
freedom from disturbance; tranquility.
"you can while away an hour or two in peace and seclusion"


Does anyone else think it a little macabre the way Lewis' body has been traipsed around all over the place honoring him? He was an amazing person and his loss is devastating, but I'd think we could just as sincerely pay solemn tribute to him without his lifeless body in tow. Kinda hope I die out in the wilderness so that my remains can just naturally decompose & be ravaged by wildlife. That'd be fun.



Protests often "disturb the peace" on the sense that they can disrupt tranquility, that is not always the case.
A good example of a protest that doesn't "disturb the peace" would be a sit in.


1 has one of those "Learn a New Word Daily" calendars, but, apparently, he doesn't read the definition before trying to use his new word.


Right now, the least productive thing we can do is get distracted by a historical debate between Tom Cotton and the 1619 Project from the elitist institution that is The New York Times. It's the least productive thing since Tom Cotton and the woke-AF members of The Times's editorial staff inadvertently joined forces to get The Times's opinion editor fired.

The only thing Trump has left is for "the left" to live up to his crazy caricature of it. But I guess that's a broader observation as I look at what's going on in certain parts of Seattle.


@14 at least he gets to travel.


@15: Which should be a guiding principal.

@1 illustrates an absurdity that is slipping into reality.


@1 - You know better than that. You can reason it out yourself.


If you are benefiting from a weekend off, social security, the 8 hour day etc. you can thank the militant activists/protestors of previous generations that fought the police and company thugs in the streets and were not necessarily peaceful and unarmed. Many died so that we (most people) could live better and easier lives. And many of the bootlickers criticizing the protestors of today are benefiting from the benefits fought for by the activists in the streets previously. Cowards that you are for your cries of law and order that murder and imprison poor people, black and brown people and maintains a system of robbing the majority to enrich the craven, evil, elite.

Now we are in another war against most of us to force us to be quiet and pander to an insane, racist, classist, sexist, etc. capitalist system. Stand up now or you most likely are going to live in fascist state with zero rights filled with brown shirts that will shoot you in the streets if you don’t have the right papers on you just like in the occupied countries of the third reich. BLM.


An armed society is a polite society



Hey, if it gets you nimrods to approve some progressive taxation to fund said project I'm in full support!


21 Shove it up your ass. Scumbag.


@28: Aww. Let's be nice. You can simply add more commentary.


Stand with BLM now.


29 We’re done being nice to your kind.


2 What is PDX/SEA protests darling? You know that there is a lot to keep up to these days especially for this 81 year old radical woman. Thank you for your help.


19 Well said my dear.


33 Are you back off your meds again? You really must follow your doctor’s orders. It would help your sanity get back in gear a lot and would be a blessing to your family and the whole community.


@26: Agreed. Glad you support the second amendment.


@32. PDX is Portland. SEA is Seattle. When people can’t make their bills and become food insecure in the red states they’ll take to the streets like as have in the NW (that’s northwest). It’s the scale and tenacity of the protests that have the impact. I suppose NYC (that’s New York City) and DC (that’s District of Columbia) have had the scale of the protests up there but most other places it’s quite a bit lighter in terms of turnout. ANY turnout is good at this point but to make an impact thousands are needed on the street every night in every state. I don’t see the red areas doing this for justice/racial equality but if you mess with their money or guns they start to take notice.


Yeah, c'mon raindrop, that post at @1 is out of character for you. Leave that stupid provocative shit to feebs or David. That got me riled up & pissed off on a day I'm trying to stay cool & calm.


@31: I assume you know that "your kind" a ubiquitous dismissal with deep roots of prejudice and bigotry.


@39: So noted kallipugos. Sorry that you're riled up, but we all are. Merchants across downtown and Capitol Hill (including Amazon and Starbucks), and the ~21 injured cops, and the protesters, deserve our better angels.


@37 I am indeed all for proper regulation of the militia. But I was being facetious in my post because the video of those two dipshits pointing pistols at each other is not the kind of good manners I can condone.


@45: Not sure how past wanton property destruction in the 60's gives excuses for, or diminishes the impact of, the current violence and destruction. It's almost like you're suggesting we should have a tolerance for it.


41 Do you know what you are talking about? Any excuse to act stupid and blind to the abuse of the people by racist cops and trump goons who are causing the violence against others. Of course a piece of granite or wood is more important to you cowardly idiots than the human lives that are damaged daily by your henchmen. I guess you must be benefiting a lot from the racism that these henchmen are protecting. You certainly don’t care about the white youth that you are verbally attacking who know what this system really is and there is nothing for their future thanks for the likes of you.


48 Wow. The hideous racism going on for hundreds of years doesn’t seem to register to you.

Another revealing and pathetic comment by you and revealing just how shallow and unable to comprehend you are.


Cheap labor and slavery continues to benefit the privileged. They sure don’t like protestors/activists interrupting it. By the way the horrific murder by deranged cops is what started this uprising we are experiencing. People are fed up. And will not stop fighting back.


38 Thanks for your information. It updates me on a lot of these abbreviations. Also I agree with you that the red states will rise up when their basic economic security is threatened.


Speaking of cops. Here's a body cam from SPD of one of the cops getting pummeled with fireworks and projectiles.

Required viewing by Madam DeFarge.


Torture black guy to death while your friend watch = hero

Spray paint circle A on a Starbucks = violent thug.

You know all these border patrol guys do is take crying children out of their mothers arms and pour out jugs of water in the desert, right? If you think that’s what a hero does have a word with yourself.


This is rich, willful and/or useful idiot.


@56 Oh, this is a fun game. I want to be Edwin Drood. You can be Seth Pecksniff.


U.S. Cities Need Masks and Tests, Mr. President, Not Shock Troops
JULY 23, 2020

By Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan

Camouflage-clad paramilitary vigilantes have been terrorizing Portland, Oregon, grabbing people protesting racism and police brutality, pulling them into unmarked minivans and driving off. These roving shock troops, with no insignia or badges, proved to be federal agents from a slew of agencies, ordered to Portland after President Donald Trump issued an executive order on June 26th, a month and a day after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police.

Trump’s order, “Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence,” was a rambling diatribe against the massive, diverse protest movement that has swept the country in the wake of Floyd’s murder and the police killings of Ahmaud Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and so many more.

Juxtapose these fallen innocents with the statues Trump is desperately trying to protect: Confederate President Jefferson Davis; General Robert E. Lee; John C. Calhoun, the 7th vice president of the U.S. and a strident defender of slavery, and Roger Taney, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who wrote the 1857 Dred Scott decision denying citizenship to African Americans.

Add to these the Southern military bases named after Confederate officers, which Trump has declared will not be renamed under his watch: Benning, Bragg, Hood and others.

As more Confederate statues and shrines to slavery and genocide have fallen, so too have Trump’s poll numbers. In response, he is putting into practice his frightening penchant for authoritarianism, unleashing a clandestine shadow army on the citizenry, criminalizing protest as he struggles to inflame white supremacy.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic surges through the country, and Trump is utterly failing to provide essential federal resources, from personal protective equipment (PPE) to testing and contact tracing, all the basic elements needed to contain this deadly virus. Democratic Washington Governor Jay Inslee recently summed up the situation, saying, “I wish he cared more about living Americans instead of dead Confederates.”

On March 16th, early in the pandemic, Trump told U.S. governors, “Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves.”

This pitted fifty governors against each other and the federal government in the open market for masks, gloves, testing swabs, reagents and other supplies, driving up prices and causing lethal shortages.

Tens of thousands of people died unnecessarily as a result of Trump’s dereliction of duty. “We saw healthcare workers in garbage bag gowns and reusing the same N95 masks for days on end while they risked their lives to save others,” Senators Leahy, Durbin, Murray and Tester wrote to Trump this week, demanding to know why an estimated $8 billion of taxpayer money appropriated for the COVID-19 response, specifically for masks, testing and other supplies, remains unspent.

Reports in recents days, based on unnamed White House sources, suggest Trump wants to completely cut funding to the CDC and NIH for COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, angering even Senate Republicans.

The U.S. has a quarter of the global COVID-19 infections and deaths, but less than five percent of the world’s population. Nationwide, 60,000 people are now hospitalized with COVID-19 and 1,000 people dying from the disease every day.

Shortages of masks, ICU beds, and space for the dead in morgues are mounting.

Currently, on a per capita basis, the hardest hit states are Florida, Louisiana, Arizona, Mississippi, Alabama, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas, Idaho, Tennessee, and Georgia — a list that includes all seven of the original Confederate states.

Despite the worsening catastrophe, the Republican governors of Florida, Georgia and Arizona, all staunch Trump allies, refuse to issue state-wide mask mandates.

They are only following their leader, President Trump, who also won’t issue a national mask mandate, claiming to respect state and local authority.

In almost the same breath, though, Trump threatens to send a “surge” of armed federal agents to major cities across the country, against the wishes of those very cities and states. President Trump’s job is to protect public safety.

That includes protecting the public health, especially in this time of the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and police brutality.

The response in Oregon to Trump’s outrageous and likely unconstitutional deployment of federal agents has been resoundingly critical.

Governor Kate Brown denounced “secret police abducting people,” and Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum has sued several of the federal agencies involved. In the streets, a contingent of women has grown nightly, protecting protesters by forming a “wall of moms.”

Senator Ron Wyden, describing the federal agents as “essentially fascist,” warned, “if the line is not drawn in the sand right now, America may be staring down the barrel of martial law in the middle of a presidential election.”

Just to repeat:
“America may be staring
down the barrel of martial law
in the middle of a presidential election.”

How does trumpfy Lose
under martial Law?

he’s already disputing the Election.

and Fake ‘prez,’ “reality teevee” Star continually, insidiously villifys the once-favored [pre-beancounters, who decided that private Profits counted more than Informing the Electorate] Fourth Estate which happens to be Constitutionally-protected (i Hope) so FOX, Sinclair etcetera gets to Lie like trumpf.

He OWNS the Senate
The USSC is all riding on
dread pirate ol’ "Balls n’
Strikes Robert's"

(Hang tf in there, Justice Ginsberg!)

We need to seize the Citizenry-sponsored corporate-owned Media & our Government by the Balls the Fuck away from the Fascists cum Kkkorporatists.


btw, just so we're comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges-


The violence escalated in Portland last night. Trump's storm troopers came out into the streets (if they're supposed to be protecting a building why are they roaming the streets) and they tackled people and took them down (remember, they're dressed like they're fighting a war in the Middle East and the people they are tackling are civilians dressed in summer clothing). Two women were individually assaulted (it's all on video you can find it on Instagram and Twitter under #portlandprotest as well as other news outlets - some of them are showing the video and some of them are not). Why would it take 4 huge storm troopers to football tackle and "arrest" a woman wearing a skirt, tank top, and flip flops?

They are getting more and more violent as they get more and more pissed off that they are not doing anything constructive and they look like fools. Guarantee this will end in the murder of civilians and Trump will declare it all the fault of the protesters. The media coverage is already changing, talking far too much about the federal goons and how they are "suffering" while they gas and gas and gas and gas and beat and "arrest" and shoot projectiles AT CIVILIANS.


These UNTRAINED AND UNPREPARED federal goons - a hodge podge of every random group Trump could grab people from and send them to Portland are committing human rights violations. And Trump and his mouth pieces are loudly and publicly and repeatedly stating it is protesters that are the problem and that they are making him look bad.

I guarantee when these federal goons start murdering citizens instead of simply gassing, beating, "arresting," and firing (so-called non-lethal ammunition) on them, things will have gone too far to stop.


Shit is out of control. if you are defending this shit in any way for any reason no matter what your justification, you are dead wrong. There is no middle ground. There is no "but if only." There is no rationalization. There is no whataboutism. There is NOTHING that makes this acceptable. You are dead wrong. And if you believe Trump will not do this to every single person in this country (other than his rich friends) you are also dead wrong. He does not give a shit about ANYONE. By the time the white supremacist terrorists with their stockpiles of guns realize Trump is not on their side, ti will be too late.


Macing a Vietnam Veteran right in the face:

Shocking video reveals yet another instance of violence by federal agents in Portland


Trump goons attacking a woman. He's really going for that white woman vote again.


An absolutely horrifying moment last night in Portland.

During an arrest last night, the feds hold the arrestee down in the gas unchecked, for a totally unnecessary period of time.


@67 Who said that?

Trump is THE traitor in all of this and is empowering other traitors. Military members being murdered by bounty (with Trump not giving a shit) is an atrocity against the people who serve in the military of the United States.

Civilians being gassed, gassed, gassed, and gassed some more, physically attacked, fired upon (with non-lethal ammunition - despite it putting people in the hospital, including one person who now has brain damage), "arrested" (under what authority and for what?), and terrorized in their own city while exercising their First Amendment rights is an atrocity against the American people.

They are two separate atrocities that are both being enabled and encouraged and deemed acceptable by Trump and his administration and his GOP enablers. They are all traitors.


Raindrop if only you placed half as much value on Black lives as you do on property.


@69: Machiavelli was framed, if you you placed half as much value on Black lives as you do on property.

(Lies reflect back)


As if such a conflation deserved any response in the first place. The strategy to conflate racism to the protection of property is illogical, because it doesn't even consider the race of the owner of the property other that projecting stereotypical conjecture.


Look, I don’t make the rules. If you want to be a real American you’re going to need to lick this boot.



That's correct. When 99% of the people at the beach aren't wearing masks they can spread COVID like a manure sprayer on a hundred acres of soybeans. When 99%-plus of a protest crowd are masked, not so much.


I don't know if it's particular to this country, but funeral trains and processions have been a thing here for about as long as there's been such a means of conveyance. For example: Abraham Lincoln's funeral train in 1865 took two full weeks to travel from Washington, D.C. to Springfield, IL and passed through seven states and some 180 towns and cities along the way.


That really depends on where the sit-in occurs. Do it in the middle of an intersection or in the Dean's Office and there will most definitely be some level of disruption.


Sorry to have to break the news to you, but those veterans, moms, dads, grandmothers, and literally everyone else at the protests ARE REAL Americans. Hey, even YOU, despite being a craven, cowardly, bootlicking fasciophilac, are a real American - assuming you were born here or became naturalized. EVERY American is a real American. You don't get to pick who is and who isn't. If people like you had your way we'd all be still speaking the Queen's English and electing members to the House of Commons - or do you think the American Revolution was some sort of non-violent parade along the promenade?


"Putin pays the Taliban bounties
for our troops' blood, but your
daughter and huddled moms
are 'worse than Afghanistan.'

The traitors bring shame
to all who salute the flag with
love and pride in their hearts."

Thanks Garbby.


"Hey, even YOU [trollingtrolleyTroll] [thebannedbandito], despite being a craven, cowardly, bootlicking fasciophilac, are a real American." --@Comte

Wow. Just by being a Citizen
here we're ALL Americans?

But that is not what
"The Patriots" tell us.
To whom/what are they patriotic?
Oh, right.


trumpf is Fascism.
Medicare for All is Socialism.
Golly. TOUGH Choice.

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