So What’s the Deal with that Supposed “Explosion” at the East Precinct?



Police are so full of shit. This is another area where their relentless and unflinching bad faith gets ignored because to come face to face with it is more than society can bear.


I remember when I was young. I knew that there were occasional bad cops, of course, but sincerely believed most cops were honest, hardworking, fair, and dedicated to justice. Then I grew up.

I no longer believe that. The ubiquitous availability of cellphone video and other independent sources have proved again and again that cops lie and cover up the truth regularly and often. I no longer take them at their word.

Yeah. There's a hole in the plywood. As far as what caused it? Well protesters have been throwing water bottles and candles and other detritus. None of that would punch a hole in plywood. Cops have been lobbing flash-bangs, rubber bullets, and other ordinance. Without ironclad evidence to the contrary, I'm going to guess it was more likely a flash-bang gone awry than anything caused by a protester.


Well, this certainly wouldn't be the first time cops have fabricated "evidence" as a justification to bang some heads, so...


A SWAT cop missed with a baton round while trying to kill a protester. Mystery solved.


I really want to see what's going on at the bottom of that window. The chipboard was blown outward and the drywall was blown inward, so whatever blew up was between the chipboard and the wall. If there's a solid sill at the bottom of that window, there is no way in heck I believe that a protester threw/dropped an M-80 in there and got lucky. If there's an opening there, maaayyyybe it was a protester, but it still seems unlikely. If the purported M-80 carrier was that close, why wouldn't they just throw it through the window?

More importantly, if the cops saw/filmed the incident, why haven't they either put out a description/picture or arrested the person? They've had plenty of time to do that and the fact they haven't sure looks like they don't actually know what they say they know.


What if we decide we just don't give a shit about their plywood? Let the SPD show me they care about human life. About Black lives. Not their usual bullshit. Convince me. Until then, too bad, don't care.

All I can say is that plywood must have done something wrong.The people in that building must have done something wrong. Maybe the millions we gave the SPD for community outreach, for this new progressive policing was money wasted. Seems like if they'd succeed in their job of connecting with their community nobody would be throwing these little bombs at them. Back at them, I should say. I seem to remember it was the cops who started bringing explosives and throwing them at people. Not really surprised if eventually people start returning the favor in kind. Such amazing deescalation skills our overpaid cops have. Look what the community thinks of you.


Let us not forget that for over four years the SPD continue to claim an officer was injured by a protester throwing a molotov when in fact they were injured by a blast-ball fumbled by another officer:

That happened the same day -- May 1, 2016 -- that an SPD officer severely injured a blogger/journalist with a blast-ball,with the SPD and the OPA claiming they couldn't figure out what or who injured the person despite overwhelming evidence videos and SPD use of force reports indicating the officer that irresponsibly through the blast-ball directly towards bystanders.

And we haven't even noted the scores of arrests of protesters over the last 10+ years for felony assault on SPD officers that end up being proven false by video evidence.

Look up "testilying."


Lots of fake accusations from the protesters too through the ACLU saying police targetted them. Even though police weren't even there until after they set the trailers on fire and bombed the precinct.