Slog AM: Big Tech's Anti-Trust Hearing, COVID-19 Goes to College, Boeing Is Boned



Wow, if those steep bike lane fines don't get Trump to back down and remove his troops from Portland, nothing will!


The Feds don’t have the authority to charge PDX for the courthouse damage.

Stranger kids, words matter. The woman in NYC was legally arrested on a pre existing warrant. They knew who she was and why they wanted her. It was thuggish and intended to intimidate but it wasn’t a kidnapping. This plainclothes warrant unit apparently operates like this normally from unmarked vehicles. If they knew who she was they could have waited for a less confrontational approach. The point is to send an intimidating message but they haven’t yet realized that approach backfires.


Whatever it costs to repair a few broken windows pales in comparison to the taxpayer-funded expense of sending in federal goon squads to occupy an american city, and their only achievement was inflaming protests that were winding down on their own.


Isn't kind of strange that in Portland you can use violence for political purposes, burn down buildings, and attack those who disagree with you. Yet if you block a bike lane they will throw the book at you.