King County, You Need to Vote!



I mean, I'll vote. But nothing will change. I've been voting in King County for about 20 years. The Democrats control everything mostly in the county, and at the state that whole time, and they've done nothing. I don't believe progressive change is possible in this country (see: staus quo Joe from the credit card state as your left party candidate).

Both parties are market fundamentalist capitalists, and all they will do is increase income inequality. One faster with a fascist edge. And one a little slower, with a technocratic edge. One will lie about fixing racism. One will claim racism doesn't exist.

Whatever. This empire is failing. There's nothing to stop it. But yeah, totally... vote. I'll be doing it. It's a nice enough walk to drop off the ballot. That's about what I expect to get out if it.


@2 -- " I don't believe progressive change is possible in this country"

Yet it has obviously happened in the past. Forty hour work week, Social Security, Voting Rights Act, you get the idea. Even ObamaCare (a plan essentially copied from Nixon) can be considered progress. No, it isn't as good as it should be, nor as good as what most industrialized countries have, but it is better than what existed before, which by its very definition, means progress.


@2: "Both parties are market fundamentalist capitalists"

Yes, and most Americans like it that way.


@4 bullshit. Most Americans love socialist policies as long as the super evil S word isnt used directly, because most Americans are idiots.


@5: One doesn't preclude the other. Capitalism and socialism have a synergistic relationship in the American economy, it just is that the purists on each end find the relationship disconcerting.


@2 ... well, you’ve sure cleared up why you “dropped out” of school: Because you’re a fucking moron.


STU, MAGA trolls. Too many stupid people blindsidedly believe the unfit-to-govern corrupt-as-fuck RepubliKKKans--guilty of stripping us of our voting and reproductive rights, healthcare, affordable housing and education, livable wages, and even anything left for retirement.
Griz is voting Democrat all the way. May this benighted Third World Corporate Police-State Dick-tatorshit return to a democracy, and by nightfall November 3rd.


Fascism doesn't hit America with a ton of bricks, it pushes you slowly off a cliff while gaslighting you that you are making it up.



Just filled out my ballot and many of the R candidates are also adding modifiers to their party affiliation -- Trump Republican, Pre-2016 Republican, etc.



A message from leftist-Marxist Kim Wyman


@10: ....said the paranoid balding incel troll hiding under his little MAGA cap, who so stubbornly believes that hydroxycholoquine (I bet you can't even pronounce that, let alone spell it) is the ultimate cure-all because Trumpty Dumpty said so. Your butt crack must be deeper than the Grand Canyon. Try not to fall further downward into it.

@11 Garb Garbler: For the WIN! You nailed it, Garb. :)

@12 The MAGAdumbOne: Don't look at me. You MAGA assholes are the ones rioting, looting stores, and violently creating havoc in public places with your racism and Twitler hate rallies. I love your glowing orange avatar. Or does that imply that you have a natural gas problem? Maybe if you laid off the cheap beer and pork rinds for a while.....