It hasn't switched - it's just another addition to the ever growing list of "horribly violent, racist and illegal things cops do that warrant their being defunded"...


@1: I'm sorry you have difficulty processing more than one thing at a time baby.


@1 they’re mistreating Black and Latino peaceful protesters as well.

Pro tip when arrested..
Never speak. ALWAYS specifically invoke your right to remain silent. The only thing you are required to do is identify yourself (some states require this by law ). Tell them your name invoke your rights and ask for a lawyer. Say nothing other than that. Arrests like this aren’t likely to be charged let alone make it in front of a judge. Keep your cool, don’t be combabtive or abusive.


Jesus, he said that and I paraphrase, in normal times he covered concerts and art and shit with the same goddamn badge or whatever. Freelance journalist. He wasn't doing jack shit while the jacked up cops were jacking shit up. The guy didn't need to go to jail. Why are you right wingers so twitchy and shit? You're the ones with the guns, the hatred, the stupidity, the worship of authority whilst claiming sovereignty. It is time to face it guys and gals. You're fascist and you welcome grief, pain and confusion. And Shoreline guy, how is it "59" cops were injured by fireworks here while wearing armor head to toe and armed? Answer: they weren't.


"nine hours in jail, that changes you. I'll never be able to go back to my normal life after the things I've seen. It's the little things you miss. Next time someone tells me they just served a 20 year sentence, I can shake my head in a silent "I feel you, friend". Man, what I wouldn't give to have that time back."


@15 If you're not a goddamn criminal and have no desire to experience going to jail doesn't make you a pussy. It is jarring to have all freedoms temporarily shut off for doing nothing. Go read some Kafka or something. The dude experienced the power of the latent police state. Get some perspective.


WOW! This reads almost word for word as to what happened to Daniel Pearl!

Bravery should be measured in Unit Percentage of Andrew Jankowski, with complete understanding that only one person will ever achieve a full Unit!


Woah! Wait! FUCK!!!

I just found out about Stickers...


@16- calm down, little birdy.


Calm down how? Have you ever seen birds hunting and pecking? I am calm, dick. You happened to be the commenter who belittled the story of this dude and apples and oranges compared it to spending 20 years in the hole. Context it some and try not to exaggerate.. You happen to be the one who belittled the author being arrested for no reason from twitchy, jock cops. If you are not interested in breaking the law or have ever broken the law and ever intend to, going to jail shows just how much freedom can be taken from you by the fascist cops on a whim. Birds have brains, dipshit and there is a grandpa saying in there which I won't use on you. But this bird brain reporter had the temerity to tell his story.


@20- shhhhhhhh, stop rattling your cage, little birdy, you'll do your beak an injury. And exaggeration was the whole purpose of my post- right out of the stranger/Mercury playbook.


@22- vegan ice treat, thank you very much.


Taping a Xerox of your media "contributions" to your chest and an oversized clown-card of a press badge no more makes you a journalist than a bit of red tape makes you a medic.


He's the Ralph Wiggum of journalism- "I'm helping".



Bitch, please, you ain't shit.


@27- never claimed to be. Got you all hot and bothered, though.


@29- an endangered edible songbird, at that.


For those who missed the point, a free press is needed to monitor the extra-constitutional powers of the police, which is why the police are targeting the press for harassment. With the support of prosecutors and judges, the police have worked to undermine the 1st amendment for the last few decades. The recent attack on the press is simply an extension of that. Members of the criminal punishment system has always believed their violence is above accountability and oversight by anyone but themselves.


I did a total of 9 years and 8 months in prison and jail for drug crimes.
I can say without hesitation- i would take a year in prison over a month in jail. Jail is the worst.


@33: The problem with your theory is that between the media and video, it's clearly a tiny number of "unlawful protesters, destroying property" and a large number of police officers who have been the violent rioters against the public.

If you've been following media reports and video of protests around the country as I have, when police bull rush peaceful protestors, especially in the dark, it's not uncommon for a protestor to lightly bump into a police office, which I suspect is precisely what the police want based on their charging violent protestors. The police then beat the crap out any protestor that lightly bumps into them long past the point of simply restraining and arresting them.

Being part of the media probably saved him a beat down, but it didn't spare him incarceration.

If the police cannot tell the difference between a few from the press, a large number of peaceful protestors and a tiny number of violent protestors, then we need to defund the police. 50% sounds like a good start.


"which I suspect is precisely what the police want based on their charging "peaceful" protestors.

When a protestor is violent they invite restraint and arrest. This has been extremely rare.


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