Slog AM: Herman Cain Dies of COVID, Trump Ponders Election Delay, Explosives Found in Van From Weekend Protests



When the rule of law is written by tyrants, justice is lost.


That's some quality crisis acting by Hermain Cain. He really stuck it to the libs with this one.


Trumps deranged comments are another great one for the "can you imagine if Obama had done this?" files. He would have been removed from office one way or another asap.


Gislane Maxwell didn't kill herself.


“Without liberty, law loses its nature and its name, and becomes oppression. Without law, liberty also loses its nature and its name, and becomes licentiousness.” – James Wilson, Of the Study of the Law in the United States, 1790


Hint - One way to avoid tear gas exposure is to protest about 10 blocks up the street and avoid causing property damage.


The rent was too damn high. RIP


I can't help wondering, how many MAGAT's are so stupid that, they won't understand that absentee voting is voting by mail. Of course the MAGAT's are the same people who have their Confederate and swastika flags, while crying that Colin Kaepernick is disrespecting the flag of the nation they need guns to defend themselves against, (while they cheer on that government)


If the GOP is so disdainful of China's government, why are they trying as hard as possible to emulate it?


@10 - Don't be so hard on the MAGAts. Their very eclectic taste in flags and their ability to take a nuanced position regarding the difference between good (white) people voting absentee and bad (somewhat less white) people voting by mail is surely a sign that they are open-minded persons with high intellectual functioning.



Like Obamacare (bad) and the Affordable Care Act (good)!


Peace in rest, Herman Cain.


Stupidity and paid ignorance kills. Turns over, dumbshits, be the adults you wish to see in charge.


Mask? Nein-Nein-Nein.



Your collective advocacy of ignorance likely contributed to his demise.


Prior to his hospitalization, Cain, 74, appeared at President Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally without a mask, and later expressed his frustration about mask-wearing requirements.

“PEOPLE ARE FED UP!” Cain said of mask mandates on July 1—the same day he would end up being hospitalized. Two days after he was tested positive and already feeling ill, he posts against masks.


"In case you were wondering if the president can actually do that: Yeah, he can't." Except, he quite possibly can. This is his soft opening for an attempt to not have the election at all, and it won't matter that it's unconstitutional.


Trump probably can’t unilaterally delay the election but he can undermine its legitimacy by, for example, repeatedly suggesting absentee voting is rank with fraud or to questioning the results of an election held at a time when people are afraid to leave home. Twitter is his only super-power & to his credit he wields it well.


GermanSausage the only reason we haven’t seen Chinese style oppression here is that the administration is too incompetent to pull it off.

You bet this is a trial balloon to delaying the election. He’s already mused about being president for life. The tide will turn if a million people march on DC. Look at the BLM protests as a gauge. For many it’s one thing if the rights of persons of color are trampled but boy mess with some white people and there will be hell to pay. While Trump shares authoritarian qualities with dictators he lacks the ability to to formulate and execute a complex plan. Nor does anyone in his orbit.


@24 - It would take an act of Congress:

Trump also does not have the power himself to move the date of the election, which was set by an 1845 federal law placing it the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

The date could move theoretically with action by Congress — but that would require agreement both by the Democrats who control the House and the Republicans who control the Senate. Neither side supports the idea.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., reportedly called the current date "set in stone" on Thursday and top Democrats also rejected the idea of rescheduling.

"It's virtually inconceivable that the presidential election would be delayed," said Richard Pildes, a constitutional law professor at New York University.


Isn't it just as likely is intended to distract from the terrible economic news? I don't myself think that distracting from economic news "works" - people live in the economy, not in the news. But its the sort of thing that would make sense to a numbskull like DJT.

The mechanisms of the election will grind forward with or without Donald Trump's approval. And unless re-elected, he will cease to be President on the appointed day. If the bureaucracy is so debased and corrupt that it would obey lawless orders in spite of this, we're screwed anyhow.


They're gonna hafta
De-fund the USPS.


@27 -- you keep uisng that word.
it's inconceivable* that it means
what you think it means.

*trumpf is inconceivable
and yet here
he IS




27 yes it’s encouraging that the institutions of government will save us (this time at least) & this is more about preemptively making excuses for a loss in november & distracting people from all terrible news today because he can only think in 24-hour news cycles


@32 you truly are a piece of shit.


Herman Cain was a literal millionaire that could do anything he wanted whenever he wanted. Go to Hawaii and surf for 3 months? Sure. But his own personal Old Country Buffet to be used exclusively by his friends and family? Sure.

He chose to die to own the libs and that is true big dick energy. Hope sucking dick in hell for devil bucks was worth it.



A Fight Over the Future of the Mail Breaks Down Along Familiar Lines

With the coronavirus pandemic threatening the Postal Service’s financial viability, a rescue for America’s favorite agency has become a political battle.

Joseph R. Biden Jr., the former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, channeled the views of many in his party last month when he suggested that Mr. Trump was trying to bankrupt the Postal Service as a way to prevent vote-by-mail programs and sabotage November’s election.

Mr. Trump has asserted that large-scale voting by mail would lead to a spike in turnout that would hurt his party, saying last month that it “doesn’t work out well for Republicans.”

And when a few states declare they Cannot Certify the Election, the matter goes to the House of Representatives (sadly, while having fewer members, repubs control more states than Dems) (see: the 12th Amendment) where trumpf "wins." Again.


Hermmy Cain is an Example
a Role Model, if you will, of how
Republicans must behave -- support
your fake "president" no matter if it kills
you, your Fambly, friends and Medical Workers.

It's Fabulously Patriotic to do so
and you'll be Remembered as a trumpf
stooge for all time. Perhaps you'll even get a



How many herman cains need to die alone in a drug-induced coma before its no longer a hoax? They can't all be crisis actors. Hubris kills!

35 lol ur so mad you can barely type but what's even funnier is that the very bullshit you swallowed and vomited back out into the world is precisely what killed him


relax guys a virus that didn't exist in humans until 6 months ago is only responsible for 1 out of every 20 deaths in the US so far this year, nothing to see here pussies


@30 - That was from the article. Please reread 27:

"It's virtually inconceivable that the presidential election would be delayed," said Richard Pildes, a constitutional law professor at New York University.

I thought the text following the link would indicate its from the article. I regret my formatting did not make that clear.

So sorry.


here's as helpful list of goal posts for you, we're closing in on #4 and #3 isn't far behind but it's doubtful we'll crack the top 2 before december so you may as well start there


“… not everyone who comes to these protests are peaceful. Peaceful protesters do not show up in a van full of ... explosives."

And not all Protesters are protesters.
Some are just anarchists and
Some are there, solely to
Morph the Conversation
Into the news footage
That’s gonna re-elect
Fake “prez.”

(Can you say Agents Provacateur?
I know, it’s Hard – it’s ‘sposed
To be – it’s French.)


Just like Rush Limpbah
'virtually inconceivable'
is an Oxymoron


@52: When you use all those big fancy thinkin' wordsthe rw is lost, besides, like every real 'merican xion knows, if english was good enough for Issa, er Yesus, no I mean Jesus,it's good enough for them!


Why don't reporters ask Trump how the Republican Sec of State in WA manages to hold fair elections with only mail-in ballots for years? Or interview her for a national show and refute his ridiculous claims?


@ 52,

Could be white supremacists looking to stir up trouble, or the police could've planted the cache of weapons themselves in an effort to discredit the BLM protestors. They've been caught lying too many times to count.

The worst part is that we'll never know.


@ 46,

Herman Cain: Crisis Corpse


I don’t have any strong feelings for herman cain because he was too camp to take seriously but satan willing i will fly first class to texas just to piss on louie gomert’s grave


@ 58,

From your keyboard to the FSM's noodley appendages, let us say a permanent goodbye to loud mouth moron and stupidity super-spreader Louie Gohmert.

"Ker-ryst, whattan asshole," his mother spat.


@54 -- you mean all-White Jesus.

@60 -- why on Earth would
the Police LIE? 'Spose
they're just copying*
Fearless Leader?

*22,000 lies! [so far!]
and STILL counting!


61 i know but crossing my fingers for a miracle


Herman Cain was given the blessed release we were all praying for. Who says SLOG doesn’t have prayer warriors!!!

Personally, I don’t think Goober (or whatever his name is) has covid. I think it’s just a stunt for hydroxychloroquine


@15: My favorite was Mitch McConnell, in his LAST re-election campaign, saying he would repeal the ACA and save "KyNect"-KyNect simply being the name for the Kentucky branch of the ACA.


Trump's tweet is just a tip of his hand to what he plans the day after the election if (when) he loses. Declare the results invalid due to massive election fraud. He'll say he cannot leave office until such time that election results can be assured to be fair and accurate. Coincidentally, that will take as long as he, and later Ivanka, are in office.

As to US Marshals or Secret Service forcing him out, they're all under Barr's Justice Dep't, and most LE are in the tank for Trump anyway and primed to believe the election fraud fraud. He'll also call on all militias to come to DC, and a huge number will. It'll make the BLM and Malheur standoffs look like child's play. Marshal Law imposed with unfriendly media shut down. It may even split the military.

I'm certain ousting him will require much violence.
(And Fuck Hermann Cain.)


@51 - You do know it's possible to concur, like I do, with your sentiments without your rabid and vengeful hysteria. Nevertheless, your spice contributes to the overall entertainment value of Slog commentary.

@53 - So pass that on to Richard Pildes.


@28 - A refreshing take!


@57 - Of course, you can always milk a remote possibility into a plausible conspiracy theory.


There are eight confirmed congressional reps who've been diagnosed as positive. Seven are GOP. The most shocking thing about this being that they didn't pull off the sweep, though it's still impressive.


Republicans: COVID-19 is a HOAX (unless we die from it)
Republicans: Vote by mail is fraud (unless we vote by mail)

Fuck every single Republican who has pushed this pandemic as a hoax, has contributed to the death of people in his country, and who voted for, has enabled, has aided and abetted, and continues to stand by Trump the traitor. The more Republicans that die from COVID-19 the better.

They want you to go back to work and they want you to send your kids to school, and yet:

GOP staffers angry at being exposed to virus while demanding rest of us be exposed to virus

They are allowing Trump to send out federal goons to assault, tear gas, kidnap, and otherwise harm people exercising their First Amendment rights. They are allowing Trump to put BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars in his own pockets. They are allowing Trump to remain besties with Vlad Putin while Russians murder members of the military in Afghanistan. They are allowing any and all kinds of malfeasance solely because they are greedy, soulless, white supremacist terrorists. They deserve every fucking thing they get. They have brought it on themselves and they will not be able to blame it all on Trump. If this country has a fucking soul left, Republicans will be voted into oblivion and never hold any power ever again. Period. Full stop.


If a full airliner crashed everyday with no survivors would we ask the government to do anything or just let the market decide?


@73. When the government decides the market, they can tell you an aircrash with no survivors was a safe landing.


@71: We're all in the same reality. You just can't stand it when everyone else is not as overwroght as you are.


There is a sex position which I can imagine is common during a threesome. It involves one person performing oral sex on someone else, who in turn is performing oral sex on the third. Unlike "69", all three people are facing the same direction. So basically, it is 9-9-9, or as I like to call it, a Herman Cain.

What, too soon?


70, I find it refreshing that they appear to be walking the walk instead of telling everyone it’s a hoax but taking the threat seriously behind closed doors. They’re really committed to the bit.


@76. That's the 'human centipede,' practiced liberally and openly by MAGA trolls slog-wide.



Agreed. We have already seen that a sizeable portion of the citizenry will believe anything said by Fox News or Trump. We have seen that the tough guy patriot water the tree of freedom types don't actually care about defending liberty or the Constitution. We have already seen that many folks are willing to suffer or die to own the libs, stay in denial, or not admit they were wrong.

The table is set for big time problems. Will our great nation simply slouch and shrug towards dissolution?


@80: No need to entertain theories until the investigation is complete.

But go ahead though if you want.


81, i'm telling you -- THINK BIGGER. Why restrict yourself to tobacco deaths when you could go with cancer or heart disease. Covid will easily be the 3rd highest cause of death by the end of 2020 but it probably won't beat the top 2. Start there now so you don't look so desperate every time you swap out the goal posts.

(also are you actually arguing that no one has asked the government to regulate the tobacco industry or minimize tobacco related deaths because lol what)


@83. What sort of investigation is complete without first entertaining theories?

Oh yeah, the impeachment.


@90: So you want the federal government to ban a virus. honestly you get weirder every day.




Nonsense. I have it on good authority that feebs is an expert on all such matters of medical concern, and sees his personal phrenologist regularly for screening and check-ups. And scores brilliantly on cognitive tests, to boot!



Man. Woman. Person. Camera. Slog.



If he makes the claim of a rigged/invalid election - which of course he'll only do if he loses - he's still out of a job effective January 20th, 2021, as the Constitution doesn't provide any mechanism for him to continue in the office after that date, even if he disputes the results. So, if he doesn't outright win the Electoral College he wouldn't be able claim the office until such time as the dispute was resolved in his favor; and in the interim the Senate Majority leader would assume the office (normally it would go to the Speaker of the House, but Pelosi is also up for election and would be disqualified because presumably her own election - and indeed those of all federal offices - would also be in-dispute) and that person would depend on which party has a majority of sitting senators, again minus those who ran in November. There are 35 "class 2" seats up for election this year, based on the principle that one-third of all senate seats are up for election in each 2-year cycle, and of the 65 "class 1" and "class 3" seats remaining, 33 are Democrats, 30 are GOP and 2 are independents. So, the Democrats would be in a position to select the Majority leader who would then become the acting Chief Executive and serve until the dispute was resolved.



Sounds to me like he's suffering from an imbalance of humours - I'm guessing an overabundance of bile is the culprit. Still, nothing a good blood-letting or the judicious application of leeches can't cure.


Oh, and just to push us into triple-digits:

Exactly how many fireworks/crackers, in the professional opinion of SPD, constitutes a "van full of explosives"? Does the van have to be packed to the point there's no more room to stuff even a single spinner? Half-way? A handful? Three?



I sincerely hope that our system, as you described it, holds.

Know anything about the Spanish Civil War?

We need to pull ourselves out of the nosedive we are in quickly.


@ 103,

Yugoslavia in the 90s is actually the most apt comparison, especially now that we have $hitler's SS roaming the streets snatching people.

We're talking a bouffant-coiffed, lunatic wanna-be dictator, different factions of the police and military fighting each other, no one knowing who's in charge, blood feuds among the population that can't tell reality from propaganda, including similar desires for racial and ethnic cleansing that Tr666p continues to run on. It did not end well.


Bring on the leeches!