Expert Says Cops Are Wrong About a "Firework" Damaging the East Precinct



“The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.” – John Adams, A Defence of the Constitutions of the Government of the United States of America, 1787


Police lie. About everything. They don't want to be defunded by 50%? Make it 75%.


The title of the article says it wasn't a firework but then the actual article says it probably was a firework. Great investigative work.


Looks like a bonk from a bat. I'm an amateur batter.


@1. Ironic words from society where human beings were bought and sold as property.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property; other property depending in part on positive law, the exercise of that, being a natural and unalienable right. To guard a man's house as his castle, to pay public and enforce private debts with the most exact faith, can give no title to invade a man's conscience which is more sacred than his castle, or to withhold from it that debt of protection, for which the public faith is pledged, by the very nature and original conditions of the social pact."

James Madison, Essay on Property, March 29, 1792


@3... you need to get your pearl clutching Talking Points terminology correct.

Please refer to it as an "explosive." Or the more Evil Genius sounding "incendiary device."

But never "Roman Candle." Or "firework." You'll never drum up a panic that way.


Seeing as how the explosion was between two objects it would seem likely there is some evidence of the explosion on surfaces not seen in those two pictures. But I'm not an anonymous expert or anything.


@2: Well, if police lie about everything you should be screaming for 100% defunding.


@6 I dunno, lots of moms I've met will freak right the fuck out at the sight of a brick of firecrackers or an M80.

Then again, it's not sheets of cheap particleboard they're worried about, either, so maybe you're onto something after all.


Think about the guys you went to school with and witch ones became cops. One guy was unable to complete Marine boot camp and the other got his foot stuck in a urinal in 10th grade.
I'm supposed to respect these guys?


@10: Actually yes, as you already respect attorneys to grocery store workers who can recall similar experiences in their youth.


Cops lie? NEVER. FFS of course they lied so they could declare a riot and do what they wanted to do. Fuck the police. Fuck their lies and their violence and their refusal to end their endless brutality.


"Maybe it was a large consumer-grade firecracker ..."

Wait, so your saying a firecracker isn't a firework? That seems like a silly semantics argument. I think most people would consider a firecracker a firework. Maybe you just like snakes and sparklers. (


It was probably an M80. Or a quarter stick. Both easy enough to buy illegally. Neither to be fucked with. Former will destroy a finger, put out an eye etc. Latter will destroy a hand, break our windows from the shockwave, can kill if it catches you just so.

Man we used to have fun playing with both back in the day.


I can't wait for right wingers to propose banning all "fireworks" now.

[cricket sounds]


@12 what should I respect next, bugs, urine? I'll get on that after I break ground on my new low income housing project. Gonna use the profits to hire someone to cook you vegan meals and change your diaper.


What we need is good guys with fireworks to take on the bad guys with fireworks. This drama played out many times in junior high school and led only to copious unbridled fun and the occasional small 3rd degree burn, usual self-inflicted or friendly fire.

When we all open carry at least a couple of sparklers then we'll all be safe and live in peace.

This message brought to you by the NFA


@6 No pearl clutching. Just noting the title of the article is directly contradicted by the actual article. That's either bad editing or propaganda. In The Stranger's case probably a little of both.


@8 I support keeping an unarmed skeleton crew who are paid minimum wage to assist in picking up dog shit and cigarette butts throughout the city.


@19 Suuuure. You're just being "accurate," right?

So tell me, Mr. Pendant. Why don't you call the cute little euphemistic titled "flash-bangs" — that were tossed by police indiscriminately at journalists, bystanders and protestors — as "explosives" or "grenades." Because that's what they are. They are grenades.

They explode. They throw projectiles. And they actually injured dozens if not hundreds of people across the country.

Why are you not so concerned about that? It's all about accuracy, after all.


So it WASN'T damaged by 12" diameter firework that uses a 3' launch tube??!! That's a shocker. Good detective work, anonymous professional.


@3 & 14:

Professional pyrotechnicians distinguish between firecrackers: small explosives that basically just make loud noises and are available to the general public; and fireworks: larger explosive devices that are designed to shoot up into the air, generate visible flashes or sparks, as well as significantly larger bangs or whistles, and which are generally illegal to purchase (although as noted above small versions can be purchased on-reservations, but technically are illegal to use off-reservation). The professional quoted in the article is simply suggesting (based on the somewhat scant visual evidence) that the device that made the hole was probably the former and not the latter.


@21 if I see an article with a lead that insinuates the police we’re doing nothing at all or that the protestors threw things at themselves while actually stating the opposite I’ll be happy to point it out. You’re either for truth and accuracy in journalism or you support propaganda when it suits your purpose. I guess we know where you fall.


*shows picture of mouse hole in wall
*Anonymous zoologist- "this was definitely not done by an elephant".


(Reposted from SLOG AM):

Exactly how many fireworks/crackers, in the professional opinion of SPD, constitutes a "van full of explosives"? Does the van have to be packed to the point there's no more room to stuff even a single spinner? Half-way? A handful? Three?


@23 I have no problem with a professional opinion of whatever it was that was used. I have an issue with the title of the article being misleading and hinting it was neither to play in to all the conspiracies being floated on social media. It’s pandering.


@27 So your big worry is that a local blog might be compromising the integrity of opinions formed by people who read the headlines but not the articles.

That's some pretty heavy stuff man I wish I could help you out there it is real serious problems all right.


@28 you're right, I'm beating this into the ground. In the grand scheme of things it's relatively minor but in a region where we are starved for trustworthy news sources The Stranger is it for many people. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing but I know if we the readers don't hold them to some sort of standard who will?


@30 Have you considered the possibility that these readers who get all their news from The Stranger, but only from the headlines and not the articles, might be a figment of your impressively fevered imagination?


@31 I admire your optimism.


"Let us not forget that violence does not live alone and is not capable of living alone: it is necessarily interwoven with falsehood. Between them lies the most intimate, the deepest of natural bonds. Violence finds its only refuge in falsehood, falsehood its only support in violence. Any man who has once acclaimed violence as his method must inexorably choose falsehood as his principle."
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


KOMO is running a story right now about how emotionally hurt some female cop is by the cruel protesters. She tore her meniscus. And 59 other cops were injured by these fireworks. I used to have bottle rocket and roman candle battles when I was a kid. 59 pansies who are there wearing armor did not get injured we did that shit in shorts and T-shirts. The KOMO story cop fucked up her knee the same way I did moving a keg when I was a bartender. Sometimes knees and ankles get fucked up in the line of work.


Thanks for the great reporting Matt.

Police don't lie, they simply never tell the truth. Judges and Prosectors excuse and help them cover up their lies and journalists rarely question their lies, so there is no reason for them to ever tell the truth and they don't.

That's why it's so frustrating when people quote a police statement without mentioning it came from the police. When a person chooses to quote the police, I think they have a responsibility to let us know the source so we know it's a lie.


@34: I'm shocked this blue snowflake story did not get more coverage from KOMO. It seems right up their alley:

Georgia police officer has emotional breakdown after McMuffin order mixup

The cops show up in full body armor with multiple deadly weapons like they are marching into Afghanistan to defend themselves against pimple faced teenage protestors in flip flops and T's, then act they they just took down the next Bin Laden when they really just attacked the equivalent of a hot fudge Sunday.

God I hope I never need to call the cops for violent crime. This is why every citizen must arm themselves. If you are every there when the police are involved in a violent crime you will need to protect their worthless ass hiding under the table with their body armor and M-16 while also dealing with the criminal they are hiding from.


@36 It's tops right now.


Let's be careful calling folks experts lest we legitimize every self declared expert featured on FOX News. I doubt this guy has a degree in physics or chemistry. That's 1/2" OSB.


trumpf's farts
usually leave
larger holes
than that iddy
biddy lil' teensy

if he'd only
Save his farts
til Last he could
cut down his Flush-
ings to an even half-dozen
or so.

Long as The Police
can have their Riots
is what I always say.


"After something/someone caused damage to the building, the cops declared the protest a riot." Good. that's all they Wanted.

See how EZ it is to steal your Rights?
Like candy from a baby. All them 2nd
Am. types, they're actually OK with
this? Why are they not out there,
Protecting the Union? Are they
all frightened? What's up
with that? Trolley?


@40/41 Would it take too much effort to form proper Haiku?


What ever made that hole had hit someone’s head instead of the wall that person would have been dead.


@42- or a coherent thought? The guy's a proper wanker.


Yeah, right, lads.

Looks like Fake "prez" gotchyalls by the gonads
but Never fear -- you're not alone:

"President Trump’s latest campaign ads warn of left-wing mobs destroying American cities.

His recent White House comments have depicted a rampage of violence and a “radical movement” to dissolve the police.

His Twitter feed has sounded alarms over an Obama-era fair housing rule he has framed as a threat to “The Suburban Housewives of America” and the “Suburban Lifestyle Dream.”

It all amounts, with little subtlety, to a play on the perceived fears of suburban voters.

But there are several reasons to believe that a strategy that worked for Richard Nixon on the heels of urban unrest in 1968 is less likely to be effective for Donald Trump in 2020."

from: Why Trump’s Blunt Appeals to Suburban Voters May Not Work

People living the “Suburban Lifestyle Dream” tend to support recent protests and disapprove of the president’s handling of race.

By Emily Badger and Nate Cohn

Your Southern Strategy
is Failing -- just like trumpfys!



oh and here's a Comment off the nyt article, above, from

jimg; milwaukee; July 30

"I was born and raised in a white suburb of Milwaukee.

A child of the American Dream in the 1950s and 1960s.

I hated the homogenized character of the neighborhood.

And so I left and never went back except to visit my parents.

Life became much richer, more interesting and rewarding as I made friends with people of all different colors, from all ethnic traditions.

I also had friends and colleagues who were LGBTQ. This was all a big improvement.

I really doubt that many of my fellow Boomers want to return to the way it was.

The Boomer kids don't to either.

So I can't image who Trump thinks he is addressing."

[well, the status quo
lovin' Schlog commentariats.
Duh. alrighty then -- back to it]:

"He is certainly not talking to us.

It turns us off and hardens our resolve to get rid of him.

One has to see this as just another coded racist communique to his dwindling "base" of aggrieved and paranoid bigots.

oh, yeah -- trumpfy's 'dwindling "base" of aggrieved and paranoid bigots.' Yep. Sounds about right.


"I really don't give a shit whether it was fireworks or an idiot with a hammer."

long as it give the Po-po
the right to declare a "riot"
then it's all good. do I have
that right?

That's the
Issue here.