Breathless Is Unstreamable

And Richard Gere flashes his peen a few times.



Plus X did a great cover of Jerry Lee Lewis' song. C'mon!


It would be fun to see all the parodies and homages to Tokyo Story assembled. Katsura fantasizes one enacted by moles in a episode of Gintama.


Weird confession time.

I seem to be the only person I know who did not find early Richard Gere attractive. Back in the early 1980s, he was almost universally considered one of the hottest guys in Hollywood. Never did a thing for me. And I normally like his type of smooth twinky build. He was crazy popular, and I just thought he was meh. A decent, but not exceptional actor. But I seemed to be almost alone in this opinion. It always seemed weird to me back then.

Conversely, and even odder, I thought early Jim Carrey was hot. He was weird, and acted like a spaz, and was nobody's idea of a sex symbol. But beneath the goofy behavior, I thought he was hot. I was almost alone in that opinion as well. But at least I sort of understood why my attraction to him was an odd quirk.

So it was very strange seeing these two movies featured in Unstreamable, along with the trailers. It kind of gave me a flashback to my peculiar tastes in the 1980s. Thanks!


Critics called the movie "Pointless" when it came out, and one parody of it (Saturday Night Live, I believe) consisted of a Richard Gere lookalike driving a convertible around in circles in a gas station forecourt.


great article ......Jason Momoa turned 41... happy birthday to great actor


My first thought upon seeing that image of Richard Gere was this "no way would he get that role today without hitting the gym for 6 months and doubling his muscle mass".


I vote for a spin-off column of only Richard Gere remake reviews. Next week: HACHI: A DOG'S TALE.