Slog AM: Protests Have Not Increased COVID-19 Spread, Dems Reject GOP's $600 Extension, Wildfires Are Back



So if there is no evidence that the protests increased the COVID-19 spread because of masks, then why not reopen the State as long as people wear masks?


Did Margaret Atwood write the happy ending of that Arkansas video?


I'm surprised but pleased there's so much support for radical police reform. It should be obvious by now that "more training" is never going to solve the problems that need solving. If this can be sustained through an election cycle or two, we might even see something happen.

p.s. I think you wanted "ravage" rather than "ravish".


@3 "anarchist finger"?

Also, the plural of "Tucker Carlson segments" is not "data".


Nothing about the eulogy Obama gave at the John Lewis service, during which he tore new assholes into both police brutality against people of color, as well as the entire concept of voter suppression?


1/7, how is it that we’re 4 months into this and people still don’t understand that air circulation differs substantially between indoor and outdoor spaces? Frankly this seems like something people could figure out even without the guidance of a closely studied pandemic virus. I can’t be the only one who was scolded for opening the car window while the ac was running.


@9 So can we go to the Mariners game this weekend? As long as the roof is retracted of course.


10, Do you pee in a field? Do people teleport directly to their seats? I’ve never been to a baseball game before but i feel like you still need to be indoors for a not-insignificant amount of time to congregate in a stadium with tens of thousands of people.


They're not stupid, blipper -- they'd
just prefer not to think too Deeply.



@1 -- The protests are also outside. So yeah, they should allow more outside activity, as long as people are wearing masks.

@10 -- If people wore masks, and were reasonably far apart, then watching a baseball game is quite reasonable. There is some risk (as @11 mentioned) with bathrooms and the like, but relatively little (and it is fundamentally no different than bathrooms at the national parks, which are open).

That being said, the government is not focused entirely on what has the most risk, but is trying to balance what is more essential (which is always a judgement call) as well as employment. Baseball scores poorly in that regard.


Maxine Waters today says that Herman Cain did contract the COVID that killed him from attending Trump's Tulsa rally.
Now all due caveats, ie we don't know what little birdie told Maxine that, and correlation is not causation, etc etc, still...
If holding these events result in people dying,then aside from the arid questions of legal liability, there is the moral dimension.
Authorities who green-light these events should be confronted with that.


18 pretty sure everyone was required to sign a liability waiver before attending that rally, which puts to rest any legal concerns but only compounds the moral ones. They know people will die and they don’t care so long as they don’t get sued for it.


Good Morning Charles,
"But why doesn't COVID-19 spread as easily in a Black Lives Matter protest than it does at, say, a Trump rally?" is a good question posed.

I have a feeling that more masks are worn at a BLM protest because of 'anonymity'. People don't want their faces recognized in addition to not getting COVID-19. These 'masks' can be scarves and/or bandanas as well. I do recall seeing them at protests in Seattle and elsewhere prior to COVID-19. So, it is possible. Masks now can do both, protect and hide.


And which is why the newest relief package is stalled in the Senate.
Workers at a meat packing plant can get sick- just don't sue the employer.


"Fuck black lives! And I have black friends!" is one scalding hot-take.


Yeah nice headline blaming the Dems, how about a little truth? The Democratic House passed a second stimulus package TWO MONTHS AGO that included the $600/week unemployment through January 2021. Mitch McConnell has been sitting on his ass doing nothing and now that the benefits have expired, he and his GOP led senate have gone home for a three day weekend (as of yesterday), while they continue to collect their paychecks. The Democrats turned down an emergency, limited time only, emergency extension. Why? Because it is not what the people of the country need right now. They need real help. All of the fucking pain and destruction being felt by people in this country right now is 100% on the GOP and Trump and all of his enablers, aiding and abetting his incompetence and denial.


Every BLM protest has been outdoors. The Tulsa rally was indoors and was an infection hotspot. The Mt. Rushmore rally was outdoors and was not an infection hotspot, despite a similar disregard for masks.

Masks are good. I wear a mask, you should wear a mask. But for fuck's sake don't be part of an indoor gathering.



Fuck that. The GOP should still hold their convention, probably at the Jacksonville convention center, and conclude it with a giant game of Twister played by all in attendance. Yay for fun!


racism only happens when black people are murdered while holding a sign or someone calls a white person a redneck


@25: To be fair, carve out a little of that blame onto Hillary Rodham Clinton.



Did she engineer the virus in a pizza parlor basement or something? I'm having a hard time keeping up these days.


@30: No, much worse than that: read the story of her campaign: 'Shattered'

Now I said a little, I'm thinking just .05%.


@4 - Beat me to it on the ravish/ravage observation.

People that call for "more training" for police miss the point that training for police is actually pretty good (maybe not so much in backwoods, rural departments); it's just that too many officers willfully ignore their training and face little, if any, consequence for doing so. The rookie officer who suggested to Chauvin they turn Floyd on his side due to "excited delirium" concerns was exactly right and reminding Chauvin of their training. Chauvin didn't give a shit, because it was more important to teach Floyd a lesson and show him who was boss than it was to comply with his training.

I've observed the same blatant disregard for training in virtually every other instance of police brutality or even just simple misconduct that has come to light over the years. Police administrations don't want the "hassle" of terminating problem officers, so they almost always hope the problem doesn't blow up until after they've moved on. And they refuse to act. As long as that usually works out for them (it does), they'll continue to do nothing with problem officers. And they know precisely who the problem cops are.

More training, more restrictions on force, defunding, etc. will not solve what is fundamentally broken within LE, which is the shockingly stubborn retention of problem officers, and I'm highly skeptical any of these protests or any of this unrest will change that.


Do we really want 800 fewer cops in Seattle? Plus make in harder to recruit?

That's what been reported as the result of 50% defunding.


For what it’s worth, there also was a Black Lives Matter rally in Harrison, Arkansas, and the Boston Globe published a nice long-read about it. The local protesters have some serious courage!


@36: Oh well if YOU say so.....


@37: Settle down dollface. The death of this supporter of George Floyd and police reform is being investigated.


@38: Oh darling, crazy how being knelt upon and unable to breathe are also linked to a positive correlation with death....but you do you punkin. xoxo



Haha, OK. That Hillary .. so glad Trump locked her up and built that wall! Oh, wait a minute ...


@31 Does that "0.05%" mean 1/20 or 1/2000?


The top 3 states for per-capita cases are LA, AZ & FL & all 3 had their most deaths/day yesterday. May want to wait until this thing runs it’s course before you start dancing on graves.


@36 - Regarding the Arkansas case, you need to ask yourself whether this man would still be alive if not for the prolonged position most commonly associated with positional asphyxia. The answer is almost certainly he would be.

In any case, cops are trained to avoid placing subjects face-down while handcuffed or even restrained with hands behind their back for any other reason, except as may be momentarily necessary, ONLY momentarily, to safely handcuff the subject in the first place.

It was hammered into us constantly in the years before I left policing in 2011, do NOT leave handcuffed/restrained subjects lying face-down. Do not do it, do not do it, do not do it. Positional asphyxia, positional asphyxia, positional asphyxia; it's hammered into cops at the academy and in every in-service class thereafter. Every cop has been told the same thing over and over for years and years now.

There are no exceptions because the subject may be a meth addict.

Yet again, it's a case of cops ignoring their training...and even making light of the arrestee's plight in this case. But it's nice cop apologists like you are around to excuse cops' inexcusable behavior.


Real Americans don't die from Coronavirus! [rips shirt in half, massive pecs glisten, eagle flies past American flag]


@Ll ... trumpf and df2 shitting on flag whilst using burning Constitution to light enormous ... ceegars? hmmm -- they're awfully Large, for A CIGAR.


@43: IDK baby, maybe take a gander at what Morty @47 (an actual former cop) has to say about it.....?


"And here’s the net result of a country run by a crackpot: On a single day this week, there were nearly twice as many Covid-19 deaths in just one American state, Texas, than in the five major countries of Western Europe combined.

On that same day, Thursday, the Covid Tracking Project reported 1,400 American deaths, the most in a single day since May 15.

Trump publicly quit on his country two years ago, when he chose Vladimir Putin’s word over that of American intelligence officials, the infamous sellout in Helsinki.

So it was no surprise when the two leaders spoke by phone this week, that Trump did not even raise the question of Russians paying a bounty to have American soldiers killed in Afghanistan. That is dereliction of duty, son.

He quit on the economy in early spring, when he pushed for a widespread reopening, even though health experts warned that the results could be catastrophic. And thus, this week we saw the largest drop in economic output on record, as people were afraid to resume normal commerce in a country fevered with viral hotspots."

from: Trump, Please Quit Before You’re Fired

By walking away, he can save
the lives of supporters who have
listened to his lethal quackery.
By Timothy Egan

Your "hero" dumbfuk -- sorry, downfalls
looks like he's well-his past his Pull date.


Your "hero" dumbfuk -- sorry, downfalls
looks like he's well-past his Pull date.

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That is dereliction of duty, son.


how much Time do cops spend
kneeling on the necks of Citizens
of these United States, dumbfuk, down-
fall, df2 whateverthefuck? Just curious?


is Over.


@51 - Knowing what cops are trained to do in arrest situations and their aftermath IS my lane Mr. Never-been-Cop. You should also read the article more closely; restraint is listed as one of the contributing causes of death. I'm very aware of the effects of meth on the body, thank you, which is why it's important not to put any additional stresses, such as this face-down position, on the body of a drug-intoxicated subject.

Again, you know perfectly well that the chances of this guy still being alive would have been significantly increased had he been placed on his side or even made to sit or stand. You're just being willfully obtuse in denying it.

Even the Chief, desperate to defend his officers, says of the incident, "there are things we can do better." I guarantee the face-down restraint is what he's referring to; he knows he's going to have to get his settlement check pen ready for when the attorney for this guy's family gets hold of the officers' training records. It will be a handsome payday for the family and a hit to the city of Conway's finances

And being forced to lay face-down with your hands behind your back while drug-intoxicated with all the stresses to the CV system that entails can indeed contribute to or trigger cardiac arrest...unless the ME lectures I had to sit through were wrong and you're right about such a position having no bearing on fatal outcomes. I can't decide who to believe now...

Oh, and these events are broadly referred to as positional asphyxia in the LE community.


@51 pwnt by @58. 2 point takedown!!



61 cases per 100K by state
1) LA: 2457
2) AZ: 2382
3) FL: 2141


Gov Inslee is ordering people to wear masks,
unlike someone else who was wheeling a chair out of a hardware store,
and unlike most Southern Governors who are kissing up to Trump.
I'll take Inslee any day over any of the GOP morons.


just figured out who
seafas and dumbfuk
donald j* trumpf
&/or eric

*the J is for


Bring on the slog PM already! I wanna brag to the RWNJ death cult fetishists that a federal judge ruled against killing the Boston Marathon bomber. It's gotta be heartbreaking for them to learn that the state won't be carrying out another execution in the name of punitive justice.


@67 I will never understand why people WANT the death penalty when it costs 3X as much as life in prison (which is already pretty damn pricey). Also, the victims' families, at his original sentencing hearing, did not want him to be given the death penalty.


250,000 Americans dead by Christmas.

It's the Literal War On Christmas by Trump and the Trumpistanis against America.

Results matter.



Speaking of shameless:

Body Bags and Enemy Lists: How Far-Right Police Officers and Ex-Soldiers Planned for ‘Day X’

Germany has woken up to a problem of far-right extremism in its elite special forces. But the threat of neo-Nazi infiltration of state institutions is much broader.
By Katrin Bennhold; Aug. 1, 2020

GÜSTROW, Germany — The plan sounded frighteningly concrete. The group would round up political enemies and those defending migrants and refugees, put them on trucks and drive them to a secret location.

Then they would kill them.

More at:

See what df2’s got in store for (some of) us*?
But is he Manly enough to admit it?

*those who disagree

and, as we all know
dissent is Punishable
by Death – in Patriotic
cum Patriarchal America*

*making America great again


@xina, @Morty (good to get info from a retired cop in this thread), and @kristofarian for the three way tied WIN!


@72: That must be some bald spot under your MAGA cap, Seafart. The cashiers at your local Wal*Mart must love seeing you enter the store without a face mask, militantly protecting your Free Dumbs!


Bingo, auntie Gee:

Amendment number 44:

The Right To Inflict
shall not be
Trod upon