Seattle's COVID-19 Crisis Not Big and Terrible Enough For the Mayor



A true leader understands the need to apply fiscal discipline. That and tear gas.


It goes far beyond the mayor of Seattle. The entire country fucked up. And we're all going to pay dearly for it (even the people who fucked it up and continue to fuck it up).


She's just upset that the actual citizens of Seattle want her to do her job and defund SPD by at least 50 percent, right now, and stop using weapons of war against our citizens.

How is she going to get appointed by President Biden if she can't make Seattle citizens into peons who are under her lash?

(caveat - still crawling over broken glass to vote for President Biden)


@2: Speaking of fuck ups, let's start with the Chinese government.


Nice whataboutism!
Since neither you nor I can fly to China, let's start with the U S A first.
Since virtually no other nation on earth wants U S travel tourists, maybe we should reflect on our own nation's screw-ups.


@5: I didn't say China.


I dunno. It might be nice to have some cash when 2021 rolls around and we have even less money! Who knows what’s coming?


Good thing I have my Canada Pension Plan and OAS OAP as well as my Social Security and Medicare ...


And yet Africa was not blamed for Ebola in the U.S. or how President Obama handled Ebola in the U.S. (two people died).

Trump is the fucking resident of the White House. Blaming China for how the United States' federal government PURPOSEFULLY AND WILLFULLY, with depraved indifference to the catastrophic loss of life that would be experienced, refused to do one goddamn thing to stop the spread of COVID-19 in THIS country, refused to provide the entirety of the United States with PPE, ventilators, protocol, protection, and payments to ensure the economy would not collapse HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHINA.

But yeah, Trump takes no responsibility. He has not in any way done his job since he slithered into the WH. He has spent his time talking shit, tweeting shit, eating shit, inciting shit, playing golf, lying about shit, and spreading the shit (as in blame) about everything on everyone other than himself.

Time to flush that shit (preferably into a prison cell).


"What we have instead done at every point of this crisis is simply kick things down the road."

That's the correct response to a temporary problem. Every day, we are one day closer to a vaccine and effective treatments. Building a huge, public-funded infrastructure in response to a temporary problem is the biggest mistake we made in addressing homelessness. Speaking of which...

"...but the city's homeless population is bound to swell if more (much more) is not done to protect the workers employed by small businesses."

If our current homeless population had resulted from local housing-affordability problems, then yes, we would expect that population to grow in a time of economic trouble. But our homeless population was imported, and consists of people who need treatments for their drug addictions and mental illnesses. That population could never afford housing, no matter the price, and so we should not expect our temporary economic problems to increase their ranks.


@4 We have far more deaths than China (more than 100x on anper population scale), despite China being a more populated and more densely populated country, so if the Chinese government fucked up, our government fucked up 100x as badly.