Seven Takeaways from Washington's 2020 Primary



A lot of people I know who voted for Espinoza for State Schools Superintendent very much regret that decision, especially after digging more deeply into her background and positions, which weren't clearly articulated in the Voters Guide. They will definitely be voting for Reykdal in November.


Joshua Collins could have either started a new party this year...doing the grassroots organizing work-and getting others to do it with him...OR he could have run an effective campaign to get into the "top two" for the fall. It was clearly a major tactical strategic error to try and do both in the space of a few months.


You realize Sherae Lascelles is not a Democrat, correct? Including them in the "Black Democrats Cleaned Up" section is disingenuous. Your sole endorsement of Lascelles after they essentially didn't campaign is beyond frustrating. I'm pretty sure they think they're running for City Council (or Congress, considering they're running to end end SESTA-FOSTA), which is why you're so infatuated with their candidacy. I'm sure Frank Chopp is grateful you've ensured him yet another term.


No, Espinoza did not sue Reydal - he sued her!

Espinoza is a small-business owner who alleged in a lawsuit that Reykdal basically supported teaching 4th graders sex positions.

Here's what really happened:

Washington schools superintendent Chris Reykdal, who is running for reelection this fall, is suing primary challenger Maia Espinoza for what his attorney called “a defamatory statement” in the blurb she has submitted describing her candidacy for the state voters pamphlet.


I hate to break it to you guys, but Joy Stanford is leading the pack in her House race in the 26th District.



Look, it's a primary. Those of us who have been in these know that it doesn't actually matter how much you got to get there, what matters is:
A - did you get more than 50%?
B - if you got 2nd place, can you turn out 50% in the General?
C - do you have money, people, and other resources to make A or B happen?

Top Two. Stop fretting. It was a good result, the sign of the oncoming Blue Tidal Wave, and it's good for progressives.


As usual, a whole lot of potential Democratic voters couldn’t be bothered during primary season. Many Dems still think that government starts and ends with the presidency.


@8 Will in Seattle: Here's to the Blue Tidal Wave of 2020! How I wish we could have had it in 2016. We wouldn't be in the mess we're in now, and we would have had a real president these last three years and seven months.
@9: Not I. Every election counts and I vote Democrat every time. There are too many MAGA-crazed COVID-IOTs out there to ignore the primaries.