Remember when Portland’s biggest problem was the mayor buttfucking an 18 year-old man, and hizz jizz almost destroyed the city. Good times.


Portland cops have ALWAYS been a pack of racist SOB's...


@2 Yes, yes they have. What the Fed goons sent out by Trump did was far worse and more violent (Trump wanted to see what he could get away with and when he didn't get his photo op to use to scare white women into voting for him - because they were on the front lines of the Portland protests - along with veterans - he "removed them" from Portland). Except they have not left (only a fraction of them have actually left the city). The Portland Police have taken over though and are violently attacking protesters and calling them rioters - while they shove, beat, assault, and even smash car windows and slash tires (while calling the protesters rioters). PPB is on par with SPD - both use excessive force of violence, both have been investigated and reprimanded by the DOJ, and both continue to do whatever the fuck they want without repercussion (other than changes in leadership).

Defund the police back to the days when they had a basic car, a basic uniform, and a basic gun and baton. Add to that an end to qualified immunity and fire, charge, indict, and prosecute every single LEO who engages in violence against civilians (especially those who murder). You kill, you lose your job and your pension. Period.


BORTAC unit that terrorized Portland just helped raid a humanitarian medical camp at border

“Agents refused to show a warrant upon entry, and were not wearing masks,” the group continued. “For two hours, in darkness, they detained and chased people receiving care while a Border Patrol cameraman filmed the scene. The day before, agents had entered the property without a warrant and detained one person receiving care. Border Patrol then set up 24-hour surveillance around the perimeter, deterring anyone else from entering the camp to seek help.” In The Los Angeles Times, columnist Mariah Kreutter writes the raid “suggests government retaliation at the border”—and that’s exactly what it is.


@2: Always huh.

I can only imagine that some sort of paranormal powers that constantly surveys the psychological profiles of all Portland police and that a "racist SOB" monitoring shows a 100% level from 1851 to 2020 could possibly lead any rational human being to make such a appalling statement.

Good Lord.


Good thing they didn't try the old you won a $1000 cash prize and then arrested him when he showed up routine. Then he could claim fraud as well.



I grew up in Portland and my family goes back four generations there - when I say ALWAYS, that's exactly what I mean. PPB has a long, well-documented history of racism, as does city government in general; there's a very good reason why Portland's alternate slogan after "The Rose City" is "The Whitest City in America", and what's happening there now is literally nothing new; it's been going on since long before Oregon was granted statehood and one of the first acts of the new legislature was to ban Blacks from living within the new state boundaries.

So, SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP already because you don't know shit.


@7: You're very wrong in that last sentence.

So let's assume you are right. What's next? You'll just refuse to believe that Portland Police could ever operate in good faith because you have such concrete anecdotal hooks to hang onto.

It's people like you and xina who never want race relations to improve. If you did, you'd look at the Portland Police as a collection of individuals rather than being smug in your sophomoric stereotypes.


Nah, @8. It's well known that Portland police were borne out of deep racism. Much history has been written and documented about that well before (decades even) these protests.


@9 is correct


@9: What do you mean "nah"? You just regurgitated @7 and didn't respond to my comment.

Hence, @10 returns null.



Everybody knows that in the mind of a racist a white person supporting or advocating for BIPOC is just a race traitor who deserves to be treated no differently than if they were actually Black themselves - as @13 demonstrates.


The following is a perfectly reasonable statement:

The Portland Police department has a problem with racism for a long time.

This is not:

The Portland Police department has always been racist.

I don't see the need for superlatives. In fact, it just detracts from the core arguments and inhibits a thoughtful discussion.


"“It was such a mess,” said Tetra, 24, who asked the Mercury to use only his first name out of privacy concerns."

Luckily Tetra is a super common name. There are probably thousands of 24 year old male Tetras in the Portland area. No way anyone could figure out who this is.


@18 -- LOL no kidding. I hope his last name is Bush.


@20 cool story bro


raindrop yet again proving their belief that their ignorance is better than your knowledge and seeing nothing wrong with that.


@20 "End of story and a valuable learning lesson."

And now your name, your DNA and your phone's IMSI (even if it's a burner phone) are in the Federal system. They don't need you in court. Absent proper procedures (Miranda, etc.) they can probably never get you there anyway. They want you back on the street, calling your buddies with the good news of your release. And now they have your buddies' names as well.

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