NY Attorney General Sues NRA for Fraud, Self-Dealing, and Other Alleged Illegal Conduct



Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, GOODBYE!


Drain the swamp!


Good thing there's no money trail to Russia which would expose other things that could then ...



The righteous, rise.


I am old enough to remember when the NRA was an actual legitimate organization, devoted to hunting and gun safety. I took a shooting class as a boy scout that was sponsored by the NRA. And while I've not fired a gun since, I still remember some of the instructions.

But for the last forty years or so, it's been a nightmare. Even Oliver North thinks so. I'm glad to see it go. Maybe something like the old NRA will rise in its place.



@6: Agreed, I'm also just old enough to remember the NRA as a reasonable institution, though the nuts were definitely starting to take over the nuthouse by then. My father put me through Hunter's Ed and to this day, I still get angry when I see poor muzzle control (the most important lesson they had to teach) exhibited by others.

My father had an NRA sticker in the back of his '86 Chevy Silverado. I loved driving that beast, but even in high school, I cringed a bit at the presence of that sticker.


Ya gotta hand it to the Evilungelicals; they're gonna stop all the 'bortions so your baby can die from a bullet through the head in a school shooting, just like Jayzus wants.

It's the RepubliKKKan KKKulture of Life.


This has been an open secret for a fucking decade. Everyone tolerated it because of the millions the NRA funneled into campaigns. Including some democratic campaigns. But NRA membership has been decaying for years.

Gun owners are begging to are realize the NRA are not rights organization, they are an arms dealer lobby. They do not give a shit about gun rights. And many manufacturers are by-passing them because of their well known graft and bully tactics.

There's that and gun ownership rates have been steadily falling - 47% in 1990 to ~37% in 2019 (yes, despite the spike in sales by the so called pandemic bump).



Sales of firearms are driven not by new gun owners but by the same old gun owners buying more guns. And even that trend has been cooling until the pandemic.

The NRA is obsolete, corrupt, and dying. And they know it.


@6 Every kid did. I did too. If you hunted you took the NRA safety course.

That was back when walking around packing a pistol was for cops, criminals, and lunatics. Almost nobody packed for no real reason like morons do now.

I remember being home from overseas one summer at my grandfathers barber shop and the town crank, who wore six guns on his hips came in, and the entire shop just sat and made fun of him. "Hey Hop-a-Long!" "Go'n to rob the noon Union Pacific?"

People who packed guns were considered weirdos. Most of those old timers had served in the military in actual wars. They didn't harbor paranoid fantasies. They knew what guns could do.

People hunted. So they had long guns. Handguns were not very common. And certainly not these absurdly tactically kitted-out jerk-off Chicken Hawk pretend soldier bullshit. All that waste of money bullshit these open carry goons pack like they're in Fallujah.

Gun culture became warped and paranoid because the gun industry was desperate at the end of the Vietnam war they had to sell them something new. All that war time production and nobody to sell to. They realized with some law changes, lobbying and marketing, they could sell all these AR's and semi-automatic rifles to civilians. So sport shooting became all about "self defense."

All they had to do convince them black people were coming for them. And it worked. "The Unauthorized History of the NRA" talks all about this.



I saw the same thing with people who bought Colt AR-15's in the pre-AWB days: all my relatives would laugh at and razz anybody who showed up at a range with one of those, because they weren't considered "real sporting rifles" by gun owners who actually depended on game meat to get them through the winter.


I grew up riding in my dad’s trucks, all of them had NRA Lifetime Membership stickers. My dad dropped his membership when the NRA backed “cop killer” bullets. I don’t remember when that was. I do remember that my father passed away in 1988.


Firearms are safe and fun when properly handled.


I guess we can file that starling insight with others, like:
"Food is good for you if it's nutritious and properly prepared";
"Poison is only dangerous if you ingest or expose yourself to it";
"Airplane travel is convenient and safe if the plane isn't delayed or doesn't crash."

BTW. I love your commercials. You should get a promotion from Captain Obvious to Rear Admiral Obvious.


Can't wait to see the torchlight parade at his house when the chumps realize not only did he take down their little clubhouse, but he stole all the candy money on the way out


Fuckin' A--you GO, NY AG Tish James---kick NRA ass and take NAMES!

@8 Original Andrew: I know, right? And it's s'pposed to serve and protect their Free Dumbs......


Dear NY State Attorney General,
Thank you for helping to make the NRA a better organization, able to provide members with the services and representation they are entitled to.