Were all in our own party bubbles lately.
We're all in our own party bubbles lately. "OD" by Youryoungbody

I first met the darkwave duo Youryoungbody at Capitol Hill Block Party three years ago, when the band's vocalist Duh Cripe came out in a singular outfit—a black cowboy hat, a Shania Twain t-shirt, and bondage pants—and announced the duo was about to make their set "satanic." They did, and I was an immediate fan.

Since then, Cripe and the duo's other half Killian Brom released Youryoungbody's debut album, Devotion, which made many local critics' end-of-year lists (including The Stranger's Jasmyne Keimig and Kim Selling). Some of those critics have described the album as "intensely throbbing" and "deeply melancholic," which is all correct. The quickest route to a goth rave in 2020 is to wear black, turn off the lights, and blast Devotion.

But Devotion's standout song "OD," which kicks off the album's final act, takes listeners on a different journey, bringing the album to the early-2000s dancefloor. Its y2k pop-techno sounds are a little brighter, like dawn cracking through at a rave. So I was excited to see all these sherbet-toned pinks and oranges in the band's new music video for "OD," which just dropped today:

That bubble!!!

Youryoungbody teamed up with longtime collaborator and director Úna Blue for the video, which they describe as "an alien gathering at a warehouse rave, where beings nurture an otherwordly egg." Blue says "the video explores ideas of collective existence and collective power." That checks out.

It also—back to that bubble—reminds me of how eighteenth-century artists used bubbles to suggest "the temporal and fleeting nature of life on earth," as the Frye described last year. The hippies also used bubbles in this way! 2020's pandemic era feels ripe for a bubble comeback.

Get in loser, were going to space.
Get in loser, we're going to space. "OD" by Youryoungbody

The actual orb featured in the video was custom built by Jason Puccinelli. The styling is by Meg Schmidt, with additional costuming from Bellyflop and FEMAIL, which we've covered a lot on Slog.

This end-of-week music video drop is the upper I needed today, and it's been a great excuse to revisit Devotion, which you can do here. I have so much fun listening to it.

For now, the warehouse rave will have to stay in my mind.
For now, the warehouse rave will have to stay in my mind. "OD" by Youryoungbody