Their Health Care Cut, Hilton Workers Stage Die-In



"But that’s the system we’re stuck with" STUCK WITH??? WTF!
Only for the idiots that refuse to vote for law makers that want M4A.

Don't BS us with "stuck with". WE the People vote law makers into office.

Vote smarter.


That's some material dialectics right there - every corporation that rolls back employee health care chips away at the voting block that fends off M4A.


To be fair, I just looked up the Hilton CEO's annual salary and he was only averaging around $12,000,000/year for the past decade. We're all pinching pennies here, is what I'm saying.


Is the Hilton operated by Hilton, or is it a franchise? Some of the hotels that I worked at were branded as recognizable chain name, but were operated by companies like choice hospitality.


Sefas dear, have you ever had a job? Or has it been a long time since you were forced into retirement, and don't remember how things work?


Doctors are a Luxury reserved for
those Who Can AFFORD them.

Peons don't get Doctors.
they get 'docktor' Nelson
his Magical Potions and
dj trumpf cum shit advice.

If you were Rich
you'd already
Know this.



Yeah! Preach!


@6 you're the one who doesn't understand revenue: without those employees, the hotel has nothing but an empty building.