Facebook Fails to Dodge Washington State Campaign Finance Lawsuit



I suggest that our media limelight coveting AG get away from litigation against private businesses and turn his attention to things that are actually harming our state.


@1 You're suggesting the attorney general not to his job, which is, you know, investigating violations of the law? He has a mandate from voters to do this. If they dont like it they can vote him out in November. Your intentional obtuseness is tiring.


I also love your implication he is just literally one man in an office. No multitasking or staff! No way the AG can tackle more than one issue at a time. Fuck off.


Keep on kicking ass, Bob!


said it before
'll say it again:

fb's Too
B I G to

so Piss
OFF Peons.

Lie back and let the Monopolies
run the Show. They [actually] know
what's Best, for you.

Right, rainy?


CB on the overtime. Good on ya, kid. Hope you're compensated fairly.


@3: Oh, you're quite right. I admire all our civil servants no matter who they serve.


I've no idea what a fb political ad actually costs, but wouldn't be surprised to learn they took in close to or more than the $238K they paid out for selling them. And even if they didn't, that $238K no doubt exists in loose change buried in the couch cushions in one of Zuck's mansions. Fines need to be at loosely tied, or otherwise made relative to, the net worth of those individuals/corporations being penalized if they're to have any sort of meaningful impact.

Though this is still undeniably good news and everyone involved should be proud of their efforts.


It's all about the loot.

Suspend their business license until December 1.


@1 Remind me to incorporate before I send my employee over to remove the ballot from your mailbox.


Facebook is nothing but a cesspool of white supremacist hate groups, spam, advertising, and political propaganda. It should be destroyed. Zuck has zero integrity and is an amoral fucktard just like Trump. Why is this country so willing to hand over everything to so-called men like this? I mean Facebook started as a web site created to rate the women at his college as hot or not. Fuck Facebook. Fuck everyone on Facebook. Anyone working to hold Facebook accountable is doing exactly what needs to be done.


Oh and Facebook has destroyed Instagram making it just another cesspool of shit; FB 2.0.


@1 Facebook is pretty damn harmful in a lot of different ways. Setting aside all the different ways that it’s been caustic and destructive of the political process, the way it’s manipulative of human psychology, with all its little dopamine hits and encouraging of FOMO and encouraging ersatz social relationships at the expense of real ones is really harmful and promotes real mental illness.


@15: That's their prerogative. It's a free country.


@13: Cats, jewelry, cooking tips, and ads shouldn't bother you so much.


& fb's "Free" too!

Let the Monopolists
have their Way with America
and All's [far] Right as [Hell's] Rein.




It’s a free country. The most popular phrase of dimwits who are generally hurting themselves more than others.

The people of this state decided they wanted more transparency in political ads. Laws were passed through popular support. Facebook shrugs and says “meh”. Raindrop thinks this is OK because “it’s a free country”.

Well, for Facebook it sure is.


BIG Money = "Free" Speech

so Fuck OFF, Peons


If you google 'Facebook political ads' you see the full display from political discourse from the refined to the depraved. The reason this bothers liberals so much is that most of the Facebook depravity leans right.

But what about George Soros's transparency? The right loves to grovel about that. Actually, his lack of it doesn't bother me - and neither should the ads on FB bother anyone.

The sooner we realize that we're adults here and that that the ends really do justify the means and stop being butthurt over lost political innocence the more refreshing this world will be.


@22 Yep, definitely sending my employee over to remove all future ballots from your mailbox, too.

And please remember not to get butthurt about the means, the ends justify them.


Republicans paid huge, strange sums to Facebook and a mystery company for "list acquisition"

After reporting essentially no payments to Facebook for about three years, the Republican National Committee paid the social media company $5.5 million for "list acquisition" between September and November 2019, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

The RNC has also paid about $5 million for contact lists to a mystery company created in January, including a million-dollar buy on the day the Trump campaign sent 88 targeted ads to Facebook users featuring images similar to Nazi iconography.





@24: Yes, the RNC can be quite tacky.


Ugh, the morning news thread is doing that thing where it's not allowing comments again. Giving a 404 error message. Hope they fix soon.


Go, SuperBob, GO!!! Keep kicking RepubliKKKan KKKorprate ass and taking names!


What ads? Facebook sells space for advertising companies to insert popups or banners on visitors' screens. How would theStranger like to be held responsible for that graphic over on the right hand side that offers sexyjobs.com to some viewers but a Trump ad to others? The ad is served by googlesyndication.com, is dynamically selected based on the cookies and other identifying features that each viewer provides (most often without their knowledge) and is beyond the control of theStranger.

I don't know how Facebook manages their ad space. But I suspect that it's a very deep rabbit hole that is beyond the Washington State AGs office to comprehend (based on my observations of their past performance).


"I don't know how Facebook manages their ad space. But I suspect that it's a very deep rabbit hole that is beyond the Washington State AGs office to comprehend (based on my observations of their past performance)."

Too BIG/Complex to Comply?

You betchya.