Pastor Holds Christian Concert In Cal Anderson, Flouting State Mask Mandate

Sean Feucht's command over his Jesus-loving audience is undeniably erotic.



WHO wants
to DIE for



wait.. there wasn’t a merch table ?


Death cult logic:
‘bortions = bad
Mass death from plague = what Jayzus Tr666p craves.

These depraved, obtuse idiots are determined to take the rest of us with them in their ongoing national murder-suicide.


How do we know their suburbanites? Seattle has no shortage of bible-addled nitwits. Remember Mars Hill?


All this business about creaming your jeans or whatever falls flat as humour. It just comes off as mean-spirited and creepy. Especially considering the punchline is that people in that crowd are going to get sick, and chances are someone will die as a result. Ha?

These people don't need your help to look foolish.


"Servants, be obedient to your earthly masters"- Ephesians 6:5 -
Oh wait, it's the local government,oh screw them!


Why didn’t SPD tear-gas these lawbreakers the way they assault BLM protesters???


In Soviet America, Jesus crucify you!


You can't ask for a more obvious example of religion holding back society than hundreds of nitwits gathering in public without reasonable protection during a historic pandemic.

@7: There isn't one. That's why one is composed of people wearing masks, and the other is not, and is therefore less deserving of rebuke than the other. But you knew that before you asked. You just want to be angry at a perceived hypocrisy where there is none.



Let me guess: you've been reading The Stranger for all of about two weeks, amiright?



What part of "WEAR A FUCKING MASK, STUPID!" is still unclear to you?


Maskless churchgoing is just the mainstream version of snake-handling. Christians love to demonstrate their commitment to jesus by performatively putting their lives at risk and making a huge spectacle of not dying.


17, according to this letter from your secretary of health: RCW 43.70.130(7), RCW 70.05.120(4), and WAC 246-100-070(3)


I'm praying for the universal return of perms for ostensibly straight dudes. My Appalachian pappy, gawd rest his soul, had a fro circa 1980, which I consider the crowning achievement of civilization.


Matthew 18:20.

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Dominionist corruption of the Church replaces community service with tax exempt politics at the pulpit so happy clappy conformists can feel united in spirit and microbiome to terrible pop love songs with Jesus lyrics. Megachurches and their Paul-centric apparatus of vicarious submission to the state made God; an abomination and marriage of moneylenders in the temple peddling heresy and spoon-fed scripture devoid of compassion.


technically you need to be wearing a mask before you can remove it


Rather curious spot for a revival. Were they hoping for some 'interaction' between the guns and Jesus crowd and antifa?



Jesus, save me from your followers.


Public health officials were very clear about weighing the risk of protesting against the risk of not speaking out for human rights & encouraged people to wear masks, maintain distance from others & only attend a rally if you believe you’re not a member of a high-risk group.

Have the organizers of this event issued any caveats or warnings? It doesn’t look like anyone is even wearing a mask they can readily pull over their face if the circumstances require it but if there were any proclamations or warnings issued it would be clarifying to see them.

It’s entirely possible to host an outdoor gathering while respecting rules & mitigating risks & it doesn’t appear these people are even pretending to try. It really seems like putting themselves at risk is some sort of perverse demonstration of faith.


I don't care if they want to meet and pray to fake fairies in the sky in huge groups, they simply should have to a) do it wherever the hold their worship services and b) not be allowed to be around any other people afterwards for between 14 and 30 days. They have a death wish? Let them kill each other off in droves. It is the rest of us that should be able to live without fear of being infected by these assholes.

Meanwhile in the last two weeks 97,000 children have tested positive for COVID-19. Any school moving forward with reopening and forcing people to teach face to face clearly is also all about making as many people sick as possible.

Trump and his minions aren't Hitler and the Nazis, they're worse! Trump and his minions are Jim Jones and his followers AND Hitler and the Nazis. The only question that remains is what will the death toll be when it is all said and done (and don't forget it's not just all of the COVID deaths - it is every mass murder committed by a white supremacist terrorist done in Trump's name).

Still don't understand what the end game of the RWNJ's is. Not going to own much of anything (let alone "the libs") when there is nothing left to own and no one left to own it. Odd strategy.



@30 When protestors gathered outdoors with masks on to protest unaccountable police killings of defenseless black people, they were teargassed, shot, beaten, and hauled away in unmarked vans.

Did I miss something, or did this gathering of unmasked outdoor Jesus enthusiasts for some reason not have to contend with any of that exercise of police power, or even the indignity of a stern warning?


Jim Jones Kool-aid with more steps. And much more risk for the rest of us - unfortunately.


If people keep up these efforts, we will one day have the hypocrisy problem licked once and for all.



Because passive genocidal terrorism is worse than burning, looting, and rioting, you know, unless it's the Oklahoma City federal building.


All these religious services very badly and in the worst way need to be parodied by the South Park kids. "The Virus vs Jesus." Like 2016, this is part 2 of The Year of the Cartoon.


Wouldn't an event like this need a permit? Wouldn't they have to rent the playfield from Parks & Rec? It seems like there should have been some checks on this event ever moving forward to begin with, given the current governmental health edicts.


We can only hope Rapturists, Trump supporters, and other right-wing types continue to meet early, often, and always without masks. Jay-zhus is mah vak-seen! (David in Shoreline, please attend!)

@8: Indeed, whatever happened to Pastor "Guys Get Teh Gayz 'cause their wimmens get fat"? If ever we needed comic relief, it's now, dammit!

@34: The SPD has a long and ugly history of attacking protesters in Pike-Pine. This was a religious gathering, and thus somehow passed whatever arbitrary rules the SPD uses to decide which group(s) to attack.


@41 South Park was culturally relevant, what, like 17 years ago now?

There are plenty of other people producing satire these days, but you might have to view it on a smartphone in 20-second installments if you want to see anything the under-35s are talking about.



So, you were at the protests and personally saw this "half-assed" mask wearing? Care to share images?


@45 The chuds always have pictures. Not representative pictures, or even pictures of what they claim, but plenty of pictures. They need the pictures. They can't read much more than what will fit in a large outlined font on top of a cartoon of a sad frog.



Way to form a false equivalency with pogroms, ghettos, and the holocaust because 'religious people' got their fee-fees hurt by being called out that their misguided practices and willful disregard for science (the Truth will set you Free, in this case of your life) and loving your neighbor just enough to wear a mask is the same.

But, granted, police will be less likely to dehumanize you if you are maskless.


china is putting muslims in concentration camps right now but people on a regional blog making fun of a christian rock concert is the worst thing to happen in the name of religion since the holocaust


50, we’ve known for years — YEARS — that when people with a respiratory infection wear a mask they substantially minimize the risk of transmission, & again i refer you to the countless nuanced recommendations & caveats from public health officials instructing protesters how to protest safely. Those officials were pilloried at the time for their perceived equivocating but their messaging proved effective because the BLM protests — the largest mass protests in human history! — were not followed by widespread outbreaks.

Personally I don’t have a problem with large outdoor gatherings so long as people are urged to follow basic pandemic etiquette. If you can show me where the organizers or attendees of this event made any effort at all to encourage safe behavior it would absolutely change my opinion. But as I stated previously there is a consistent trend of christians flouting protocol because they believe the power of christ protects them & this event appears to follow the same ignorant, self-absorbed pattern. Feel free to prove me wrong tho!


@27: @51 beat me to it. You keep referencing what was and what was not mandated on different dates, but yet you provide no URL to back that up. I've rarely left my apartment aside from grocery shopping since mid-March, so I'll admit that I don't recall what orders went into effect when, other than the indoor mask mandate on June 7. Feel free to provide a URL laying out the recommendations on different dates.

I still stand by my earlier remarks: go outside and burn goats to Yahweh or whatever, so long as you do it responsibly. These people were not, because they are incapable of empathy and community outside their self-serving religious display. BLM protesters were and have near-unanimously worn some sort of face covering, therefore have had no increase in virus transmission.

@42: Don't you know? Laws and rules are for other people. Godbotherers are above all that, because Jaayy-zhuss.


good thing there were no
Anarchists at the religulous
meeting or the coppers wouldda
been Forced to tear gas/billy club
the entirety.

if they wanna Lemming
cum mass suicide themselfs
do they not have that Right?


I’m not going to read all the comments. I sure hope someone has mentioned:

1) the big plastic bin of dirty water being used as a baptism tank during this event.

2) the many SUV’s and vans parked directly on the lid of the reservoir, right next to the fountain.

3) Despite being aware of the situation, the police refused to step into the park and refused to do anything about this illegal assembly.


Sweet baby Jesus, are we not talking about the fantastic misspelling of 'ambulance' on Richs' tweet? Or is there such a thing as an ambivelant ambulance?
That ambilance is in a hurry! Or, maybe it isn't, know what I mean?


Sweet baby Jesus, are we not talking about the fantastic misspelling of 'ambulance' on Richs' tweet? Or is there such a thing as an ambivelant ambulance?
That ambilance is in a hurry! Or, maybe it isn't, know what I mean?


Ha! The butthurt is strong-"hOw coMe thE PowiCeMan nOt meaN to The iCkle jeEsus Pepow?"


Where were the police? I mean, if they have time and resources to gas and beat law-abiding citizens for daring to be on the street, surely they have time and resources to gas and beat a blatantly illegal assembly.


Reason #10,001 that Christianity is the biggest fraud in human history. In the 21st century, who can be dumb enough to $upport this strange medieval voodoo? Hocus pocus dominocus indeed!



Mass hysteria marches on,,,



brought to you by trumpf
his psychophants, FOX
and fiends


Rich, you are the worst type of "journalist". You have a double set of standards for everyone which is fine, but you make it so obvious and glaring. May be an intelligence issue i'm guessing.


Ok...So they didn't wear masks. All of you a$$h0les want them to die anyways. So your wet dream has come true. Let somebody be happy you depressing fucks.


In studies transmission rates outdoors are so low that they almost don't measure. But that's only if you believe in science which this crowd does not, so they will surely catch the virus.