Here's What's Going to Happen

The Stranger predicts the future.



Other countries won't weaponize viruses against the U.S. Our failure to do anything about COVID-19 is resulting in catastrophic loss that cannot be fixed. We did it to ourselves, thanks to the dumbest fucktard in the history of the world being allowed to slither into the WH. If this country ever recovers, it will take decades. It is more likely that it will not recover. With such significant portions of the population refusing to wear masks and significant portions of the population being anti-vaxxers, this virus will continue to rage through the country for years. Herd immunity is a fantasy. All that remains to be seen is how many people are able to survive and if there is anything worth living for if they do survive. This is literally the zombie apocalypse, brought to you by Trump and the GOP and stupid as fuck people and church going freaks nationwide. It's a slow motion shit show that will seem endless, with an untold amount of suffering. Again, the United States did this to itself and continues to do it to itself. That's why it really hurts. Pretending other countries need to weaponize viruses against us when we are our own worst enemy is absurd.

I am one of the lucky ones, I'll be dead (hopefully not due to COVID-19, I really do not want to be a victim of Trump's mass murder), but I will be dead. My illness will take my life soon (or I will take my own life, via Death with Dignity, before my illness takes my life. Either way, if I manage to avoid becoming a COVID-19 statistic, I'm still going to be zombie, one way or the other.


Kamala Harris will be vice president. I hope. —C.B.


Nothing retains its original form, but Nature, the goddess
of all renewal, keeps altering one shape into another.
Nothing at all in the world can perish, you have to believe me;
things merely vary and change their appearance. What we call birthis merely becoming a different entity; what we call death is ceasing to be the same. Though the parts may possibly shifttheir position from here to there, the wholeness in
nature is constant.
(Ovid, Metamorphoses15.255-6 Pythagoras)


I've got this unshakable suspicion that you guys have this long-running game going, where you all put the worst pitch you can think of in a hat, and Mudede has to draw one and write it up by 4:20 pm.

And now that you're strapped for content, you're just letting us read the rest of the hat. The game was always named "Here's What's Going to Happen," so that's the post title too.


All I know is Council Bingo won't be the same after Trump is sent packing back to Moscow.


Really pains me to hear you talk like that Xina, but there is no just wishing the reality to change.
I always admire the clarity you bring to your posts.
I hope you can continue to contribute to the discourse for a good long while yet.


Prediction: Trump will attempt to sell the new untested Russian CoVID19 “vaccine.” Giving Putin strokes and kudos. Then when the FDA, AMA, NIH, WHO and every immunologist in the country says we have to test it he’ll try pass to deregulation or EO his way around it. Screaming how liberals are trying to kill people. And then after a few thousand Americans get it through back channels — it won’t work.


@6 Thanks. I've made my peace. I've already lived longer than I expected I would and if I don't die from COVID-19 and I live long enough to see Trump dead first, I will be happy.


@1 & @8 xina: I'm with kallipugos @6. It pains me, too, to hear you talk like that. I also fully admire your posts, because you tell it like it is. I hope you continue with your spot on commenting as long as you possibly can.
Here's hoping Trump goes first--preferably while dragged off kicking and screaming.
@2: YESSSSSSsssss!


@xina: As a person who likes to listen to all sides of the debate, I appreciate your comments and hope you are able to stay happy and comfortable for years to come. I must admit, I often don't agree with them, but keep them coming!


@Jasmyne: I'm not sure I'll morph into a gamer during the current TRUMPVID-19 pandemic. But I am quite the currently devout DVDer. And I cry at movies, too. :)