Who, me?

That sound you hear is the K-Hive going absolutely nuts over the news that Joe Biden picked California Senator and noted cop, Kamala Harris, to run as his Vice President in the race to take back the White House in 2020.

Harris is the first Black woman to run at the top of a major party's ticket (special thanks to Shirley Chisholm for blazing the trail), and—unless the absolute worst thing happens—she could be the first woman to serve as VP.

But before we go any further, some congratulations are in order:

Good job, Slog readers! In a legally binding, scientific Slog poll conducted during a mid-June Slog PM, you correctly guessed that Biden would pick Harris as his VP:


You 358 wise readers can pat yourselves on the back and take the rest of the day off. Feel free to cite this post for authority, and send any complaints from bosses to my email.

Anyhow, as Axios noted, Harris is a relatively safe pick given her safe blue Senate seat in California. Democrats would have to risk losing a Governor's race if Biden picked Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, or deal with the ghost of ~*Benghazi*~ if he picked Susan Rice, or constantly put out fires from potential ideological conflict if he picked Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Instead, he's going with Harris—whose own amorphous, pro-business, primarily anti-Trump presidential campaign largely aligned with his. Harris will also add a strong prosecutorial component to Biden's emotive, generic Dem campaign.

The two also have a built-in racial reconciliation narrative they can disingenuously draw on during this time of nationwide uprisings against police brutality, going back to that time Harris slammed Biden for opposing busing to integrate schools. On the debate stage, Biden argued he didn't oppose busing, he was just supporting local control for racist school districts. Later on, though, Harris told reports that she actually believed "busing is a tool among many we should consider when we address the issue, which is a very current issue as well as a passed issue of desegregation in American schools."

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The news comes after more than 300 Democratic National Committee delegates and members called for Biden to pick progressive California Congresswoman Karen Bass as a "unity ticket," given the support for Sen. Bernie Sanders during the primary. Next week's DNC virtual convention, where Harris is slated to speak, should be fun.

Locally, you can prepare yourself for 17 columns featuring this bad comparison: "As National Democrats Pick the First Black Woman VP, Seattle Just Ran Their First Black Police Chief—Hath the Wokest Eatenth Themselves??"

The undeniably good news, though, is this: the annoying (but kinda fun) veepstakes are finally over, and we can now focus our collective attention on the most pressing presidential issue of the day: saving the post office.