Biden Picks Kamala Harris to Run as Vice President



Solid choice. The vicious racist and misogynist attacks have already begun. I cannot wait until the debate! Will Pence require a chaperone? Trump's already having a stroke.


Note to copy editor: "Busing" is the spelling you want here. "Bussing" refers to the air-kissing that celebrities who hate each other do when there are cameras around.

I thought Val Demings was politically the smartest choice, but my overwhelming feeling now is relief that it wasn't Susan Rice. Biden scared me half to death just by floating her name. Imagine three months of re-litigating Benghazi in the midst of all we're dealing with now (and you can be certain that would've been all the media, goaded by the Republicans, talked about).


I was hoping for Stacey Abrams, but this is certainly a safer choice. Smarter? We'll see.


I'd like to thank my brother and my two sisters in California who now get to vote for a Progressive Democrat US Senator to replace her, and US Senate Majority Leader Elizabeth Warren who will make the Biden/Harris agenda a reality, but with a Green New Deal overlay.

Oh, and also Pence, who will crumble like a faded COVID-19 mask he had made of papier mache for the debates.


Shirley Chisholm was badass. Kamala Harris -- meh. She isn't the worst choice, but I don't think she adds anything. I can't imagine she swings any swing voters. But then again, very few will abandon Biden, either. Meh.

Duckworth would have been better. She is a hard core veteran, and would have won a few of those votes. Veterans lean Republican, which means it would be like the Republicans nominating a Black candidate -- you are bound to get a few people to switch.

On the other hand, most of the people he considered weren't great. A white governor from a state with a very high pandemic death rate -- a solid choice most years -- not so good this year. Warren would have looked like gramma and grampa running for president. Bass would lose Florida. Rice has to explain Libya (and Benghazi -- OMG!). So, yeah, it could be worse. It just could be better.

At least Biden shows he doesn't hold a grudge.


How long before Trump and his rubes start referring to her as Commie-la Harris?
I say by the end of the day.


I was hoping for Whitmer, MI Governor. I believe she would have helped the Biden ticket nail MI and other Midwest swing state electoral college votes the ticket will need to win the Presidency. I'm not all that sure that the Harris flavor will play well in the midwest. They'll love her in NY and CA, but they're in the bag regardless of who the VP is. Biden needs those swings in the midwest, industrial PA to win. Somebody with less political baggage (unlike Harris' prosecutorial record), executive experience and is photogenic like Whitmer would have been potentially better for the ticket.


Will Mother let Pence debate her?


Pence is a good debater. He destroyed Kaine. I think Harris will do better, but it should be a draw. I think the only way to beat Pence at a debate is to defeat him at his own game. Try to even more calm and sedate than he is, while slowly, methodically, explaining why he and his boss are full of shit. I would hit him over the head with scripture. Maybe ask Warren for some help.


The neat thing about a counterfactual is there's no way to prove one wrong.


"Harris has a mouth on her"

Ah yes, the misogyny will be vicious from now until the election.

And yet Trump has said the nastiest most vile shit every to be spoken aloud by a sitting resident of the White House. He never should have made it past "I grab them by the pussy" but men are going to be men, amirite?

It is not Kamala Harris' mouth that concerns people, it is her intelligence. Pence won't be allowed in the same room with her, so debating her with them in separate rooms (most likely in separate states) will allow her to eviscerate him.


Pence is a pantywaist. No personality, not intellect. Plucked out of obscurity from the "heartland" and soon to return to that depopulating land of meth and despair. Harris will wipe the floor with him.

trump/pence is the last pitiful fart lingering in the air above the filthy toilet bowl that is the Republican party. Their voters are dying off, from overdoses and age, and good riddance to them.


@12 He's really good at oily sanctimony.



Oh man, we should start a nickname guessing pool! Does everyone get one? Did Kaine? Assuming she gets one, "Commie-La" has to be in the running. I'd say he needs to tread lightly, so as to avoid racist/misogynistic ones, though I guess realistically that ship has long since sailed. Could work to his benefit even. "Sleepy Joe" is lame and I was super bummed he passed on "Handsy."

Mentioned it in the AM thread, but she best not think this entitles her to the 2024 top-of-the-ticket nom (and it goes without saying that a 4,000 year old president Handsy-J is one and done.)


@13 Fuck off, permanently. You have nothing of substance to offer. Nothing.


Harris is my hold nose and vote D candidate. I much prefer Susan Rice.

It's somehow automatically disallowed as sexism to say that a female politician's ambition is a negative, but I say the same about many male politicians who are in it for the personal power. Trump for sure. Dino Rossi and Newsome too.

Harris has displayed every indication that she wants power for power's sake. Law school to prosecutor's office - most common trail for the politically ambitious. In her 20's fucking a politically powerful man in his 60's, and in concert appointed to a civic post well above her resume at that moment. Liquid platform, equivocating flip flops, impossible to discern an ethically driven set of ideas outside of what makes her electable. No holds barred attacks on same party competitors. Her bald ambition is just hanging out there, flapping in the breeze.

In Poly Sci there's a subset of study about politics and ambition. In stable societies people value service, experience and loyalty. In those settings politicians like Rice rise to the top. Outwardly personally ambitious candidates are frowned on. In fractured societies with fragmented parties the politically ambitious are less sanctioned and more bold.

Third category is true believers. Ambitious because they ride or die an ideology. Bernie and Liz for instance, good! John Brown, epic! Or on the bad side any number of wrong thinking zealots.

So I guess I wanted to see Biden pick a Sweden-style VP, not Argentina. It's a shame Fux News manufactured Benghazi into the albatross it is, because I would have loved to see Rice's experience and faithfulness pay off. If Biden dies or steps down Susan Rice would have made a terrific executive.

No mistake though, Biden-Harris is a billion times better than Trump-Pence. Writing a fat check today, and so should you if you can afford it.


Right on. Let's get it done in November then. Go Joe/Kamala!


@15 - I believe Kaine was known as "America's Dad".


@21 They're going to call her a communist. They'll say Harris is the one who will be calling the shots and try to run Trump against her instead of Biden. That's the most obvious thing to do so that's what they'll do.


Don't forget that Pence is afraid to be alone with a woman. He's going to be good with the evasions, though.

I didn't think I was hoping for Harris, but I'm very excited about the pick. I think that speaks to the deep bench Biden had on his short list of running mates. I suspect I would have thought anyone would have been a fantastic choice.

For anyone who wants to keep track, keep an eye out for what all those commenters praising Best this morning say about Harris.


In my world we would not have two 70+ old white men running for resident of the WH, once again. In no way, shape, or form of any kind is this anywhere near the scenario I wanted or hope for in 2020. In my world, Trump was removed from office for ALL of his crimes and the situation we'd be facing in November would be much, much different than what we've got.

It really does not matter who Biden chose. Whoever he chose was going to be vilified and ripped to shreds. Any woman chosen would be vilified simply for being female. People seem to forget the vicious misogyny Hillary Clinton faced while Trump was given a pass for being a grotesque pig that in any other venue would prevent him from being hired at a fast food restaurant. He is the dumbest, most hateful, most corrupt, utterly useless, deranged, delusional, bag of shit put forward as "leader" by this country in its entire history.

This country's Democrats want moderates in power and until change happens, this is the choice: vote for Biden and Harris or vote for 4 more years of non-stop insanity, destruction, corruption, criminal activity, treason, and death.

Not much of a choice, but I do have people in my life that I care about who will be alive long after Trump is dead and it would be great if they (and their children) got to live out their lives.

The way I see it, Biden/Harris is the way through for now.

We will just have to see if this country truly has a death wish or if it wants to continue existing.


@13 "if accused of misogyny, merely double-down on it to prove that, yes, in fact, the accuser was correct!"

The gorgon was killed with its own reflection. Too bad Power BoyToys or whatever the hell you dipshits call yourself don't realize that.

But, then, you don't strike me as being particularly literate. Except when it comes to mindless memes.

But what do I know? I'm just a white male from Indiana who considers himself to be neither woke nor radical--nor do I think Bernie had any chance of winning the nomination this year.

But at least I still care about the future of my country, unlike most people these days, who would rather watch it all burn down rather than show any shred of decency or concern for their fellow Americans.


"Pence will handle her with cool reasoned discipline. There is a reason Harris didn't even make it to Iowa...."


If Pence get's permission from Mother to stand next to a ...woman GASP!... I'm sure he can explain, in a disciplined manner, how his views on Young Earth Creationism inspired his handling of the pandemic task force.


@25 All well and good, and most of us would agree, but we don't live in your world.

I would prefer it honestly.

But we live in the real world and have to deal in real situations. Also, you didn't even mention the pandemic? Is that still happening in your ideal world?

Pretty much done with idealogues at this point. I can stomach some idealistic notions, but our world is f*cked up. It ain't gonna be changed with wishful thinking.

Just ask Neville Chamberlain.


Pence can really squint at a camera. I'll give that to him. Almost as well as the Marlboro Man or Clint Eastwood.

But I guess our unbalanced free word association troll and the Trolling Dipshit Brigade forget how poor Pence was during the 2016 debates and how he jabbers and stammers during the few softball interview he gives now. Let alone how he literally bails the second he's faced with any contradiction.

Yeah. Let's see a former prosecutor and the guy who was too frightened to run for the senate (against a guy who fucking retired) and who paid his bills with campaign contributions.

These are the only debate worth watching.

We all know Trump won't/can't debate unless the answers are "Person, woman, man, camera, TV."


Republicans are horrible people.....


@28 Trump was impeached in December 2019. If he had been removed from office, along with his co-conspirators (and let's be very clear, Pence is just as guilty as Trump), I imagine we would have had quite a different national response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course it would still be happening (it's an international pandemic), the United States might not be the shit show it is right now (if whoever replaced Trump and his corrupt minions had fished the Pandemic Response Manual out of the garbage).

This is what I said and I will repeated it: The way I see it, Biden/Harris is the way through for now. We will just have to see if this country truly has a death wish or if it wants to continue existing.

I don't see that as idealistic or wishful thinking, so I'm not really clear your point.


@25 xina, great post as usual.

To all the moderate dems here who constantly go on about "safe choice" and “Benghazi baggage" - YOU are a major part of the reason the Dems keep losing. You play into the Repubs hands time after time with your placating BS. Benghazi became a thing because Dems let it be a thing. Dems are always worrying about how Repubs are going to frame the narrative. Dems don't know how to create the narrative. Dems do not lead - they react to Repubs. Dems are Repubs fuck toys.

Biden should be up by 50 points instead of within the margin of error. He should be able to nominate a cocker spaniel as VP and still win. Considering the unprecedented shit-show we've endured for the last 4 years - that there is ANY chance that Trump will win (outside of the fact that he's going to do whatever he can to literally steal the election), is ample evidence that Dems just don't fucking get it. They never will.

Whether Biden wins or not, this country is broken, on a downward spiral, and completely fucked beyond belief.

Ahhhh... well I certainly feel better now. Everyone have a nice evening.


@30: Not horrible, just temporarily misguided.


People have such extravagant theories of politics - all this meta-narrative hocas pocas. But it's a simple fact: third terms are rare. 2016 was a normal outcome in spite of Trump, not an anomaly because of him. And Presidents tend to get re-elected unless there is severe economic stress.

That's all the model you need to explain every election since the 22nd Amendment. All this other nonsense is just busywork for opinion columnists.


@38 You might need a smidge more than that. The winner of the popular vote lost the election in 2000 and again in 2016, so it's not quite entirely a story of swings in public opinion.


@40, Mmm, so what indeed. You're not following the conversation too closely, are you friend?


Interesting choice.

Despite recent nation wide protests against police brutality and corruption, it appears America still supports dirty prosecutors who jail poor children for not doing their homework and innocent men exonerated by judge review panels while simultaneously protecting cops who rape underage sex workers in Oakland, big banks, dirty prosecutors in OC who hide evidence that would prove a defendants innocence along with corrupt cops.

Seems like a natural fit for a state like Washington State that seeks the same traits in their cops and elected prosecutors.


Moderate suburban white guy here, a classic swing voter.
I'm not a huge Kamala fan, but I think she will bring out th black vote who stayed home in PA, WI, and MI in 2016.
The more the Donald uses bullying tactics the worse he looks to a lot of us. It's a very tired rerun.
Oh, Pence? He was going to lose the Indiana Governorship and was the only breathing human that would run with The Donald. So there's that.


I'm sure it is a coincidence that the pretty, photogenic choice was made, right? It's human nature. Women have to be attractive to "deserve" attention. Hopefully she is tough enough to withstand being put in the arm-candy role by the media and general public. She didn't seem that popular in CA but I don't live in CA and can't judge her work there. But God help us if the USA allows that orange slime infestation to remain in the White House. It's going to look like the Middle East, with no end in sight.



@10, @13, & @40 Lym, and @32, @33, @37, and @46 Downfall: Run along, lil MAGAs, before you and your ilk fall into your Grand Canyon sized butt cracks.
I can hear you idiots now: 'Help, we've fallen and we can't get up!'
@25: xina for the WIN!


@28: Read @25 again.