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Welp, I guess it's time to start playing Skyrim.



If you post a Let's Play on YouTube I will Like, Follow and Subscribe.

Fus ro dah


And more in the Ratings Game:
midnite ramblings from df2:
Two thumbs down.


@2 Alas!

"Downfall" is even older than that, smartypants.


The lighting on Redguard characters is indeed shitty, but Skyrim is otherwise a fantastic game to get lost in. Ignore the assholes like whoever @2 is and have a great time.


@6: Sounds like you're an avid gamer. What a surprise.


See, this is why I don't think Downfall is a troll - just an asshole. A troll would never reveal that they care about something.


Very cool. Oh and Sims 4 is releasing darker skin tones in the next base game patch, too.

Guess they heard everyone complaining


@8 He plays video games, sure, but that doesn't mean he cares about them, or thinks critically about them on his own. He's just regurgitating gamergate party line talking points here.

Go on, ask him if he's got concerns about journalistic ethics in videogames reporting.


Was the lighting not cleaned up for the Special Edition? I assume that's what you picked up, I don't know if Todd Howard lets you buy the original version anymore (like George Lucas trying to preclude you from buying the original theatrical release of the original Star Wars trilogy). I couldn't enjoy that one though, since it disabled achievements if it detected ANY mods, even minor model tweaks.

It's one of my favorite games ever, and I put in... Steam says 630 hours to it. Easier for me to give a pass to the poor lighting and limited models when I know how the sausage gets made and the shortcuts/concessions that are made for a product to get out the door, not to mention that already I tend to go with the character types that are already prevalent in the region because they look like me.

Real glad to hear someone is enjoying it for the first time almost a decade later, though! And if you run across a funny little man on the side of a road with a broken wagon, be sure to help him!

@10: LOL, he only confirmed it in subsequent comments. Beautiful.

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