Brazils president says the fires are a lie.
Brazil's president says the fires are a "lie." Westend61/Getty Images

Trump weighs in: “I think Seattle has made a tragic mistake,” Donald Trump said about Seattle Police Department Chief Carmen Best's resignation announcement. Trump suggested that the federal government could fill in the gaps for cities that cut their police budgets. “I hate to see her go," Trump said about Best, "because she did, in her own way, a very good job. She wasn’t effective in convincing the mayor and the city council to give the funds that were needed." Leave us alone, Donald.

Britain's economy was hit the hardest: The British economy is at its lowest point in history thanks to a pandemic-induced collapse. Their gross domestic product dropped 20.4 percent from April to June, the New York Times reports. It's two times worse as the state of things in the U.S. Part of the reason is that Britain was slow to shutdown and then shutdown for longer than other countries.

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Obviously, I want to know how to audition for American Idol over Zoom: First of all, yes, American Idol still exists. Second, there's no way to find America's next singing superstar in the flesh. They're doing it via Zoom. If you're in Washington and want a shot at a singing career (or public humiliation), you can Zoomdition on August 14.

News outlets appeal court decision: The Seattle Times and four local TV news stations are busy pleading their case to not turn over their unedited footage and photos of a May 30 protest to the Seattle Police Department. The Washington State Supreme Court is hearing the case currently. The main defense is that the outlets are protected by Washington's shield law, an extension of the First Amendment to protect reporters against the government.

Gotta say, I forgot basketball was happening: But other players headbutting each other can't possibly be within the NBA's COVID-19 protocols, right?

Fauci has some reservations about Russia's COVID-19 vaccine: That seems... sensible. Dr. Anthony Fauci said that he's doutful Sputnik V (the name of Russia's vaccine) has been tested effectively or actually works.

Meanwhile, the potential HIV cure is getting its first human trial: American Gene Technologies believes it's on the right track to a cure for HIV. A phase 1 human trial has been planned in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

A North Carolina dog just died: From COVID-19.

It'll be perfectly pleasant today: Temperatures will range in the 60s and 70s.

For the first time, Canada is getting new movie releases before the U.S.: That's what we get for botching the response to a global pandemic.

Sumner Redstone is dead at 97: The billionaire media mogul whose name sounds like old money has kicked the bucket.

COVID-19 and sex: Do it doggy style, guidance recommends.

Kamala Harris' spot on the presidential ticket is making history: Forget the whole first Black woman thing, Harris is the first person west of the Rockies to be on a presidential ticket.

COVID-19 runs amok in Georgia school district: Cherokee County School District, a school system in the suburbs of Atlanta, reopened on August 2. Almost immediately, kids started getting the virus. So far, around 925 students and teachers have been ordered to quarantine for two weeks.

A shooting happened while a 10-year-old was in Zoom class: A 10-year-old was in the middle of her online Zoom class when her mother was shot and killed. The teacher, while hosting online Zoom class, saw the child react to the shooting.

In case you forgot, Alex Jones is still an angry boiled potato of a man: There he goes, yelling at people in a park.

Fires are surging across the Amazon: Despite data gathered from his own government proving that there are fires in the Amazon, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro said that the fires are a lie. More than 10,000 fires have been recorded in the Amazon just this August.

Tennessee woman's new driver's license photo isn't quite right: Her new license just showed a picture of an empty chair. It's apparently a "clerical error" but I suspect this woman is a vampire.

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Republican candidate for North Carolina Congressional seat had to delete his vacation pictures from Hitler's retreat: Madison Cawthorn, 25, took a vacation to Hitler's "Eagle's Nest" in 2017 and posted fawning photos where he referred to Hitler reverently as "führer." Cawthorn recently beat out a Trump-endorsed candidate in the primary for the Republican slot in the race for Congress. Cawthorn is all types of alt-right. He named his real-estate company SPQR, a popular term with white nationalists, and he's got an early American flag that's popular with the far-right in his home.

Well, this sure wasn't my impression of Kamala Harris: But go off, Liz Cheney.

Don't forget about this free crossword: Do it.

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