Portland Lifts Ban on Duplexes, Triplexes, and Fourplexes



What was the thinking behind using italicized text for the entire post?


It makes it pop, @1


@3 yep relatively affordable 600k homes will be torn down and replaced with multiple unaffordable 300k and 400k homes.


3&4~ exactly my concerns. It's happening already in Seattle in low-rise zones. Relatively "affordable" single-family houses get torn down and replaced with more expensive town homes. This accelerates gentrification, apparently the goal of some urbanists.


@5 - The math is pretty simple. the only possible answers to the housing crunch (not as many houses as people who want to live in a given city) is to build more houses or get rid of some of the people who want to live there. do you have plan for the second option?