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“Fuck your COVID-19 relief: Says the United States Senate as they go on vacation until after Labor Day without passing another COVID-19 relief package.”

[Great header!] Some Americans are gullible enough to happily believe* serving We, the Peeps is not The Whole Fucking POINT of OUR Gov’t and think that all the Money actually belongs to Moscow McMitch’s fucking FAR 'right' reactionary extremists in OUR United fucking States' Senate.

It don’t.

Cliff Mass . . . last week compared protests in Seattle to Kristallnacht.”

The Police Riots?
Excellent point. Meanwhile
The humpfty mctrumpfty
Then sent in the Feds
Praying for his fellow Klansmen
To join them in bustin’ Heads alls so
‘Twenty Flushes’ trumpfy mcDumpfy could
declare Martial Law just till After the Election you see.

Oh and mail-in-Voting
results in trumpfy losing
the Citizenry but he CANNOT LOSE
or he’s Toast. Unless Biden pardons him.

Which might be the deal he finagles.
Who knows? Maybe we’ll
send him over to Russia
to see his buddy Vladymir
in the very First test flight of the
‘refirbished’ 737 MAX. Wonder if they’ll
let the Pilots know the computer’s on this time?

One can only Pray.




@4 kristofarian: Oh, YEAH. I would love to see Trumpty Dumpty / Dencey Pencey ad nauseum go down in a Boeing 737 MAX 8, complete with robotic crash test dummies. Spare any actual human pilots. Der Gropenfuhrer wouldn't know the difference.
Biden / Harris WON'T pardon Trump. Let the flatulent, fraudulent, glowing Nuclear Orange Pig roast. Then ship its sorry fat ass to Russia With Love.


Cliff is only letting comments that are fully supportive show on his blog, I tested with a very moderate & polite disagreement.


Nothing on the Israel UAE deal? I was looking forward to seeing the strangers take.


Gee, did the City Council just think Amazon would roll over and send then a check. They are relocating employees outside Seattle.


Thank you, Cliff Mass, for speaking the truth regarding the anarchist mob that is leaving a nightly path of self-righteous destruction, the extremist city council’s failed leadership, and the dangers of cancel culture. Seattle is in trouble.


@13 -- McMoscow McMitch, is that really You?

It's so Nice of you to stop by.
But we're gonna Hard Pass on your
Invitation to join you in Hell. Say 'hello' to
trumpfy McDumpfy for us, wouldja? Stalin, too.


There are only a few immutable laws when it comes to Presidential elections and one of them is: Presidents do not get re-elected under conditions of economic distress. I'm just bewildered that Trump isn't pushing out the money as fast as he can. Its not like he'd be constrained by any sort of principles, right?

Mitch McConnell could still put together a deal if he was willing to kiss off his wingnuts and use Democratic votes. Why are the Republicans making this election more difficult for themselves than it has to be? Makes no sense.


re the Clff Mass thing: Kristallnach was perpetrated, deliberately, by the state against a marginalized community. The analogy to the recent unrest is so bad, so inept, its embarrassing to have to spell it out. I don't know if ridiculous analogies should be firing offenses but whatever - this is the land of liberty and that includes the liberty for bosses to fire employees for any reason or no reason. Lament it this as you will.


'Protesters '
Does Not Equal

Police Riots
Do Not Equal
Free Speech &
the Right to Peacefully Protest.

When the Po-po declare setting off an M-80 a "Riot" the Police are Creating New Law. NOT Their Job.


Apparently, 'Cliff Mass' the so called weather guy, is also a climate science denialist.

Color me surprised.


Folks.... readers of the Stranger should hopefully understand what I am saying:

Violence is bad--either against people or property
Protests are good and protected
We need to respect and tolerate other viewpoints than our own
Cancel culture is bad
Facts matter.

The name calling of some of you is simply distressing. Like calling me a climate denier, which is completely unfounded. Some of the accusations are entirely toxic.
..cliff mass


I don't get why the stranger is so obsessed with cliff. I wouldn't even be aware of him if they didn't keep giving him free publicity.


@21 Hi Cliff. There's nothing controversial about that stuff. But people are going to be annoyed when you analogize them to Nazis.

Well, there is something controversial about "cancel culture" which doesn't actually exist in its own terms - only anti-cancel culture exists. Anti-cancel culture is the proposition that high prestige people should be able to say whatever they want and low prestige people should shut up. This isn't a new philosophy at all.


Glad biden picked kamala. Means I can get a little more mileage out of my "LOCK HER UP" and "WHERE IS THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE" shirts. Love a twofer


@ Cliff Mass: Like most denialists and FUD spreaders, you not only exaggerate your credentials- but deny the denialism -even when it's brought to light in your own words- on your own blog entries!


@21- that's a huge ask. The stranger sycophants have little understanding of anything outside of their distressingly small mindset. Extreme myopathy, hyperbole and being deliberately obtuse are somehow points of pride for them.


@21: "Facts matter." That's precious. Your initial blog post lamented the death of downtown Seattle, putting 98% of the blame on protests with only a single mention of the pandemic. If there was no pandemic, Seattle would look much like it did before the shutdown.

Facts matter, Cliff.


@23: When people advocate about taking classic movies out of circulation, or when media companies feel compelled to cancel popular shows because of the current climate, the sheer discussion of which has been defined as cancel culture.

It is, for all intense and purposes, a term that defines a particular discussion, hence it does exist. You don't have the linguistic prerogative to un-define something solely because it doesn't fit an acceptable thinking.


Hey look, everybody! Guess who had "Prerogative" on their "Word Of The Day" desk calendar today?


@31: Now that you brought that up, "linguistic liberty" would have been better.


@21 Cliff - Real question here - You frequently state that you believe climate change is a threat; what have you been doing to address climate crisis since you finished helping defeat I-1631? I would imagine that you are working on promoting a more equitable and progressive tax of some sort?


@33 Why don't you read Cliff's blog? Particularly the entry quoted in the subject article?


That bell-end, germansausage calls anyone he slightly disagrees with a Nazi. Guess he's not getting the coal-raking because he's insignificant.


RIP, Roja


21 Cliff Mass: You have no idea what you are talking about. You are confused about who is being oppressed today and who is not.

The police brutally strangled to death (it took over 9 minutes) George Floyd a Black man. The previous history of the police in this country is chronically similar. Murdering poor people of color is a long and deranged history. So many protests to stop this have yet to stop this dead in its tracks. So frustrated people and their allies are growing a movement which aims to change a society that relies on racism and classism to maintain the status quo. Asking nicely and voting has not worked. Not with this corrupt system.

It will be very disturbing to the comfortable and the privileged.

The women’s movement at the turn of the 20th Century turned to smashing windows and blowing up mailboxes etc. because for fifty years their pleas for the vote were ignored. People become desperate when their cries for a decent life are ignored.


@34 - Did I miss something? The entry discussed in the article was about the protests and him being fired. I did a search of Cliff's blog and the best I could find was some "musings" (his word) from December, 2019.

I was wondering if he was doing any work to make these things happen, since he put so much work (not just musings) into defeating I-1631.


"Long and convoluted" or cogent and detailed? Cliff shouldn't have mentioned Krystallnacht as it targeted only Jewish shop owners who were terrorized and later suffered extreme atrocities. However, it was a mob and they were out to hurt business owners.

Or am I being convoluted?


@Garb Cancel culture is a bullshit term I agree. But remember when Malcom X made a nuanced point about violence in the American system and the Kennedy Assassination and was demonized for it? Chickens do come home to roost.


@17: Speaking of stupid, baseless accusations, I'm still waiting on you to produce evidence supporting your statement that police were murdered by BLM protesters, there professor.


Two things to note:

Elections (even national ones) are managed by the state. Contact the Secretary of State and ask what WA is doing to ensure that all ballots are received and counted. States get to make these decisions, not the federal government.

Messing with the mail is a federal crime. State Attorney Generals can go after Post Master Dejoy and the Trump administration for endangering people's lives and livelihoods by destroying the Postal Service. Some State AG's are already on this. Contact WA's AG and demand that an investigation and lawsuit be brought against DeJoy and the Trump administration for the federal crime of tampering with the mail.

Extras: Contact your congressional representatives in the House and ask for articles of impeachment to be drafted against DeJoy and Trump for the federal crime of tampering with the mail. Trump can be impeached again (and again and again and again, for all of his crimes) and that impeachment stands, even if the criminally corrupt and complicit GOP led Senate refuse to remove him from office. DeJoy can also be impeached and removed from his position.

This is about people not getting their mail.
This is about people not getting their medications.
This is about people not getting their income.
This is about people not being able to run their businesses.
This is about people not being able to pay their bills.

Anyone believing this is normal, that this does not affect Republicans JUST AS MUCH IF NOT MORE than it does Democrats, that this is not something every single person needs to be making serious noise about from now until it is stopped and the criminals held accountable is mistaken. This is not okay. This is not normal. This is not acceptable. This must be stopped.


@46 "Did I miss something?"
At least that would have kept the revenue in this state.


@55 that was 4 years ago; things continue to get worse

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