You definitely have a pattern (of writing). I just can't abide that the Iowa farmers and there lost crops feel like not much more than a prop in your preamble of what you really want to talk about. I like some of your writing but that felt cheap. I couldn't even finish it.


'their' lost crops


Hi Charles,
"Derecho" is also spanish for "right" vs. "left".

Read about this weather yesterday. Most unfortunate. It's a rare phenomenon. They will recover but still, it's awful.

Yeah, farmers are important all right. There's an almanac for them. Daylight savings time was created for them. And in America, they have been most efficient over the past two centuries. We get the great American breadbasket from them.

So, my heart goes out to them.

The rest of your post, I didn't really understand. But, it was an interesting story.


That thing was epic. It started in Nebraska and swept across to Chicago. There’s some parts of Iowa that still don’t have power.


Mother Nature
a little Pissed

was it something
we Said?


Cut to the chase. This storm means the end of capitalism, right?


RonK dear, American agriculture policy is pretty much the opposite of capitalism. The best way to describe it is as corporate socialism.


'they' say Billionaires
taste like Chicken.

You'd think they'd
toss us a Bone*
now and then

*or some Cake


@7 - but in Charles World, can there be any event that does not herald the end of capitalism?


Well, we have a Serious Mineshaft Gap
but I'm thinkin' maybe the Kochs're
gonna need a few* sperm Donors
so I'll prolly get on with them...




Marvin Harris called his version of anthropology "Cultural Materialism", which has since evolved into "Environmental Anthropology". It's mostly based on the idea that humans are constrained by their physical environment. Shocking, right? but where Harris had stories ("Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches", "Good to Eat", etc.) today there are computer models, System Dynamics and algorithms born out of game theory. Is Capitalism 4.0 still being called "Capitalism as if both humans and the planet matter"? Because it feels like we're moving towards a tipping point in Economic Theory, with many pieces converging towards a common knowledge base.



Oh look, the silly accelerationists have arrived. They really need to back away from the gaming console.

Charles: does this mean that Georgism is a progeny of Physiocracy?

I was wondering where in the world that one fit in


Aunty Em!! Uncle Henry!! :(

@5 kristofarian: I think Mother Nature's primarily pissed off about the gloating orang shithole illegally stinking up the Oval Outhouse.
@10 kristofarian: Billionaires taste just like like chicken? No thanks. There's too much putrid fat and gristle for any of it to be tasty. I say, throw Trump / Pence and the entire GOP Evil Empire to the Great White Sharks and gators in Der Gropenfuror's self-made prime Swampland.
Let 'em eat Trumpty Dumpty's rancid cake and choke on it.
@13 kristofarian: Please ! Let's let the Kochs die out. Their ilk has done enough damage.


@17: Okay, okay. I know the Wizard of Oz took place in Kansas, not Iowa. But still.
Nonetheless, the Corn / Bible Belt is in deep shit.


Won't someone think of the corn lobby?

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