My personal favortie conspiracy theory is that Trump is working for China and Russia to sabotage the US economy and vassalize the government through bribery so we can lose power projection and our hold on the South China Sea in order to be outproduced and outteched with our inferior science per turn until we finish the Great Firewall wonder, but our production is too slow. I mean the best the foreign meme factory could do against Kamala was head memes. Seriously? Fucking wizzzeaksauce.


$2. You got me. I was got. Got emmmm.


Yes, you have been living under a rock, in a bubble, in your own echo chamber.

'Plandemic' has been viral for months, with major influence on the national response - or non-response - to COVID-19.


@4 Hail Xenu!


Sorry to be a spammer, promise I'm done, just deal okay. It's the weekend and I'm stuck in this place and gotta get my kicks the old fashioned way.


Stacey Dash supports Trump. Clueless indeed.


Well sure, China especially is interested in slowly stepping down the USA's power, especially economic influence. If the US's economy truly crashes, so goes the entire world in many ways. Taking us down slowly minimizes the sudden-crash dangers to everyone else.

Remember, ALL OIL in the world has to be purchased with U$D, no matter which country is buying. That's a notable, overlooked, and fundamental support for OUR economy. Our empire. If the dollar goes hyperinflation, that fucks everyone.

Little Known Detail: IRAQ's most significant crime -~ the one that incurred our 'Shock & Awe' terror invasion ~- was switching their oil sales to the €uro. A move that instantly netted Iraq fresh millions on the currency details alone. BushCo. was. not. pleased. So Saddam & Sons were attacked, pursued, killed, & posthumously humiliated. A modern "head on a pike at the city gates" to warn all the other potential upstarts (eg. Venezuela, & OPEC generally) from trying the same thing. Ü$Ð überalles.

So yeah, a key goal is to let our empire down gradually, so other nations have time to adjust without getting capsized & pulled under by the US Ultratanker sinking too fast.

Trump's job is to disorganize the federal government sufficiently such that it never recovers its organizational & "institutional knowledge" advantages for running our post-modern empire. He's pretty much done that, so anything else is really icing on the cake.

Oh, and he's trying to personally avoid spending the last couple years of his life in Jeffery Epstein's cum-caked prison cell for multiple monetary "irregularities" & basic treason. OR rotting in Putin's jail system, undergoing daily "punitive proctology exams" for robbing his banks with anemic "construction projects" in Moscow & Kyrgyzstan. Maybe he wants to keep Ivanka from becoming Putin's concubine, how sad would that be. Sad!

Only his magical-thinking base are gullible enough to believe in MAGA.
It's really MANGA: Make America Never Great Again


Chess is the battle.
Go is the war.

The US & Russia play Chess.
China plays Go.

...Trump loses at Tiddlywinks.


It’s rad that the president says China intentionally infected us with this virus that’s on track to kill as many Americans as live in Spokane by the end of the year and he’s like “What are you gonna do?” Let’s the world know what we do when you fuck with America.


ONEHELLOVA Post, Treacle.
Thank you!

'Let’s the world know what we do when you fuck with America."

Let's put the so-called "leader" of the Free World in jail where he belongs. That'll send a Message to rest of the Planet.


Thinking about how my postman needs to make a profit delivering meds to my nana during a hurricane but nobody is asking how much profit the cop makes for us when he’s shoving her into the street.
Like c’mon where’s our cut?


1% budget cut = defund the police. Like, that’s how much they spend on binder clips. Don’t want to tighten up and run the police like a business for some reason.


@13 Yes, lets do exactly that.


@10: Interesting, but that jab on Ivanka was in awfully poor taste and unraveled your arguments.


18, I hate to admit you're right. It was in poor taste to suggest Ivanka would be Putin's concubine. She'll never stop slobbering her dads mushroom dick and when he dies she'll be tossed in the grave like the pharaohs did to their side pieces.


My favorite conspiracy theory is the one where Trump doesn't want people to vote with mail-in ballots because those leave a paper-trail, whereas the preferred Russian method for stealing elections involves hacking the tabulation of networked voting machines, which can be done invisibly, leaving no practical way to discover it in a recount. Perhaps by nudging the results in closely-contested key districts in swing states such as Wisconsin and Michigan.


@8, context matters: everyone should wear a mask when they're outside their own living area.


@10 & @11 treacle & @13 kristofarian for the tied WIN, baybee! Keep on telling it.


Two things to note:

Elections (even national ones) are managed by the state. Contact the Secretary of State and ask what WA is doing to ensure that all ballots are received and counted. States get to make these decisions, not the federal government.

Messing with the mail is a federal crime. State Attorney Generals can go after Post Master Dejoy and the Trump administration for endangering people's lives and livelihoods by destroying the Postal Service. Some State AG's are already on this. Contact WA's AG and demand that an investigation and lawsuit be brought against DeJoy and the Trump administration for the federal crime of tampering with the mail.

Extras: Contact your congressional representatives in the House and ask for articles of impeachment to be drafted against DeJoy and Trump for the federal crime of tampering with the mail. Trump can be impeached again (and again and again and again, for all of his crimes) and that impeachment stands, even if the criminally corrupt and complicit GOP led Senate refuse to remove him from office. DeJoy can also be impeached and removed from his position.

This is about people not getting their mail.
This is about people not getting their medications.
This is about people not getting their income.
This is about people not being able to run their businesses.
This is about people not being able to pay their bills.

Anyone believing this is normal, that this does not affect Republicans JUST AS MUCH IF NOT MORE than it does Democrats, that this is not something every single person needs to be making serious noise about from now until it is stopped and the criminals held accountable is mistaken. This is not okay. This is not normal. This is not acceptable. This must be stopped.


@13, 22 - Thanks. Keep fighting the good fight :>)

@15 - Seattle "abandoned" it's police chief? Our former police chief ATTACKED CITIZENS FOR TWO SOLID WEEKS. Those that were arrested were put in a Covid-infected jail. No joke, read the Guardian reporter's write up of his experience being illegally arrested by "Seattle's Finest".
Where was the police chief when SPD ARRESTED AN INTERNATIONAL REPORTER? Was she just not paying attention? Or did she approve that arrest? Did she approve arresting all reporters? Did she approve the SPD singling-out and attacking NLG Legal Observers, as well as Medics in the process of literally giving aid to the wounded? WTF.
These are war crimes if they took place during an international war.

@18 - I'm sorry I insulted your precious Ivanka, pure-of-heart & heir to a demented narcissist's legacy. If she had any significant moral depth she would have abandoned that orange sack of shite long ago. But she is either benefiting personally, or she's been brainwashed from an early age & doesn't know how to leave. Or maybe she's staying under some threat of Daddy Twump's. Hard to know with abusers like him. Was it already mentioned that Cheeto is probably a pedophile? So maybe you think Ivanka is simply a victim, .. well, you have a point there.
Anyway, that "jab" doesn't "unravel" my arguments, they stand on their own merits. If you think my args are disqualified by taking a "jab" at another one of the Trump Crime Family, then I humbly suggest reviewing the tenets of logical argumentation.
Lastly: "poor taste"? I honestly inquire: Why do you think that was in 'poor taste'?

Aaand @19 makes my point much more succinctly. Cheers! :>)

@23 - (Sorry to sound pedantic if I do..): Attorneys General. It's one of those odd plural words.
Thanks for all the detailed information! It's very much appreciated. I've put writing thoughtfully worded letters on my To-Do list. And yeah, let's re-impeach that stone-hearted fruit.
Solid point about P.O. destruction affecting Republicans more than Dems; a very useful bridge of unity between the different camps. Hopefully we can join forces. Thanks :>)


One Final Thought: Russia and China largely have control over their capitalist wealthy people. Putin harasses & jails his. China can strip their wealth, or jail them. In those two countries the political wing (as authoritarian & atrocious as they are) can reign in their oligarchs, and make national direction decisions based on what is best for the nation.

The USA cannot, or does not. The Oligarchs effectively rule here, and Trump is deranging the federal government to make that even more true. National direction here is based largely on "what is most profitable", and not what is necessary or needed. As we have seen, profit is a terrible way to direct national priorities.

Additionally, the Ultra-Wealthy Class ~as has been noted elsewhere~ are basically "international" now, with no real affinity or responsibilities felt towards their 'home' nation. For example we have rich CEO's literally preparing to jump ship to bunkers in New Zealand if "The Trouble" they all fear actually comes to pass. There's no sense of "we should stay & fix our problems, together!" They're just going to cut & run. Wimps.

The US political wing does nothing to stop this arrangement, assuming that "what's good for the capitalist goose old boys is good for my Gander Inc. retirement fund". An assumption that is/was true when the US was running the empire. But once the US is no longer the primary "profit center" for these wealthy schmucks, they'll take their money and go play elsewhere. Specifically China. And they'll cave to whatever authoritarian demands the Party makes, as we have already begun to see.

Capitalists do love authoritarian states, it's just so much EASIER to deal with one decision-maker, instead of having to wait for that boring, slow 'democracy' crap to run its course & involve all stakeholders. Indeed, most corporations are mini-authoritarian arrangements themselves; hierarchical, top-down control; everyone focused on making money for the man upstairs. So dealing with dictators probably feels 'natural' to CEOs. Just look at 1930s Germany & Italy: hella profitable. Esp with all that free labor managed by the state. Look up IG Farben, for example.

Ok, I'm done.
Thanks for reading my ultralong posts & considering things.
See you all in a few weeks!


@23 xina @25 treacle: Agreed and seconded. Keep on rocking the house with your consistently spot on comments! I have nothing more to add. :)


27: The US fought two civil wars over setting up and defending the US Constitution. Peaceable assembly is enshrined in law. Think of the consequences when supporting the fascist police and Trump administration. When they're done shooting medics and reporters, they'll be coming for you, next.


the more Unhinged
Hair Furor gets
the Easier it
becomes to

Spot the Nazi™



@33 kristofarian: Now if we can package Hair Furor up in an industrial sized garbage bag and ship it off one-way along with its own appointed "Divided Neofascist Police States Post Master General" via USPS (I'll bet genuine U.S.postal workers would be thrilled, too, by the good riddance), to Russia With Love. Mike Dencey Pencey can also go for the ride to Vladimir Putin's KGB hellhole.
Shit, let's send the entire GOP one way to the Russkies, postage due.


"I was wonderfully ignorant about plandemic—which went viral in May—until today. I'm not hip to the right-wing conspiracy lingo, sry."

Good to know that the person serving us news here doesn't actually pay attention to actual news, including stuff previously reported on Slog AM/PM.


How much does SPD bring in and how much does Seattle pay out in wrongful death settlements? Time to run it like a business?


"How much does SPD bring in... "

Pretty sure both corruption and graft are protected by their Union.

"... and how much does Seattle pay out in wrongful death settlements?"

Hmmm. Perhaps the PD might help finance their Bad Apples* and pay settlements outta their massive Graft and Corruption fund.

"Time to run it like a business?"

Or, we might eliminate the Wrongful Death Brigade
and run it like the Po-po's actually Here to Serve the Citizenry.

Reolutionary, eh?

*leaving the Citizenry OUTTA the enormously Expensive Bad Apples Protection game

Great comment, SiA.

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