The New, Rare Position at the Seattle Art Museum



Is Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion a six figure job? Nat, you left that out.


Sorry, Jas.


huh. i thought art was from the heart and that beauty was in the eye of the beholder, not dictated from a cushy social justice "job"?


huh. I think your white supremacy slip may be showing.


Belly gazing at its finest. Seems like SAM does not need donor funds if it has the resources to pay for this sort of position. Pity the staff doing their jobs who now have to endure the inevitable work product that this position will embark upon to justify its existence. For a current example of the sort of training and efforts taking place in government look at

And our city has recently forced or coerced similar trainings on staffers. Private companies are free to spend what they wish and experience the benefits or deficit to their business. The public sector appears to have little grasp of value and the non profit sector is clearly showing in this case that they are treading dangerously. Of course SAM should not behave badly. But if this position is really required to ensure that, we and they have bigger problems.