Happy Birthday, old gal.
Happy Birthday, old gal. CF

Why does a little-known federal agency want Washington state to pay $65,400 so they can redact public records at Seattle's National Archives? “This is not a national security issue. What do they have to redact? It’s a property sale. It’s outrageous that after six months, they want the taxpayers of Washington to pay $65,000 so they can make redactions," said Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who announced a lawsuit against the multiple federal agencies behind the shuttering of the National Archives in Seattle. The agencies have been ghosting him, reports the Seattle Times. “All we know is having three different agencies all giving us the same response constituted a whole set of red flags for me,” Ferguson said. “Was this a political decision? Are they hiding something?”

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Chief Best will be fine: She's retiring with an estimated $134,000 pension.

ICYMI: There were Trump boat parades all over the country over the weekend. In my hometown of Clearwater, Florida, Trump boaters attempted to break a world record with their attendance. In Portland, Trump boaters just ended up breaking a boat:

A "horrifying" glitch in Iowa's coronavirus metrics: An Iowa nurse practitioner discovered the problem, which lowers the number of coronavirus cases in Iowa and downplays the toll of the pandemic in the state. "Potentially thousands of coronavirus infections from recent weeks and months have instead been erroneously recorded as having happened in March, April, May and June," writes ABC news.

Two endangered Washington grey wolves were authorized to be killed by the state: The wolves, a part of the Wedge pack in Stevens County, were preying on livestock. They're dead now.

A little bit of good news: Coronavirus hasn’t devastated the homeless as many feared. More from the AP:

In a country that’s surpassed 5 million identified cases and 169,000 deaths, researchers don’t know why there appear to be so few outbreaks among the homeless.

“I am shocked, I guess I can say, because it’s a very vulnerable population. I don’t know what we’re going to see in an aftermath,” said Dr. Deborah Borne, who oversees health policy for COVID-19 homeless response at San Francisco’s public health department. “That’s why it’s called a novel virus, because we don’t know.”

Another murder hornet has been captured in Washington state: This one was a male and captured in Whatcom County near Custer. Seven murder hornets have been captured in Washington state so far, all of them in Whatcom County.

Apple has given Epic Games (the company behind Fortnite) two weeks to "cure" its "breaches" or it's cut off from the Apple Developer Program: Epic started a bit of a war with Apple last week when it allowed and encouraged Fortnite players to pay the company directly for in-game purchases, as opposed to doing it via the App Store. That's in violation of Apple's policy. Epic justified the move by saying that Apple's a monopoly. They're now framing Apple's move as retaliation:

2,376 fake COVID-19 pills have been seized by feds in Seattle: The pills were being sold as treatment for COVID-19 and confiscated by U.S. Customs, reports KOMO. They included unauthorized and untested ingredients. I've got a lot of questions, mostly why the pill's logo looks like The Incredibles' logo.

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A South Korean paper reported that North Koreans were forced to give up their pet dogs in July: Leader Kim Jong Un claimed dogs are "a tainted trend by bourgeois ideology" and that they're a symbol of capitalist "decadence." Some of the dogs are now believed to have been "sent to state-run zoos or sold to dog meat restaurants," reports Sky News. The only papers really pushing this story right now are the Rupert Murdoch-tinged Sky News and New York Post, so it smells of xenophobia—but wild if true.

It's Pike Place Market's birthday: Wish the old girl a happy 113th birthday. The Market says there's "never been a better time" to visit. A bold claim, considering everything.

The DNC is starting! Well, it already started. But the main portion of tonight is from 6 to 8 pm and includes speeches from Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama, and Jim Clyburn, among many others. More here:

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