Seattle City Council Passes Protections for Youth Detained by Police



oh wow a lil danny strauss sighting!


Seattle Ethics is non-sense. They don't return phone calls. it is a Waste of money.


"The law directs police to give detained individuals under the age of 18 the opportunity to speak to a lawyer before waiving their Miranda Rights. In other words, cops cannot interrogate minors without a lawyer present, unless they believe the situation is life-threatening."

I'm not sure how this relates, or would prevent the Sheriff Department from carrying out another public hit on a teenager. In my opinion, the Sheriff department has proven here they can lie in an affidavit without consequences, then carry out a revenge hit based on that false affidavit on the wrong teenager (due to their unparalleled incompetence), their buddies in the police department will rule it a justified kill and the King County prosecutors office will once again look the other way as if nothing happened.

I bet some implicit bias training would fix all this.

This new "law" no doubt comes with no punishment or sanctions if violated, so expect the police to ignore it and show it the same contempt they showed when the city council ruled they could no longer work with ICE. They did it anyway and when caught simply said "Well we were never trained not to work with ICE."

The police will never follow the law until there are punishments attached and politicians will never punish their henchmen they depend on to suppress the poor and marginalized.



@3: I suggest you seek your better angels instead of just trashing a whole profession and a millions of hard working people who are just doing their jobs.


Luddite got arrested once and now hates all the cops.



"Vee ver chust doink our chobs" - there, fixed it for you...


The latest science on implicit bias suggests implicit bias experiments are not reproducible and therefore the entire concept remains unproven at best. Science forbid anyone here harbors implicit bias against science.


@4: we were just doing our job: Sounds all too close to we were just following orders.

@5: You sound like a police officer afraid of accountability. Perhaps I'm one of the many women who have been raped that you ignored to pursue high asset forfeiture cases instead.

If a red herring is your best defense of systemic police corruption, you make the best case possible for defunding. Thank you for making the case for me.


7; "Vee ver chust doink our chobs"

Brilliant. Yes, corruption and he police state are always something that happened in the past.

For the SPD, the future is known; it’s the past which is always changing.