The Best Little Park in Seattle

It pairs well with Cambodian sausage and a to-go cocktail.



Remember, don't leave trash, except in the designated receptacles!


@2- thank you for revealing the dark nihilism at the heart of modern Republican ideology.


@2, kallipugos, I wouldn't suggest Republican ideology is nihilistic. There's a difference in believing that rules, laws, etc. no longer exist or have meaning vs believing they don't apply to you or that they should be used to oppress people.


Looks like a beautiful park! I've never been but will visit soon.


I don't think tomiko even knows how Seattle is put together. No way will the rampaging sjws ever make their way to fisherman's terminal.


@6 I'll bring the burritos if you bring the.hackysack


@4 Well of course that is absurd. The modern Left is confident of its universalist principles of human dignity and rights, a commitment to equality and justice, a commitment to reason and science.
For modern Republicans, equality simply means one dollar, one vote and justice simply means the right of the powerful to impose their will on the weak.
The traditional roles seem to have been reversed and now it is Republicans for whom morality has become relative and transactional.
Witness their support for the most immoral, corrupt and deeply ignorant President in American history.


The true ugliness of what happen to make this park exist sucks. How the group of neighbors banded together kicking out certain types of people and forcing this park on the city. I lived in Fremont for 25 years and really the start of this park and what it showed the true natural of the people involved was and is disgusting.


So I see how you have to ramp up public approval of THEIR PARK. This park will never be open to anyone but the people who forced it on the city.


I saw that cat there the other day...he was lying in the shade looking like he'd died, and I felt bad....and then he sat up, and I was happy again


Just learned that Pineapple was hit by a car this past Tuesday and could use some help.