Mark Zuckerberg, his small hair cut, and his horrible website are spreading COVID-19 misinformation.
Mark Zuckerberg, his small hair cut, and his horrible website are spreading COVID-19 misinformation. DREW ANGERER / GETTY IMAGES

Facebook's algorithm is fueling the COVID-19 misinformation fire: Despite pinky swearing that they would nip conspiracy theories and misinformation campaigns in the bud during the pandemic, Facebook is actually driving people to sites peddling false health information about the coronavirus. Those websites received around half a billion views just from Facebook. According to the Guardian, "pages from the top 10 sites peddling inaccurate information and conspiracy theories about health received almost four times as many views on Facebook as the top 10 reputable sites for health information." We've got to get all the old people in our lives away from this hell site.

Wildfire season is still happening: Unfortunately, wildfire season isn't taking a COVID-19 break this year. Fires are raging in and around Yakima. There's the Athanum Ridge fire, the Jungle Creek fire, and the Tule Road fire. Firefighters have contained the Athanum Ridge fire. It was human-caused. Let's wear our masks and practice good fire safety, please.

Speaking of smoke: The first weed vending machines are now available in Colorado. There are four pot vending machines now located at Strawberry Fields cannabis dispensary in Pueblo. They can store 2,000 cannabis products each. With social distancing and contactless retail, weed vending machines make sense. Still, won't we miss the budtender experience? I always like when they make up some nonsense about what it's like to smoke a certain strain.

Rain is on the way: It should get here by tonight.

Seattle fishing boat outbreak bodes well for antibodies: Three crewmembers tested during the outbreak were found to have already had antibodies. They had gotten COVID-19, recovered, and did not get infected during the ship's outbreak. Meanwhile, it spread to 85% of the crew.

College during COVID: School is just around the corner and Washington universities are preparing how they'll be instructing students this fall. Meanwhile, COVID-19 cases are still popping up on some campuses. The University of Washington, which will host 90% of classes online in the fall, reports a new COVID-19 case every day or so. But it's a far cry from the Greek Row-led outbreak earlier this summer. There haven't been any new frat-spawned cases since King County Public Health stepped in post-outbreak. Washington State University will be remote. There have been 43 cases reported on that campus. Central Washington University is doing a hybrid model. The private universities in the state are letting students have in-person classes.

"Those aren't mine": State troopers pulled a woman over for a routine traffic stop in Snoqualmie. She was acting weird and nervous so the officer asked to search her car. Oops! He found $6.5 million worth fentanyl and $75,000 worth of heroin inside a lunch bag behind her seat.

Man shot downtown: There was a shooting at around 2 a.m. The victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center with injuries.

Man found with swastika drawn on his forehead charged in shooting: The man and the scribbled hate symbol on his forehead were found in the woods with a loaded shotgun. He had allegedly just killed three people and injured two others in a shooting spree at three separate locations in Texas. He was charged with capital murder. While there's no motive for the case, this NBC News article points out, the suspect "was known for ranting about dogs roaming freely." A dog was also shot. Sorry.

This country is a lost cause: "Black man sentenced to life after stealing hedge clippers gets possible shot at freedom"

In New York City: Rent has dropped 10%. Vacancy rates are soaring.

Joe Biden is officially the Democratic nominee for president: The best part of last night's Democratic National Convention was the roll call of the Democratic delegates. It was kicked off by some recognizable faces (like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and the New York Times security guard who met Biden in an NYT elevator once and went into a roll call of the states. People spoke in front of recognizable locations in their states. It was hokey and cute. There were awkward pauses. There was Pete Buttigieg in an Indiana office building. Three big cars in Michigan. A lot of cows in Montana. A shoutout to indigenous sovereign nations. Calamari in Rhode Island. State Rep. My-Linh Thai spoke for Washington at Kerry Park.


AOC spoke for around 60 seconds: In her speech, she touched on the issues facing Americans like mass evictions, unemployment, and lack of health care. She used her time to nominate Bernie Sanders for president. People are in a tizzy about that, but it's nothing out of the ordinary. Any candidate who secures enough delegates is eligible to get nominated. AOC's speech exemplified the difference between younger Democrats and the older generation.

As for the older generation: It's all resistance politics for those guys. Bill Clinton spoke for five minutes and spent his time attacking Trump.

Other than that: Cindy McCain, John McCain's widow, didn't exactly endorse Biden. But, she talked about his friendship with McCain which is basically like endorsing Biden against Trump. Maybe that will sway some Arizona voters? Jill Biden closed out the second night of the DNC speaking from her old classroom in Delaware about the impacts and losses of the pandemic. She referred back to Biden's experience with trauma and how he is best equipped to lead a nation steeped in pain back from the brink.

Danny Westneat would like Seattle City Hall to talk about murders: There have been 28 homocides in Seattle in 2020 so far, Danny Westneat says for the Seattle Times. Last year, there were 28 homocides in total. Other crimes are down across the board. What gives, asks Westneat?

Finally, some good news: A kid who had a Lego piece lodged in his nose for two years finally got it dislodged.

Love Slog AM/PM?

Netflix is testing out a shuffle button: Pure chaos.

A Democratic National Convention hot mic slip up: Sorry, this happened on Monday but I love it too much. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer got caught on a hot mic ahead of when she was supposed to speak at the DNC last night. She was heard saying "It's not just Shark Week, it's Shark Week motherfucker." An elected official who gets it.

Have a crossword: Here you go.