This park doesnt exist!!
This park doesn't exist!! CB

A bad day for everyone but the Qfreaks: Today Trump would not denounce a wild and dangerous conspiracy theory, QAnon, that suggests Trump is fighting a clandestine battle against evil Democrats, celebs, and rich people who secretly control the world and also peddle in pedophilia. The conspiracy theory is baseless. It's not too surprising considering he's promoted conspiracies throughout his entire political career. Our president:

The Q people are freaking out: If you need a refresh on what QAnon is, here's a good primer.

Backlash has been swift and furious: This is one of those classic Trump moments that seems dangerous to highlight and dangerous to ignore. Regardless, he got the attention he wanted while riling up a portion of his base.

You know the drill: It's another night watching the DNC. Tonight's speakers will include Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and Kamala Harris. Big night. Harris and Obama are headlining. Watch it live right here:

The DNC released some of Hillary's comments ahead of time: There's a lot to get through tonight so we might as well get through the Hillary stuff first. Some excerpts:

I wish Donald Trump had been a better president. But, sadly, he is who he is. America needs a president who shows the same compassion, determination, and leadership in the White House that we see in our communities. Throughout this crisis, Americans have kept going - checking on neighbors, showing up to jobs as first responders and in hospitals, grocery stores, and nursing homes. Because it still takes a village.

For four years, people have said to me, "I didn't realize how dangerous he was." "I wish I could go back and do it over." Or worst, "I should have voted." Well, this can't be another woulda coulda shoulda election. If you vote by mail, request your ballot now, and send it back as soon as you can. If you vote in person, do it early. Bring a friend and wear a mask. Become a poll worker. Most of all, no matter what, vote. Vote like our lives and livelihoods are on the line, because they are.

There's a lot of heartbreak in America right now - and the truth is, many things were broken before the pandemic. But, as the saying goes, the world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places. Joe Biden knows how to heal, unify, and lead, because he's done all of that for his family and his country.

It's not all heartbreak: At least not in the UK. Great British Bake Off has a new season to release later this year. COVID couldn't beat this bake-off! They filmed it in a "bubble," sorta like what the NBA is doing in Disney.

Speaking of which: The NBA still hasn't reported a positive COVID test.

The NIMBYs are after me: Because I suggested people visit my favorite Seattle public park, Fremont Peak Park. While I understand secrecy, what's the purpose of a city park?

Former U.S. Sen. Slade Gorton of Washington state is dead at 92. He was a Republican.

Hooo boy: I thought Trump's QAnon stuff was enough for one day, but an FBI Twitter account shared a link to an anti-Semitic document that's been used by Nazi Germany. The FBI tweet is still up!! although they clarified that it was posted “via an automated process without further outlining the context of the documents.” They said they “regret that this release may have inadvertently caused distress among the communities we serve.” It's, uh, still up though?

More from the FBI's justification: The reasoning here is weak. I'm sure they're chalking this backlash up to cancel culture.

Per the Freedom of Information Act, 5 USC § 552, the FBI makes records requested by three or more requesters available to the public by posting on the “Vault,” the FBI’s electronic FOIA reading room located at As per standard procedure for FOIA, these materials became available for release and were posted automatically.

The FBI’s FOIA Twitter account (@FBIRecordsVault) is automated and automatically tweets new Vault posts as they are published on the Vault website. New posts added to the Vault will appear on the Vault’s “Recently Added” page. An automated system monitors that page via an RSS feed and feeds links to new FOIA releases onto the @FBIRecordsVault Twitter account.

Exciting book news! Remember to mask up and still follow all the health and safety recommendations!

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Just remember: I never told you about Fremont Peak Park.