Postmaster General Expects Americans to Believe That Destroying Labor-Saving Machines Saves Money



I'd like to tell you it's not a conspiracy.

But, sadly, it is.

There are sealed indictments.

Keep phoning and emailing your Senators and Members of Congress.

And make a plan to VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN, and
Register everyone you know to VOTE.


“ removal of the machines (the enemy of the worker) will not mean the addition of labor. No. It simply means delays in delivery.”

Charles, you managed to undermine your own reasoning here.


It's a conspiracy. Just like everyone put in power by the Trump administration, their only directive and their main objective is to thoroughly destroy.

DeJoy is the first person to obtain the job of postmaster general without rising through the ranks of the institution.

Steven Mnuchin seems to be neck deep in Postal Service sabotage, DeJoy selection

Mr. Munchkin had no business being any part of the process of putting the Postmaster General in place. Countdown to when he is out of the administration and awaiting trial begins now.

And if DeJoy wasn't enough of a POS, like everyone else Trump is associated with, he comes with a plenty of nasty shit on the side. It's like a requirement for everyone associated with Trump to have a history of involvement with racism, sexual assault, and financial fraud.

DeJoy's family company was sued over shocking racism, sexual assault, wage theft, and more


Here's to saving our democracy. Let's fire and defund Trump's latest pawn, Louis DeJoy, instead. Death to the Err of the Trump / Pence Evil Empire.


@5 xina: Don't ever stop. Keep on rocking the house! :)


@5 Out of the last 13 Postmaster Generals (not including DeJoy) 7 never worked in the USPS:

In fact, William F. Bolger 1978-1985 was the second career postal employee to attain the rank of Postmaster General.

Marvin Travis Runyon
Anthony M. Frank
Preston Robert Tisch
Albert Vincent Casey
Paul N. Carlin - was just President Richard Nixon's liaison with Congress on postal matters but never worked at the post office
E. T. Klassen
Winton M. Blount


@2 He's not talking down to you, you simply lack the education to appreciate intelligent discussion.


Eye injections. Apply directly to the eyes.


Here's another explanation of all this, and it could very well be true. First class mail has been in decline for 20 or more years due to email, social media, and online bill payment. Package volume has exploded during the Covid and they're getting delivered late fairly consistently. They're removing unnecessary LETTER SORTING machines to put in Package Sorting machines. Makes sense to me