Portland Police Stand By As Armed Alt-Right Protesters and Antifascists Brawl



Gotta say that our lord and savior certainly has adopted a more dark and sinister tone in his teachings since this second coming of his.


"Yet, these restrictions didn't seem to limit PPB's ability to aggressively engage in anti-racist protests later Saturday night, using physical force to arrest and beat marching demonstrators. The only difference: There were no far-right protesters in attendance."

So what's your thesis? That the cops willingly let this violent melee proceed because they prefer far-right groups, and they figured if they let everybody beat on each other that the anti-cop protestors would get the worst of it? If you're going to make an accusation, don't be half-assed about it.



I'll make that accusation. The only credible alternative is that the PDX PD are a bunch of pussies who won't incur any physical risk in the face of superior numbers that are armed. Maybe if BLM folks showed up with guns they'd stand down too?


Protesters who hate cops should have the integrity not to complain about their absence.


I believe you have it backwards, @13.


So this is what cops do when they're off duty - protest as "Proud Boys" ...


Just distribute foam swords and LARP it out.


@2 - his PR agents have been working on refining the message of hate and division over the last couple of millennia. It's really become quite effective. They have millions of kills to their credit. The recent pool-boy cucking is just a little diversion.


Sometime soon someone will hit somebody in the head with a water bottle and that somebody will open fire with a Glock and then its off to the races, so to speak.





whatever WILL the Po-po do
when Both Sides show up
heavily-armed and
totally UN-

R u
or anti-



Yeah, cuz people intending to protest peacefully always gun-up before heading out, amiright?

Also, remember everyone: punching racist Nazi scum is your patriotic duty. If it was acceptable for your grandparents or great-grandparents, it's acceptable for you too.


Looking at the medal my grandfather received because he was good at killing nazis and thinking about how I would explain “memes” to him, a man that grew up in Alaska with no electricity or running water.

No grandpa, real alpha males spend their time making pictures of Drake to post on “Facebook” to own the libs. No grandpa I don’t think they know how to drive a Log truck, that’s what makes them alpha.


I was in Portland this weekend and I didn't even know about this till now.


A man was just shot 7 times in the back by the police in Wisconsin with his children. So the antifascists are just causing trouble huh? You lovers of the status quo are just fine with all the killings by police of Black people and others. But it is so bothersome to you when folks stand up against it. You can go back and hide in your comfy places now.

I am proud of the BLM who care and risk their lives against to stand against police brutality.



Yeah, cuz you-all are scared shitless by your own shadows, so you're right it does make perfect sense you'd need a gun to protect yourself from a water pistol or bad words or whatever. Hell, you can't even go grocery shopping without needing to gun-up, cuz those mean ole' minimum-wage store clerks are SO THREATENING when asking you to put on a scary ole' mask before coming inside.

Face it, you-all just a bunch of terrified little man-babies, can't even leave the house without strapping on some iron. It would be a helluva lot cheaper if you just wore a t-shirt that said "I'M A TERRIFIED MAN-BABY WITH A TINY PENIS!", because that's what everyone else is already thinking about you anyway.


My Dad got at least 6 medals for fighting nazis in WW11 and he started before war was declared. He would totally agree with punching nazis. He would agree with fighting them anywhere.

I know you would agree that the resistance in Europe then should stop because it is so bothersome to you. Just go back in your comfy places and hide we know you are cowards.


We’re against fascists and fascism we are not against guns. We’re against cowards like you that are ok with police killings and this racist institutionalized system that you are ok with because you don’t have to worry about your people getting killed everyday because you are white and not poor.



Yeah, cuz all them white folk be scared shitless of one Black dude with a megaphone. Also, aren't you-all always going on about not judging an entire group of people because of the actions of a small handful of "bad apples"? Or does that only apply to cops?


Until daddy leaves it lying around and the little shooter gets his hands on it:



@Ivy -- Danke.
Like bush (cheney's lil Buddy) said
"you're either with US or you're Again' us."
And he (and CHENEY) proceeded to uleash
the Conflageration in the Middle East -- oh, and

or they abandonded the Jesus
as ye do to the Least of me
Christ. Yeah.


If the antifascists/antiracists would just go away it will clear the way for fascists to further install themselves in society. Or have you forgotten who is president of this country? Or do you not care? He’s a fascist who tries to model himself after Hitler. He is a white supremacist.
What the f... is wrong with you? Oh right its better not to think about it and disturb your cocktail hour.


Hate to say it, but all those folks on both sides of the brawl should be on the same team. 99% v. 1% is a cakewalk if the 99% unite.


Or your beer slurping hours.


39 Grow the movement.


And again...it's silly to even have a group named "Americans Against Marxism", since nobody is advocating anything remotely similar to "Marxism". The Left in the U.S. is anarcho-syndicalist and democratic socialist, not old-school Leninist- and in fact, NOT being old-school Leninist is how most of the Left, at least in the U.S. and most English-speaking countries has defined itself as being completely opposed to the whole paranoid-conspiratorlal vanguardist mindset.


John Conner:
We're not going to make it, are we? Human's I mean.
The Terminator:
It's in your nature to destroy yourselves.


Black Lives Matter protesters get gassed and beaten and snatched.
Right wing terrorists get nothing.
Fuck The United States of White Supremacist Terrorism.
Fuck Portland and their racist bullshit.
Fuck the police.
This country deserves to be burned to the motherfucking ground and the earth salted so nothing every lives in it again. Nothing.
Humanity needs its extinction event already.


@45: Oh pooh!



National Guard Units are normally pretty diverse (especially when they were being sent to Iraq) but they sure look uniformly white when deployed to US cities to "quell" lawful and peaceful protests. Kinda funny, huh?

I think the forces of Law and Order consider the Proud Boys and their ilk to be a kind of poorly trained strategic reserve. Maybe a little bit like the Volkstromm, only they do not have to face an invasion from a genuine opposing army.



I ('d like to say I) feel your Pain
but it's the reptilian 'brain' that
Humanity's gotta Evolve beyond
if we're EVER gonna get past the
hate & anger & violence and STRONG
Daddy Rule they oh-so Emotionally crave.

Hang in there, xina.
We Love you.



'Hate to say it, but all those folks
on both sides of the brawl should
be on the same team. 99% v. 1%
is a cakewalk if the 99% unite.'

Hear THAT, 99 Percenters
(that's ALL of US) ?

If we Joined Ranks
we'd OUTfuckingNumber
them by NINETY-NINE to ONE.

How'dya Like them Odds?

You got the Guns
We got the Brains.

Or maybe it's vice fucking Versa
but Either fucking Way -- Whatever
the fucking Fuck - WE. W.I.N.

Whatchya Say,
tough guys?

some fucking PIE?