Yup, he looks like a mail daddy!
Think he had any deliveries to the Bannon household?



No, but I'll bet he knows Jerry Falwell, Jr's pool boy...


Voting by mail is/has been done in this state since like 2011. It took like 5 years or more to implement. I don't subscribe to the fraud like Trump says. Just not sure if you could get mail in voting in states like california or texas up and running in like 3 months....Non partisan thinking.


Unless enough states sue and get this STOPPED NOW (it's highly unlikely), we're looking at the destruction of the farce our democracy already was and the outright theft of the presidential election, fa worse than the theft in 2000 by SCOTUS and the surmised theft in 2004 by Ohio (whose SoS was also Bush's Ohio campaign manager).

With regard to WA specifically:
WA refused to destroy the postal sorting machines, defying DeJoy.

WA and the other states (like OR and UT and CO) that have vote by mail as the standard are not the ones that we need to be worried about.

The machines that have been destroyed in the swing states will NOT be replaced (DeJoy has already said that).

The Republicans will NOT stop the destruction of the USPS, nor will they remove DeJoy from his position.

Countless people are going to risk not having their votes counted.

They will be turned away from the polling stations saying they are not registered/have been purged.

Their ballots will be denied because they are late, their signatures are contested, or whatever other reason they use to throw out ballots (read about Duncan's voter suppression - and he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the USPS). He and his crony on the board Barger - who coached DeJoy through his "interview" because DeJoy literally knows nothing about the USPS -again he said as much in his testimony - knows nothing about the laws he took an oath to adhere to and nothing about even simple things like how much a stamp costs or how much mail the machines he has destroyed sort in x amount of time) are Trump lackeys sitting on the board doing Trump's bidding, enabling DeJoy, and violating their own oaths to protect the organization they have been charged with overseeing.

People may not be able to vote in person because they have to work.
People may not b able to vote in person because they are sick or at risk of getting sick.
People may not be able to vote in person because polling places have been closed/moved.

They are purposefully, willfully, and illegally destroying the USPS in real time and DeJoy is laughing and smirking and smarming his way through the hearings because not only does he not give a shit, he knows the GOP will protect him and NEVER remove him from his position.

The only hope we have is that REPUBLICANS complain about not getting their mail, because despite what they all seem to believe:

REPUBLICANS vote by mail
REPUBLICANS get their medications through the mail
REPUBLICANS conduct their business, get their income, pay their bills, and in many other ways rely on the USPS, especially if they live in rural areas, if they are veterans (or deployed military personnel), are seniors, and live in places where all other delivery services DO NOT DELIVER.

REPUBLICANS are going to have to convince their congressional representatives that destroying the USPS will cost them (especially Mitch McConnell) their jobs. That will be the ONLY way this is fixed. The irony that we have to rely on people who vote for people like Trump and McConnell to convince people like Trump and McConnell that the damage they are doing will cost them their jobs is truly mind boggling.

Gotta say, I live in Trumplandia here in OR (because I do not live in Portland) and today my mom came home from a trip to Costco talking about BYEDON bumper stickers she's seeing. VERY UNUSUAL for rural Oregon.


If Trump’s lackey is now saying it’s going to cost three times as much money to get the same job done, would you say that helped improve the situation? Feel free to perform all of the mental gymnastics you please to twist this one.


Directed @7.


The Postal Service is not a for-profit business. It is a government agency that provides a Constitutionally guaranteed service. Period. It exists to serve ALL people in this country and is not partisan and not to be toyed with for political purposes.

And yet:

In 2006, Congress passed a law that imposed extraordinary costs on the U.S. Postal Service. The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA) required the USPS to create a $72 billion fund to pay for the cost of its post-retirement health care costs, 75 years into the future. This burden applies to no other federal agency or private corporation.

If the costs of this retiree health care mandate were removed from the USPS financial statements, the Post Office would have reported operating profits in each of the last six years. This extraordinary mandate created a financial “crisis” that has been used to justify harmful service cuts and even calls for postal privatization. Additional cuts in service and privatization would be devastating for millions of postal workers and customers.

Anyone defending what is being done to the USPS is either totally ignorant of what the USPS is and why it exists or has willfully chosen to side with people destroying it for political reasons and financial gain. Either way, that level of stupidity and/or immorality is unacceptable.


GOP would like to do to the Postal Service what they've done to so many other chunks of the government: transformed its unionized, middle class bureaucrats into supplicant wage slaves and stuff the cash saved into the pockets of their cronies and lickspittles.

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