Thanks for the updates, Chase! Have a great weekend!
After even 5 minutes of GOP, I'd need edibles too!


If Kyle Rittenhouse had murdered those people just a day earlier, he might have been on the speaker list for the final night of the GOP convention.

Don't forget that Gaetz was the first one to line up for his brown shirt earlier this year, eager to murder his fellow citizens for exercising their rights:



So you just believe anything you read or see, and don't check for accuracy at all, eh?

Just wanna let you know, I've got a totally cool and legit bridge in brooklyn that I'll sell you super cheap! Gotta get in on this deal quick though.


we don’t just execute people in the street because they’re accused of sexual assault you bootlicking fascist


surviving 7 point blank shots in the back is a matter of incredibly good fortune but don’t act like you wouldn’t be here defending his killing if he didn’t survive, you credulous tool


@14 you be brain damaged.


I am a WI resident (i love The Stranger so much) and it is absolutely insane that we have the highest rate of black males jailed IN THE COUNTRY. The majority of our police force are armed as well as the military. They are racist and sexist. Our state is so gerrymandered that it is unlikely we will EVER get a non republican state legislative body and its very unlikely that much will change, even in our heavily democratic counties. I am heartbroken that this happened less than 45 min from my house, I am heartbroken that this shit KEEPS HAPPENING. I am throwing as much of my money and time and effort into advocating for real change to our police force as I can. We say 2020 sucks for a number of reasons but to be honest it has always sucked for my friends of color.


Yes, in the US we have made it okay for police to execute jaywalkers if they have brown skin and do not immediately obey commands.

There will be an investigation that will clear this all up. Go back to bed, America.


America's racism has never been depicted so perfectly in one news cycle, at least not in my lifetime. A systematically persecuted population protests against their persecutors and they are labeled "the mob" while the white boy who guns them down out of some personal sense of justice gets to be "the hero."


14 I don’t think he died you fucking nitwit. Have you been in a coma for the last decade? This isn’t the first incident of police brutality to make the news & the vast majority ot victims in these stories don’t make it out alive. Try to keep up.


16 anyone making casual, sweeping excuses for summary execution by government agents is close enough to a fascist for me but sure, i heard you might get a ticket for not wearing a mask during a pandemic or whatever tf you’ve been whining about for months on end so if that’s fascism to you then go on with your bad self but you sound like a self-pitying clown who has no concept of their own place in human history



My money is on either Nauru or San Marino. It would be just like our Bully-In-Chief to go after the smallest and weakest ones first (Vatican City and Monaco may be smaller, but they have plenty of $$$$, so probably farther down the list).

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