UW losing that football money all because of a pandemic, damn.
UW losing that football money all because of a pandemic, damn. SEASTOCK/gettyimages.com

Who Could Lose $70 million? UW Athletics. Why? "Because of the Pac-12's decision to postpone its football season." When will stories like this just roll over and die. They have no value. They tell us jack. WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING PANDEMIC. What the fuck are we supposed to do? This $70 million? So fucking what. Yes, it's not going to happen because the pandemic is not over, thanks to Trump. Jesus Fucking Christ America. We can't be Americans for now. That's just the reality.

This Week: Was made unusually hard by the GOP's facemask-less convention. It was maddening to see men and women of every kind of race praise the president who catastrophically failed to manage a pandemic that's manageable. The wonder for me is he hasn't outright resigned in shame, that he is still in power as thousands are daily paying the price for something that's worse than his incompetence—his indifference. But here we are. We had to watch a convention that's nothing more than a hologram projected from a madman's dream of a wonderful America and an even more wonderful president.

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No Woman or Person: Of color would be given the chance or dare to run for reelection with Trump's exceptionally awful record. One would be surprised not to see them in jail. Even Joe Biden would be arrested if he committed only one of Trump's many crimes.


In 1997, Al Gore was engulfed in what was considered at the time to be a massive scandal: He had almost, though not quite, violated the Hatch Act, a 1939 law prohibiting federal employees and property from being used for political purposes, by making fundraising calls from his White House office.

How does Trump get away with it? Because of the tax cuts. That's all. That banal. The very rich want him to stay in the White House because it's impossible for them not to love money so much. 170,000 dead Americans for the Benjamins.

And Indeed: The whole convention was about breaking the law. In the way gangs initiate new members by requiring them to commit a crime (usually violent, usually deadly), Trump required his whole party to break the law by conducting much of the convention at the White House and using public events and officials to advertise the party. At the same time, the GOP claimed Trump was all about law and order. What a country.

Let's Just Watch It:

Tacomans Support Police Budget Cut: But the city council doesn't want to hear anything like that. It just can't be true. The City of Destiny will never be as radical as the 206. Ours is a cop-loving town.

You Did Notice: That the GOP convention presented Trump as a man running for president for the first time. Debbie Lord, Cox Media Group National Content Desk: "Trump spoke to the party faithful at the White House and to a greater audience on television and online, and, despite being the incumbent, cast himself as the outsider who had 'done nothing but fight' for them and would continue to do it." He still wants to make America great again, he still wants to drain the swamp, and warns the America we see on TV now (protests, people being kidnapped, shop windows smashed) would be Biden's America.


Father of Man Shot and Killed near the CHOP: Wants a billion from the city. At this point, I will get my Wittgenstein on and pass this in silence.

Everett's Police Union President: Claims the city council refuses to give them money from a federal government grant that would pay for more cops. “I think it was a pretty clear message to us — the taxpayers, the public — that they didn’t want this grant,” said the president of the union. The police sees itself as always speaking for the people, and sees these people it speaks for as being completely sold on the view that society would be in ruins without them. In the police's self-perception, they are contributing the same kind of social goods as doctors and nurses.

On This Corner: Which is near Columbia City, Mudede found a dead and decapitated squirrel. It's still on that corner, if you want to see it for yourself.

Here For is where the dead, headless squirrel is.
"Here For" is where the dead, headless squirrel is. Charles Mudede

It's still decaying. But what happened to its head? Clearly it wasn't eaten or anything natural like that. The head was cleanly removed from the rest of the squirrel's body. But was this head thing done before after the rodent's death? My guess is after. Why? Because the only animal that could chop off a squirrel's head so precisely is the over-brained, tool-making third chimpanzee (a human in Jared Diamond's words). And there is no way a human can catch the quickness of a squirrel. The rodent was dead when the human did the chop. Now, what kind of human gets satisfaction from decapitating dead little synanthropic animals with furry tails? As that old British TV show put it: "Some mothers do 'ave 'em."

A Black Woman: Is going to space. Her name is Jeanette Epps (Yes, I too wondered if she's related to the great comedian). Epps is a NASA astronaut and will "become [the] first Black woman to join an International Space Station crew." Now, I've heard there are pigs in space. But I'm pretty sure there are no cops up there in the region where the thick atmosphere diminishes.

Many Millions More Americans Watched: The speech by the vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris than the one by Vice President Mike Pence. 10.5 million viewers for your white guy; 16.2 million, for the black woman.

To Borrow Wording From the Irish Band U2: "How long must we sing this song?"

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe: Has resigned. He blames it on health issues. He will be remembered for contributing to economics the agenda called Abenomics (アベノミクス, 安倍ノミクス). It comes down to accepting inflation and government spending.

Small Businesses in Seattle Continuing to Struggle Amid COVID and Riots: Says MyNorthwest. How about this: Small businesses are struggling because the president fucked up the pandemic response and the police finds it so hard to stop shooting black people for no good reason.

This is How I Saw the Horror, the GOP Convention:

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