The darkened portion shows period with mask mandate in effect
"The darkened portion shows period with mask mandate in effect" Jake Zuckerman/Datawrapper

It's been a little over a month since Ohio implemented a mask mandate: The state's COVID cases are down 31%. "About 1,370 Ohioans were infected on average per day" when Ohio's mask mandate was issued, reports the Ohio Capital Journal. "As of Tuesday, Ohio is reporting about 939 cases per day."

Manuel Ellis's family intends to sue the Tacoma Police Department for $30 million: The family's lawyer said the Tacoma Police Department "did everything it could to hide information" about Ellis's death, reports the Seattle Times. Ellis died on March 3 while in handcuffs, due to lack of oxygen caused by being restrained. The Pierce County Medical Examiner determined his death to be a homicide. Today would have been his 34th birthday.

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It's the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington: Thousands gathered at the Lincoln Memorial today, honoring the anniversary of MLK Jr.’s 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech and demanding criminal justice reform. This year, the march was dubbed the “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks” Commitment March on Washington. Jacob Blake's family was among the speakers:

The Washington Post has photos from today's march: Here.

I had to watch this: So now I'm making you all watch this too.

46 people have been arrested or charged in connection to Bellevue looting during the George Floyd protests in May: Bellevue police apparently looked through "10,000 pieces of video evidence from security cameras or the public to find the suspects," says KING 5. Most are facing burglary, possession of stolen property, or malicious mischief charges.

The NBA announced that playoffs will resume on Saturday: The league and its players union released a joint statement today. As part of their deal, the NBA has agreed to use its arenas as polling places in the upcoming election. More from NPR:

"We're all hurt, we're all tired of just seeing the same thing over and over again and everybody just expects us to be OK just because we get paid great money," said Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Chris Paul, who is the players union president, according to The Associated Press.

"We're human, we have real feelings and I'm glad that we got a chance to get in a room and talk with one another and not just cross paths and say good luck in your game today."

The league has committed to create a social justice coalition, work with elections officials to convert NBA arenas into polling places for the 2020 election and create advertising spots to promote "greater civic engagement in national and local elections."

Martin Scorsese has posted a "thirst trap": And people are drinking it up.

Jacob Blake is no longer handcuffed to his hospital bed: Blake's attorney confirmed today that "the felony warrant against Blake has just been vacated, handcuffs removed in his hospital bed, and the deputies have left his room at Froedtert Hospital," reports WISN 12 in Wisconsin. Blake's family says he remains paralyzed.

Thursday afternoon, a reporter asked Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers if the handcuffing concerned him and he replied, "Hell, yes. I would have no personal understanding why that would be necessary. Certainly, he's paid a horrific price already being shot seven or eight times in the back. I can't imagine why that's happening."

Boeing can't catch a break: They pulled eight recently manufactured 787 Dreamliners from service after they discovered "structural defects" with the jet's carbon fiber airframe, reports KOMO. The planes belonged to Air Canada, Singapore Airlines, and United Airlines.

Haha, this sucks: Hulu's High Fidelity was canceled a couple of weeks ago, but a new interview with Kingsley Ben-Adir revealed that the Season 2 focus and lead would have been Cherise (played by the wonderful Da'Vine Joy Randolph) and her top five heartbreaks. Tonight we take to the streets, lads.

J.K. Rowling is exhausting: She gave back her Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award after Kerry Kennedy, the president of the organization, criticized the author's anti-trans views. On her website, Rowling wrote of the decision that no award "means so much to me that I would forfeit the right to follow the dictates of my own conscience.” Why does every transphobic dipshit talk about themselves like they are martyr? Grow up!

Portland bookstore behemoth Powell's Books says it won't sell its wares through Amazon anymore: Citing the "detrimental impact" of Amazon's business model on communities and independent bookstores. “The vitality of our neighbors and neighborhoods depends on the ability of local businesses to thrive,” CEO Emily Powell wrote. “We will not participate in undermining that vitality.”


Donald didn't get his wish: Trump wanted to best the DNC's TV ratings this week. That didn't pan out. From the Daily Best:

According to initial Nielsen numbers, President Trump’s speech Thursday night drew 14.1 million viewers across the three broadcast networks and three major cable news networks. That is more than three million fewer viewers than the 17.5 million who tuned in to watch Biden’s speech one week earlier.

When those numbers are expanded out across nine broadcast and cable networks, Biden still beat Trump by a fairly wide margin, 23.6 million to 21.6 million.

Love Slog AM/PM?

At 70 minutes, Trump spoke close to three times as long as Joe Biden, whose DNC speech clocked in at 24 and a half minutes. It was the second-longest convention speech in modern American history—after the 75-minute speech Trump delivered at the 2016 RNC.

My theory is that Trump's speeches take forever because he's a slow reader: Anyways, the poor ratings didn't stop him from tweeting misinformation.

Bank robber on the loose: Someone held up the Bank of America on University WA NE near 47th street, but fled the scene before police showed up. The investigation is ongoing.

Robyn was DJing live on Twitch earlier today: It was cute as fuck—sucks if you missed it. She and her label signee Zhala were celebrating the release of Zhala's latest single "Holes." It's a weird, quirky track to kickstart your weekend.

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