Why Do Portland Police Keep Slashing Protesters’ Tires?



I think spite and malice comprise a simpler theory.

But if they are doing it for public safety, people should be able to send the city a bill for new tires and associated cost. Unjust that a public expense is assigned to passersby at random.


I suggest protesters use public transit instead of burning fossil fuels to avoid these types of unpleasant situations.


Imagine being able to be an unaccountable vandal and get paid for it.


Because the cops are the problem, not the protesters.

Further proof:

Appeals court temporarily halts protections for journalists, legal observers in Portland
Attorney General William Barr called it an "important step."


No legal witnesses? No journalists? Talk about the scent of fascism in the air.


Corkers, you do not have the right to block public roadways.
Protesters, if you feel you need corkers to keep from being run over by a car then don't hold your protest in the middle of the street.


@2 - It’s probably both reasons actually. Some instances will be a legitimate hedge against cars driving into people, something the cops are sensitive to prevent given all the times it’s happened. Some other instances will be malice on the part of of fed-up cops who are using the protection of the crowd merely as a handy excuse.

Determining which is the trick. Unless someone gets an answer from the slasher him/herself, it’s pointless to ask other cops in the vicinity or just happening by. They don’t know the reason in a particular case they didn’t witness, which is why the variety of answers.

I don’t know about Portland, but in Dallas people could file a claim with the city for damaged property. If the damage was due to your actions, you wouldn’t get it, but if you were a bystander or innocent party, you would. I gotta believe most cities have a similar process.


You should visit the officers' homes and help them deflate their tires permanently, since they think it's ok.

Walking sticks that pierce work fine


@11: So you're absolutely positive that you could verify that the cars parked in front of a house that you're absolutely positive belongs to a police officer belongs to the police officer and not to other family members, guests, or neighbors of said police officer?


@9 What ho! Then there is a punitive dimension after all!

For punishment to be just, there must be due process. If its not punishment, then its a taking and justice requires recompense. How's that for civics?


@17: Well, that was an imaginative merry-go-round of role reversals.


@19: Whatever you say, whatever you say. You win. Go celebrate!


@21: I had a feeling @20 wouldn't satisfy you.