@4 What life do you have to put on hold? Far as I can tell you're a pathetic whiner who knows better than "experts" yet can't find a way to make a living outside of this socialist hellscape of Seattle.


David @4, your life is already on hold. The vast majority of your friends, who even in the best of times can barely tolerate you, don’t want to hang out with a selfish idiot who might give them a disease. The women who might ordinarily sleep with you during the brief time between meeting you and realizing you’re a terrible person are also avoiding you. Every time you go out in public without your mask and loudly say stupid shit to whoever is unlucky enough to be in earshot loathes you and can’t wait for you to go away. You may as well just stay home and whack off to Kimberly Guilfoyle’s RNC speech again.


Jesus Christ. 5 deaths August 27th in King County. 0 on the 28th. 0 on the 29th. Children and people under 40 have very little to worry about when they catch it. Life isn't worth living without human connection. I hate to see the Strange engage in this fearmongering, especially you Rich, cuz I'd really like to suck your dick.


@7, at some fucking point, maybe people like you will understand there’s more to the situation than just your own personal risk of death. People on the right who have spent the last four years screaming “snowflake!!” sure are little crybabies about a few COVID-related inconveniences. Park your tiny dick trucks, step away from the incel message boards, and man up for God’s sake.


It's the third-leading killer of Americans right now (after cancer and heart disease), and that's WITH the social distancing we've done. It got up to 2500 deaths a day in March (i.e. one 9/11 every day; it was the LEADING killer of Americans then) and the social distancing we did in March through early June beat it back down to 500/day. If we had kept that up just a month longer, we could have knocked it down to the point that we could live almost normally now, with parties and theaters, and just do masks and contact tracing to prevent the spread. But the inability of Americans, led by an incompetent President, to stick to a regimen, plus people like some here whining that "it's too haaaard to wear a mask" has let the virus get back up to 1000 dead/day; i.e. allowing two 9/11's a week. People were happy to spend multiple trillions of dollars fighting the Taliban after just a single 9/11; it's disingenuous to say that we can't ask now for an equivalent effort from the country to destroy this virus.
As for saying that the young don't suffer from it, we actually don't know that. The great majority don't die immediately. But the virus kills the cells that regulate blood pressure throughout the is NOT clear that those blood vessels fully recover, and therefore NOT assured that infected people will not suffer heart and blood pressure conditions showing up earlier as they age. Young people's lives may have years shaved off by this virus; we probably won't know for a decade or more.


yeah, but if they don't fucking Die
how is that not a Win for trumpf?

So it catches up with them when they
turn 8 or 9 or nineteen or 55 -- if ya don't
fucking DIE, how fucking Bad can it really be?

Let's just try what Sweden (eventually) gave up on: Two or three million (tops!) (most likely?) dead, and if ya gotta thin the Herd a little now and then why not cull the weakest ones out now?

It's not like they really Matter.



those fascists in Hawaii
are quarantining newcomers

human lives matter


@15 & 16 You don't have a firm grasp on research and data, huh?


Go look up Vietnam's response to Covid and the results. Just for fun. Report back.


your periodic reminder that there are more negative consequences from illness besides death and simply not dying from a debilitating infection should not be considered a positive outcome


sweden is nowhere near achieving herd immunity and their economy has retracted in parallel with the rest of europe because a global pandemic has global consequences in a global economy, go figure


My brunch plans are wrecked for the next 2 weeks Soros just sent me a 1st class ticket to Wisconsin. Time to take a break from my job at Chic-fil-a where I spit in every 7th chicken sandwich to do Marxism in the Midwest. Better get my all black suit out of the cleaners.

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