How long has it been since youve seen a strangers entire face in person?
How long has it been since you've seen a stranger's entire face in person? JUSTIN SULLIVAN/GETTY

Congratulations to The Six Millionth American to get Coronavirus: The New York Times is reporting that the case count is now over six million. Donald Trump retweeted a theory that there have been just 9,000 deaths. Reality means nothing, and nothing is true.

Few Confirmed Details About Portland Shooting: Patriot Prayer confirmed the victim was one of theirs, but we don’t know who fired the gun. We don’t know what led up to the shooting. But what we do know is that creeps with an axe to grind and a narrative to justify are throwing around lots of baseless rumors.

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Devastating Loss of a Seattle Hero: This weekend a King County cop crashed their car and killed Sarah Leyrer, an immigration advocate who worked tirelessly to help people held at detention centers and victims of wage theft. Police won’t say what caused the officer to crash, only saying they were experiencing a “medical emergency.” Also, this weekend marks ten years since a Seattle cop shot and killed a Native woodcarver for carrying a knife.

Wisconsin Police Raid Riot Kitchen: A gang of Kenosha cops pulled a smash-and-grab on Riot Kitchen’s vehicles. The Seattle group says they drive to Wisconsin to feed protestors, as they’ve been doing here in town, but video shows police smashing windows and dragging the volunteers away. Kenosha cops say that Riot Kitchen’s vehicles were suspicious and using out-of-state plates, which … yes, that’s how license plates work???

Island Life: A Trump supporter on Lopez Island used construction equipment to run over a series of memorials to the victims of killer cops, because he says “I don’t want to go home … and see Black Lives Matter.”

One More for the “Why Do We Have Police” File: Miami Police have created a highly visually “autism awareness” vehicle, decorated in extremely busy vibrant colors, in which people armed with guns will drive around the city raising money for the controversial group Autism Speaks. The Miami Police also shot a therapist for trying to help his autistic client.

How to Talk to Kids About Black Panther: If you’re looking for help explaining Chadwick Bozeman’s passing to the very young, you might find it helpful to watch how Sesame Street handled Mr. Hooper’s death.

And Now a Musical Interlude: A West Seattle Blog reader captured a group of neighbors playing music for passers-by as the sun set. It’s nice.

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More Rabbits: Seattle’s population of an invasive rabbit species has been increasing, possibly due to climate change. Although they’re very cute, there's a concern that they might displace other native species — or lead to an increase in larger predators.

Some Good News for Once: An Ohio woodworker has built a buffet-style nut dispenser for local squirrels. Michael Dutko created the installation to lure the rodents over to his yard, so they’d stop blocking his neighbor’s view of birds.

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