Slog AM: Six Millionth American Gets Coronavirus, Remembering a Seattle Hero, Portland Shooting Questions Abound



trump's America
looks pretty damn
Crazy from here

yet he blames it all
on some Future President.

has trump EVER
admitted Culpablity?

Four more years?
I doubt we'll have two.

he's Gotta Go.


The barbarians are at the city gates--these Tr666pnazi white trash are revolting!

(Tell us something we don't know!)


From the linked NYT article about creeps w/ an axe to grind, "In a concentrated predawn burst, the president posted or reposted 89 messages between 5:49 a.m. and 8:04 a.m. on Sunday on top of 18 the night before..."

I know this isn't especially groundbreaking news or anything, but Donald Trump's a freaking ass and a nutjob.


Don't we have our own rioters to feed here? Why go to Wisconsin? Pretty sure they have food there too.


Even a teenage girl would be embarrassed at 89 tweets in that span of time and at that time of the morning.


@4 I believe I read that they were headed to DC for the march on Washington but then this happened in route and decided to stop at Kenosha instead. Don't quote me on it but I think that is what I read.


only a massive Duck Fart could
Appreciate rioting cops like ours.


That nut dispenser for squirrels made my day.


Same here, that thing's hilarious!


@11 And here I thought the failed impeachment was going to do that.


pretty sure the roving gangs of right wing vigilantes restoring law and order to our streets by executing protesters will hand the election to trump in a landslide


medical emergency being code for "drunk off his ass" I'm presuming?


@19 - Or an actual medical emergency. Probably have to wait on this one. Was it really a medical emergency, or did he just claim that when he was actually typing on his MDT or texting someone...or intoxicated? If an actual medical emergency, what kind? A sudden sneeze or a heart attack?

Legit medical emergencies do cause a surprising number of wrecks in the US, but we’ll see.


biden has repeatedly and forcefully disavowed any/all violence and rioting and antifa isn't even remotely politically affiliated with biden or even the democratic party, meanwhile trump has never once disavowed any violence committed directly in his name and often appears to be encouraging it, but sure let's ignore all the polling that shows this is a losing strategy for trump and assume voters in swing states are fucking morons who will just associate antifa with that one murder in portland and somehow blame it on biden and ignore the part where all this unprecedented civil unrest is happening under trump's chaotic and inflammatory "leadership"


The dead prayer patriot dork was probably a case of friendly fire. They’re all morons, and they infight like the little bitches they are.


Predictions of emergent behavior from vaguely defined groups has got to be the most useless thing that happens on the internet. One can forgive David Brooks or Maureen Dowd for engaging in these superstitious antics - they've got column inches to fill for their paycheck. But amateurs? wtf.


It's always funny to me when people hold rural voters in such dismissive contempt they think they care more about a fake issue like "cancel culture" than they do about the social order cratering around them, and convince themselves they are treating those voters with respect.

I spent over half my life in rural Michigan and have friends and family throughout the great lakes region and have empathy to spare but that gives me far less insight into their voting preferences than the polls showing they support Biden by wide margins so spare me your patronizing view of rural midwesterners.


@27: Don't be bitter now.


Wait and watch, it's going to start happening all over. People need to study history. The Nazis did this. They sowed chaos and violence in "left-wing" areas of Germany, holding rallies and saying only THEY could stop the "violent communists."

Trump has already praised Jay Bishop, the white supremacist pro-Trumper shot and killed in Portland. Trump is going to Kenosha to soothe his white supremacist base (and probably privately tell Kyle Rittenhouse he's a hero) DESPITE THE FACT THAT LEADERS IN WISCONSIN HAVE TOLD HIM TO STAY AWAY!

Forget all of the Black people that have been and continue to be murdered. We're going to see pro-Trump white supremacists getting shot and killed and in turn shooting and killing and Trump is going to reign over the chaos he's sowing, lying to his base and fearmongering the racists into believing he is their savior.


@25: To illustrate how the Trump campaign will foster that violence blaming, here's a video that Donald Trump Jr. tweeted compiling unfortunate commentary from some of our most popular politicians, pundits, and celebrities:


Biden still has a stable +5 polling average in MN but i fail to see what this has to do with "cancel culture" or an alt-right extremist getting killed in portland or whatever you mean by "you want to take that chance" in this context? I'm not taking any chances at all, I'm just reading polls and forming opinions based on their data. There are literally no chances here for me to take.

Biden just gave yet another speech today condemning violence and looting and people will either be persuaded to support him or the president whose re-election strategy assumes civil unrest is a winning issue for him.


It is far more plausible that pro-Trump supporters would be killed by people who hate pro-Trump supporters, rather than "group-sacrifice" murders to steer the narrative for blaming antifa. Of course, conspiracy junkies will always maintain that if it's possible, it's true.


@35 You also claimed that the Bothell police officer was killed by a "member of BLM", and then it turned out that his own partner accidentally shot him. So you might want to keep your bogeyman conspiracy theories in check and let the professionals sort out the facts.


Bro. I'm not in charge of rural voters and neither are you, though I question your obsession with them when they are outnumbered by urban/suburban voters. It almost seems like you are just projecting your own personal values onto "rural voters" to enforce the notion that the issue you personally care about is The Issue that decides the election and everyone needs to get on board with you, the rural voter whisperer, or else.

I'm just reading polls and forming opinions about the nature of the electorate and what issues matter to them in 2020, and I think a 6-figure death toll and a cratered economy matter more to voters than people getting called racist on twitter or whatever is happening on the streets of some coastal city. Honestly, the self-centered irony of assuming people in the midwest care more about some petty bullshit that matters to you in your comfortable, coastal urban enclave than the real-life suffering and economic hardship happening all around them is apparently completely lost on you.


@39 Nothing has moved the polls re: Trump in four-plus years, it's doubtful anything will now. Forty percent of the country would still support him if he personally broke into their house and murdered their own children. ("I don't support everything he does, but dammit WE'VE GOT TO OWN THOSE LIBS!") November is all about turnout. I don't even look at polls or polling stories.


@27 - Right-wing extremists are indeed notorious for shooting each other, but I suspect this was not such a case. At least it shows people on the left are starting to arm themselves, too. Let's see what the gun nuts say about that!


@29 - Whereabouts? Born in Midland with family still in Gladwin, Alpena, Traverse City, Bay City and Detroit area.


42, Oh I don’t know, everyone might suddenly decide biden is the president of cancel culture and the polls that have not budged in 4 years will swing dramatically for trump because no one has their own pre-existing understanding of who the former vice president is. Every voter is a blank slate just waiting until the final months of the election to be told what to think.


44, originally from the UP but lived in Lansing & Detroit for a bit


"Murdered in the streets by Antifa Scum"

Oh David dear, what fanciful notions you conjure up! Something tells me that somebody plays a lot of video games! But what else is there to do in Shoreline?


48, You continue to demonstrate you know absolutely nothing about voters from a part of the country you have never even visited but it’s refreshing to see the words “I think” in there for a change. It’s a start.

I repeat, you are projecting your own personal beliefs onto rural midwestern voters when there is no evidence to support it. The current fixation on “cancel culture” is a last ditch gamble by the trump camp because he is losing to biden on the issues that actually matter to voters, and you are mistaking a hail mary for an actual understanding of what voters actually care about. If this was a winner for republicans they would not have waited until the rnc to roll it out. This is desperation, not cunning political strategy.


I once went to North Bend.

it was Terrifying.


50 i repeat, i spent over half my life there & have family/friends throughout the upper midwest and i speak and/or interact on social media with them daily. This is why i keep telling you it’s obvious to me that you know nothing about the regional politics of the area, because you keep speaking in these generalizations about rural voters when the great lakes region is culturally and politically distinct from the other rural regions of the country. It’s literally where my progressive politics came from.

What plays well with rural voters in the south or the west doesn’t necessarily have the same impact in the upper midwest. They are cut from a fundamentally different cloth.


Trump once again refusing to condemn acts of violence committed in his name. This is no-brainer stuff but just like the neo nazi rally in charlottesville that ended in death, he cannot bring himself to criticize people who support him, even when they are fucking nazis who fucking killed people.


@51, You should, Lisa Herbold lives there.


Trump must have needed assistance getting off the toilet after that Twitter binge. That's a long time to be sitting on the can.


@45, You are giving the movable center of the American electorate too much credit. They really do have the collective memory of gnats. I hope you're right (and you may be), but I think you aren't really any more plugged in living in Seattle than the poster you are taking issue with is.

@47, When I was a kid living in upper Richmond Beach by 3rd Ave NW I used to go with my brother and sneak onto the little stretch of beach on the Port Wells side and throw rocks at trains. D.I.S should take note, as he clearly would benefit from more constructive endeavors.

@48, I actually concur with that assessment, by and large.

@56, Her husband still owns the house there that he did before they got married, and she lives in the house she owns in West Seattle. Other details of who weekends where are nobody's business. But, as I recall, you're the incel douchebag who has some sort of weird fixation on Herbold's nose ring (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), so I suspect there are other issues going on here.


@48 - With the exception of 2018, I thought that historically, rural voter turnout outpaces urban turnout. Both trail suburban voters. 2018 was unusual in that people in cities were super motivated for a change, and rural voters less so...because Trump himself wasn't on the ballot.

I've lived in the heart of Trump country, small-town N. Idaho, for a decade now. Most people here are Trumpers, but they don't care as much about down-ballot or non-Presidential elections. Trump supporters are a cult of personality, and they'll turn out in droves for him specifically. Take his name off the ballot, and they're as apathetic or as engaged as usual.

@46 - Stunning country up there. My aunt and uncle had a getaway cottage outside Naubinway. Sold it a couple of years ago.

@51 - If you really want to be terrified, come to Coeur d'Alene-Hayden-Sandpoint area of North Idaho, ground zero for white supremacist/nationalists and associated militias in the US. They call it their "American Redoubt." Pretty lakes and mountains, tho!


How come this thread is turning into who has a more correct opinion of what people in the Midwest or Idaho are doing when this article, and comments thread, has mentioned plenty of our own fun crackerass places to dwell on like San Juans, Westport, Forks and a little place called Seattle.


Hey, David in Shoreline - it is ANTI FASCIST scum, nazi. Guess that makes you a fascist.


Thank you toe tag. Your intelligence was of prime importance my dear.


Sorry, I meant Toe Tag.