Slog PM: A Police Officer Made $414,543.06 Last Year; Trump Visits Wisconsin; THANK YOU, SLOGGERS!



Black lives and storefronts are mutually exclusive?

The soft bigotry of low expectations is so depressing.


The odds they specifically staged that dorky meeting to feature the adorably bumpkin "Know Jesus Know Peace" sign in the background? I'd bet big. Just a shame they didn't have a third "Know" beneath the first two. So, like:

Know Jesus
Know Peace
Know long white robes and pointy hats




Defund the fucking police back to the stone age. Give them a shitty old car, one siren, a baton, a radio, and a taser. Pay them minimum fucking wage. If no one wants to be a cop, well then there will be no cops. FUCK THE POLICE.


Where are our fiscal conservatives denouncing such excess government spending on police salaries?


"And when I say come after you, I’m talking about your personal life, your business life, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, over and over and over again,"

That's the free market baby.


I know that the far-left kangaroo court has already charged, convicted and sentenced the involved officer., but take a breath Chase, due process (do you know what that is) is still alive and well in the USA. Because the case is still under investigation, it would really be inappropriate for any government official to meet with involved parties. I know, it is so much more fun to make a call based on a few seconds of cell phone video. Just because the media chose to run a video clip of Jacob Blake's brother claiming Blake was unarmed, doesn't mean that it was true. Chase, you'll understand when you grow up.


@7 So is that dude at the overlook with the shirt that says he sells the best weed, but he's always getting confronted by the authorities, and his prices are well below the dispensary market average. Arguments could be made for quality assurance and safety and such, but free market or no free market? Perhaps the Everyman's lost market share is misdirected to shattered glass.


You're seriously shitty if you use Dori Monson to defend yourself.




@10 Doug, did you listen to the interview? Did he use Dori to "defend himself"? Or did he just do an interview on a right-wing radio show like many people on the left make appearances on Fox news? What did you object to from the interview?

I didn't know anything about the guy, and I still don't know a lot about him, but an hour of googling didn't turn up much. He's been accused of being some sort of gentrification mastermind but while I see many mentions of him being accused of gentrification, I can't actually find any explanations of why he's the poster boy. A few years back he tried to open an "arcade" that looks an awful lot like he was blocking a competitor. That looks pretty sketchy, but that episode's been over for a while. He's jewish and there have been antisemitic idiocy thrown his way. He supported some centrist-democrats instead of more progressive candidates. He doesn't like pesticides in the pot he sells. He's a small business owner who doesn't like his stores being vandalized.

I'd be genuinely interested to learn more about why this guy and his stores are targets for this harassment.

(FTR, I'm not really a big fan of Ike's pot shops, but if he's a seriously shitty person, I'll definitely stay away)


Maybe the cop solved murders at the rate that Lennie Briscoe did. That would make his salary worth it.


America is a forced labor camp, with armed white militias as the last line of defense. Stop the “rioting” and get back to work. Places of business are the new plantation, and what we’re witnessing right now is a slave revolt. We don’t see it as such, because we have all bought into the story of individual freedom and social progress...until you look at our incarceration rate or the skyrocketing cost of all basic necessities (healthcare, housing, education). In 300 years, we have barely advanced an inch. We just have more exceptions that prove the rules, but the rules still are what they always were.


"I'd be genuinely interested to learn more about why this guy and his stores are targets for this harassment."

Because he's good at making money.


@17 It's surprising how fast people like you can go from "Jason Blake was resisting arrest, so the cops had to kill him. Just the way it is." to "LaVoy Finicum was a good PATRIOT and was MURDERED by CORRUPT police!!1!"

It's like you don't have any ideological consistency at all, it's just a matter of whether the person shot was on your side.


The cops murder black people whether they're resisting or not, maybe you've read the news. Might as well resist, at least then they've got a chance to get away.


@17 - resisting arrest is not an excuse for "blowing someone's sorry ass away." This kind of authoritarian bullshit is exactly what is wrong with policing today and is the reason we have to have a BLM movement.



You heard of him. He made the news in 2016.

Robert LaVoy Finicum (January 27, 1961 – January 26, 2016) was an American spokesman for the militia group Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, who seized and occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in the State of Oregon, United States, on January 2, 2016.
On January 26, 2016, law enforcement officers attempted to arrest Finicum and other occupation leaders while they were traveling on a remote highway away from the occupation site. After fleeing the officers, Finicum was stopped by a roadblock, after leaving the roadway into snow, he made two motions to his jacket and yelled for police to shoot him. After he was subsequently shot, the officers later found a loaded weapon in his pocket.

Prior to the occupation, Finicum lived in Arizona where he made a living as a foster parent and operated a no-income cattle ranch.

He was a right winger that committed suicide by LEO. Right wing media tried to make a martyr out of him.


Chirrut, I don't have access to a boxing gym these days and I'm without a punching bag in my garage. I invite you to come over to Ballard so I can round out my training by caving your skull in.



Why do you repeatedly insist that police officers are incapable of doing their job without killing people?
My father in law was a cop and he never killed anyone, not even the ones that resisted.
Not even the ones that attacked him.
He did his job. He arrested suspects and left the trial and punishment to the court.


Google "Charles Kinsey." He was laying on his back on the street with his hands up and palms open and cops shot him anyway.

Google "Breonna Taylor." She was murdered by cops while asleep in her bed.

Resisting arrest?



"Poor life choices"

Yeah, the worst one was choosing to be born a black man in a country that fears and despises black people.


how is it White supremicists' fault Black people exist?

besides, other than a few
(millions of) lousy Natives,

and Obviously, Gawd had to make one race Superior to all others -- is it the former's fault they are the Best People -- according to their very Own [Infallible!] god?




There you go again, equating Black people with property...



I'm pretty sure QAnon/Pizzagate is a Right Wing Nut Job conspiracy theory...



"Due process... is still alive and well in the USA".

Right. Tell that to the families of every Black person executed by cops without benefit of due process in the USA.



Yeah, born on third-base with the help of his porn-pushing daddy,but he's a "self-starter", amiright?



Of course you haven't heard of LaVoy Finicum, because the Malheur OR siege was, what, a whole four and a-half years ago? Your under-developed lizard brains can't retain information for more than a few days at-most, so completely understandable in your case.



If you're his punching bag how tough does he actually need to be? I imagine repeatedly punching your face into a blood pulp could be easily accomplished by a four year-old with arms like pool noodles.


@35 Being born black made him terrorize his ex-girlfriend?


if you were not born Rich
it's no one's Fault but
your very Own.

if you cannot afford jackboots
than it will be Harder to pull yourself
up by your jackbootstraps but perhaps
try climbing up on that Wire -- there's a pair
just hanging up there.


@25 - people who are the subject of protection orders drive cars all the time, with or without kids, and I am not aware of any evidence that they pose any special hazard to the kids.

Firing at least 7 times into the car full of kids may be somewhat more dangerous to said children. Just a thought.


Chirrut, I've been training most of my life as an athlete and dabble in mixed fighting styles. So unless you've been doing the same, I imagine you'll be at a disadvantage. Invitation is open any time you get tired of reading Stormfront and jacking off into your mom's panties.



I don't know why he did that. Maybe he's a mean person? Maybe he was taught to treat women that way? Maybe he was modeling behavior he learned from others?

Saying that everyone has an identical choice to do good or evil, and your personal choices alone are responsible for making you who you are, as though we all exist in a vacuum where society and upbringing have zero impact on that, is simply wrong.



You are the person who thinks that because you've never been discriminated against, nobody has been. Incapable of seeing the world from any other perspective than your own privileged one. Devoid of empathy. Congrats, your mindset will keep racism alive and well because you don't think it exists. But that's your goal, isn't it?


@46 Somehow I doubt the crazy guy who just pulled a knife on a bunch of cops is going to act like a responsible parent.

@48 Good point, does anybody ever really have a choice about anything or is free will an illusion?


Cops do not prevent crime. They never have. They exacerbate it, they commit it, and they enable it. What other job in the world can your success rate be 2% (that's the percentage of major crimes solved by the cops) and still have a job? Cops exist to protect wealthy white people's property and to harass, harm, and murder Black people. They are the weaponized arm of white supremacist terrorism in this country, working with the non-LEO white supremacist terrorists. Let's be real, in what other realm would murdering people go unpunished? Racists love to deny this reality and that denial is just gaslighting the rest of us who aren't on board with the ideology, policy, and enforcement of white supremacist terrorism. And yes cops who are not white actively enforce the racist policies of white supremacy, including murdering Black people.

As for Kyle Rittenhouse, he was ignored by the police, who drove and walked by him and let him go right after he murdered two people (and shot three). He was not even given a second glance. And every single white male mass shooter, unless he blew his own brains out, has been taken alive, no matter how many people he has murdered. While unarmed Black people merely accused or assumed to having maybe, possibly committed a crime are murdered outright. Or if they happen to be a "good guy with a gun" who has stopped a crime (like say, Jemel Roberson), the cops show up and murder him anyway. Because to cops and white supremacists and the NRA and all other gun humping shit bags, there is NO good buy with a gun with Black skin.

From the first link I posted below:

The history of racism and white supremacist membership in law enforcement agencies is long and well-documented. In the 1990s, a federal judge found that there was a “neo-Nazi, white supremacist gang” of Los Angeles police deputies – self-styled “the Vikings” – that existed with the knowledge of police department officials. In 2015 and 2016, the San Francisco police department attempted to fire at least 17 officers after investigations revealed they were sending racist text messages.

The Ku Klux Klan historically – and even in recent years – has had ties to local law enforcement. In 2014, a police department in Central Florida fired two officers, one of whom was the deputy police chief, for being members of the Ku Klux Klan (commendably, the information in that case came from the FBI via the Florida Department of Law Enforcement). In 2015, a North Carolina police officer was pictured giving a Nazi salute at a KKK rally.

The failure of police units to discipline police officers over allegations of excessive use of force and/or for racist behavior or actions is part and parcel of the systemic issues protesters have demonstrated over for many years and in recent days.


he didn’t pull a knife but defending a cop for firing a gun in the presence of children on the basis that it’s for the children’s safety is the kind of bizarro up-is-down-actually “logic” that has characterized the trump era

i’m not saying we should round up all the straight white men and toss them into a lake of fire but if we did we wouldn’t have to suffer these endless hot takes from barely literate troglodytes who always think they are the smartest one in the room


@54 "he didn’t pull a knife"

How do you know?



@56 Where does that article say that Blake didn't pull a knife? It doesn't say he did, but it doesn't say he didn't either. Just that a knife was recovered from the floor of the vehicle and that the officers "Yelled drop the knife!" for shots rang out. Is either of those facts inconsistent with Blake pulling a knife?


"DCI agents recovered a knife from the driver’s side floorboard of Blake’s vehicle. A search of the vehicle located no additional weapons."

He was shot outside the car. The knife was found inside the car. Do you need me to explain the laws of physics to you or can you figure this one out yourself


@58 The door was open and he was leaning into the vehicle when he was shot. The driver's side floorboard is just exactly where he would have dropped the knife if he were holding it when he got shot. Here's the video if you haven't seen it . . .


I remember the outrage after the Hanukkah storm when a City Light crew Chief made $250k in Salary plus OT for the year. La, the Good Old Days.....

But be prepared for plenty more high-income cops for this fiscal year. It turns out that protests against the police are great for the cop’s bottom line (and make “defunding” them that more difficult. Contracts are in place for a reason)

As for Uncle Ike, I don’t know the man (although we are Facebook friends) but I knew his father, who made a mint on telephone stuff (international call services and I believe 900 sex lines). While our politics don’t always align, he seems like a decent fellow. I’m always appalled by how many people use the cheap and stupid fallback of anti-semitism when they want to criticize him, but lack the intellectual ability to do so rationally.


"State investigators have said only that officers saw a knife on the floor of the car. They have not said whether Blake threatened anyone with it."

even the police's version of events only acknowledges the presence of a knife at the scene and makes no claims about him pulling it on anyone


@61 Nor does it make any claim about him not pulling it on anyone. The state investigators didn't even tell us about the knife for a good while. Is it possible they have evidence showing Blake pulled knife on the officers but haven't yet made it public? Holding back something like that wouldn't be very media savvy, but they've already demonstrated a lack of media savvy.


Between the 12-hour shifts and other OT, the SPD task force cops ought to be wearing T-shirts that say "Black Bloc Pays My Mortgage."


@52/62 you are really a racist pile of shit.

There is zero evidence he "pulled" a knife. None.


@38: Back store owners.

Went right over your head. Everyone else got it but you.