Jess Stein

"Stop (Driving)"
I stopped for too long and the other cars got upset. JK
I took this from my car. Yes, I realize I am also the problem.

"We Have Lawless Criminals Enforcing the Law"
Spotted on E John. JK
I understand the message behind the sticker, but the sad reality is that laws were designed to benefit those who enforce them!

"Gassy JENNY"
First time seeing one of these puppies in the wild. JK
I think I first saw these stickers on social media, so it was interesting to see one IRL. I have little familiarity with the Garbage Pail Kids or the cult surrounding them—editor Chase Burns wrote about the movie for Unstreamable last year in February—but I doubt "Gassy Jenny" is an official character.... This comes to us courtesy of Joy Von Spain and Marc J Palm.

"Never Give Up"
Never gonna let you down... JK
Ok, not EXACTLY the lyrics to that one Rick Astley song, but who cares.

"Lake Washington Bike Path 1900"
Spotted on Boylston Ave E this weekend. JK
I squealed when I saw this one! It's not technically a sticker, but I am also Poster Patrol when I see a poster I like. It's good to know Seattle was a biking town even a century ago. With the thunderous sounds of cars whizzing by on I-5, it's hard to imagine what this area of the city looked like (and sounded like) before all that concrete got laid.

"It's Almost As If..."
Love this. JK
Another radical anime character who supports Decriminalize Seattle. I'm quite sure this is Yoruichi Shihōin from the Japanese manga, BLEACH. I would love to know who exactly is doing this sticker series—if you know, feel free to reach out to me here.

"Wanted: Dead or Retired"
Saw this one on my early morning walk around the block.
Saw this one on my early morning walk around the block. JK
They forgot the third option: Abolished.

"Trust No Bro"
If he listens to Joe Rogan, run. JK
This is a motto I try to live my life by. Instead of greeting people with "hello," I first ask "Do you listen to Joe Rogan's podcast?" and then decide whether or not to continue the interaction from there. (Kidding.) (But I do hate Joe Rogan and his weird bro-y brand of ASMR.)

"Cho! Cho! Cho!"
I love the chaos in this one. JK
I've held onto this sticker for a while, but today felt like the right time to post it. Lots of conflicting text that I don't have to decipher to appreciate! My editor says this is from One Punch Man.

"Homme et Cigarette"
This man reads French to me. JK
An example of a bro I would not trust!

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at