More bikes everywhere!
Before any anti-bicyclists chime in, this is a reminder that bicycle riders pay taxes, and often own cars, and as a result pay for roads.
Turn off Fox news, and get outdoors on a bicycle!


1 - Also, bicycles pre-date the combustible-engine car on Seattle's streets. Seattle was an early mecca for bicycling enthusiasts. Cars were nowhere.
Based on wingnut logic that means that nobody else should use the streets except the bicycles.


How sweet. Propaganda with storybook illustrations.


A Black Lives Matter march came through my neighborhood on Saturday and the bike brigade blocked four intersections while it advanced down Beacon Ave.

Within moments, an irate man abandoned his ice cream and been at Perhihelion brewery so that he could walk out into the middle of the streets and complain/yell at the bike brigade that they could not block the street because it was public property.

The bike brigade could not be seen to react in any way. They've gotten pretty good at what they do.

Also fuck that guy.


SO you take it upon yourself to block the streets? Whenever and wherever you decide? Sounds a lot like dictatorship. Do what we say.


We MUST be Extra
considerate when
dealing with white

Emotionally fragile
cum heavily-armed
inconveniencing one
= a Dangerous mix.


This comic was very informative for demonstrating how the members of a guerilla bike collective see themselves, if nothing else.



Just bringing it down to a level you and your fascist ilk can - barely - comprehend.


Power concedes nothing without a demand.

It never did and it never will.

Find out just what any people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both.

The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

--Frederick Douglass, former Slave


@13: You just concurred it's propaganda.


We're AMERICANS* dammit.

And it's our gawd-given RIGHT to:

get to Point B On TIME
(unless, there's [duh] Traffic)
[or a fellow motorist changing a tire]
[oh, look! someone's alongside a Road!]
[Slow down! I gotta SEE!]

Expect our Elections to be Decided
the very Moment the polls close
and not ONE Moment later.

& be put on Hold for hours at a time whilst Corporate America rifles thru our pocketbooks -- "What''s in YOUR Wallet?" they're demanding to know.

*not South or Central or even North but in the Middle of North America


@4: "Propaganda with storybook illustrations."

That's just the first step. One of the story threads of Fahrenheit 451 was that only illustrations were allowed. No written text. And plenty of TV and radio. Written back when access to the media by other than mainstream providers was unimaginable.


@12: It's an amazing movie. Very re-watchable.


in this age of Rugged Individualists*
it's Hard to remember
E Pluribus Unum.

*thanks, Billionaires!


@25: I concur with the problems of corporate excesses and crony capitalism but billionaires aren't preventing me, or you, from succeeding in life - so I don't get the grudge against the superrich as continuous pouting just gives you more wrinkles and causes character disorders.


22 "Not a word about..."
You must think you sound smart when you type out that silly trope and then blather on.
Maybe next time start out with "Make no mistake..." and you will sound even smarter.



Wait... So you're telling me this rag and it's various writers/contributors have a POLITICAL AGENDA!?! Well this news is most disconcerting, most disconcerting indeed!

You and I should stage a protest! Do you think that nice lady with the Bike Brigade would want to escort us?


29 Nothing there to counter.


@10 Yeah it's totally the same thing.


"I don't get the grudge against the superrich... "

No. of course you don't, rainy.
Monopolies are okay with you?

"... as continuous pouting ... "

Fuck YOU.
I'm Ranting.


EXCELLENT little (heartwarming) 'toon, Natalie!

we are not yet Capable of bending this Planet to our Will, in spite of all the Bond Villians we have currently running the show.

and if we had to come up with a Plan going forward, itd better recognize the Humanity we've shut out of our Lives for too long in search of /acquiescence to Corporate 'values' which only Value next quarter's profits and Damn the [Socialized!] Costs. .

Thank you for this!

Bike Patrols
are Way better than
Slave Patrols.


During Critical Mass they were called corkers, although they were lower in numbers because the mass was moving slightly faster and in a pinch any of the riders could become a corker.


@4 propaganda is just stories you don't like, but can't actually argue against.

Poor baby.


Hey Natalie, how are drivers supposed to know your charming little comic won't switch to one with panels of your peaceful protesters vandalizing people's cars while they sit in them and even drag them out of their cars to beat them?


I got stuck behind critical mass on a bridge while delivering pizza in Missoula, MT. The rancher in front of me was fucking pissed. At the time you could tell where someone was from in MT by the first couple didgets on the plate and this guys plate said he was from a smaller town maybe an hour away in the Bitterroot Valley. The bikers were almost entirely dread locked white kids going to the UofMT. I remember shaking my head thinking how the hell are these rural Montana ranchers supposed to get fucking supplies back and forth? Give up working the ranch to piecemeal transport their ranching supplies by bike a hundred miles round trip. Also, the dread is a sign of wealth when worn by most white kids; hippies are the biggest snobs!

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